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Why will my garage door not open up?


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bigsmoke503 answered:

One of the things that seems to trigger this "glitch" is parking a modded car in your garage. Specificaly, a car with a fancy paint job from the low rider shop in Los Santos or the Arch Angels street racer shop in San Fiero. If you are in a hurry to get into the garage (Like being chased by police with a wanted level) then skip the garage, it's not going to open in a timely manner.
Some ways to get the garage to open, if you have the time:
If it's Cj's garage at his mom's house in Los Santos, try walking around the back of the garage, jumping on the short wall and up onto the roof of the garage. This helps sometimes.
For other garages: Try pressing the triangle button for getting into the car. Sometimes this works. Jumping up right in front of the garage door can help sometimes, too. try walking around the sides and back of the garage, if possible.
Basically, patience is key. Eventually, it will open.
Sometimes, when the garage finally opens, the car with the modded paint job will be there, but the paint job will be gone, the car will just be a solid color.
If you know there is going to be a situation where you have to get into the garage fast, don't park a modded car in the garage. The garages open faster with just regular cars in them.
Hope this helps.
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Fissure_X answered:

Try reloading the game, that might fix it.
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Nukey_Shay answered:

This is a common problem that appears in other GTA titles as well. Try using a different garage door, then returning to the one that is stuck.
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johnroxdemsox answered:

Happens to me aswell just stand in front of it ride around awhile then go back and try again
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free-bee answered:

I'll just punch it, try to walk through it, walk in circles, etc, etc until it opens.
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pshycochild answered:

if you have a fancy paintjob on the car, it helps to have a regular car in with it. What i do is ram the door with another car at the sides
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