Question from prdude123

Asked: 5 years ago

For what is the car stereo?

When i go to the place to the transfender to mod my car something says caar stereo but i dont know for what is what it does

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From: bigsmoke503 4 years ago

This option will give your car stereo bigger bass sound. If you are playing the game and just using the sound from your TV, you might not hear the difference. I have my TV wired to my stereo ( in my house, real life, I'm not talking in-game), and when I buy the stereo option, I can hear the difference only if I listen through my stereo speakers (Much bigger woofers than the crappy tv speakers). Also, if you are listening to the WCTR or country station, you might not notice the difference, either. Turn the station to Radio Los Santos, and you can really hear the thump!

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All it does is give ur radio more bass

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