Question from john226b

Asked: 5 years ago

What Do i Do After i get the keycard from millie? (2)

i only have races to do (ONLY) and to import cars and i have no green dollar sign there is no missons for the four dragons i killed millie instead of dating her i got a call after that he told me to go in her house and go get it and i got no call and still no missons

this is a repeat of the other one cause i messed up

Additional details - 5 years ago

Yeah i beat the airstrip

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From: overcracker 5 years ago

Once you have the card, go to the 4 Dragon;s Casino and walk into the door on the right of the main playing area. There should be a red marker there.
Failing that, do you still have a plane icon on the map for the Abandoned Airstrip?

If you do you have missions pending there.

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