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Asked: 5 years ago

What do I get for finding all tags,oysters,snapshots,horse shoes,etc?

P.S. i've collected the snapshots and the tags. What else do I get for completing these side missions?

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From: Young_Skater 5 years ago

You can go to to find it out. It's very hard.

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You can get WEAPONS or What ever they give i know you will unlock something incredible so you want us to type for 5 hours check out the faqs.

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Basically money, and Weapons. Once you've found all the collectibles of each type you'll get a certain amount of money and a set of weapons will spawn at one of your safe houses.

for example: spray 100 tags: spawns a sawn-off shotgun, Ak-47, Molotiv's and Tec-9 at the first safe house.
you get different weapons for the other collectibles at other safe houses.
You should read a FAQ if you ant more detailed information.

Robert Carr's FAQ has all the information for them.

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For the tags:Ak47(main weapon until M4 is available),Tec9,Sawn off shotgun,and the Molotoves inside the first safe house.For the horseshoes:Combat shotgun,M4,SMG,and remote explosives in front of the Four Dragons Casino. For the snapshots:Sniper rifle,hand gernades(the next two might be wrong),Shotgun,and Micro SMG infront of the save point at CJ's garage in San Fierro.For the oysters:Nothing but money and the girlfriends will like you nomatter how terrible you look.Note:all of these give money exept for the tags.

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