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How to beat Up,Up,and Away!,and N.O.E?

Anytime I try these missions I always fail,mostly I need help on Up,Up,and Away!?

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Nukey_Shay answered:

An easy solution for Up,Up,and Away is just to use whatever means you want to just FLY up onto the base's helipad (parachute, helicopter, whatever), eliminate any guards up there with the weapon of your choice. Two Hunter helicopters will begin their attack, and you are instructed to use the mounted gun to shoot them down. This too is not a requirement, you can just nail 'em with homing rockets taken from the SF airport if you spearing fish in a barrel.

Of course, that takes all the fun out of it ;)

Once the helipad is clear, get onboard the Cargobob and the rest of the mission is no challenge at all. Pick up the armored car with the winch magnet, and drop it off at the airstrip. The armored car might sway quite a lot as it's being carried...but it's no big deal.

For N.O.E., there really isn't an "easy" solution. But it's easy enough anyway if you know how to land the Rustler. You get a VERY generous time limit (and a short "grace period" before missile gunners start tracking you) to take whatever route you want down to and from Angel Pine. Missiles will start tracking if you get too high off the ground after that. If the tracking meter starts climbing, dip down lower to the ground to reduce it. "Ground" is really not the correct term here, since tracking happens whenever you get too high over whatever you are flying over...whether it's bridges, hillsides, water, etc.
Some find it easier to use the grace period to immediately fly over the hillsides to the North, then dip down and follow the coastline all the way around. There is barely enough time to complete the mission if you choose that route (retract the landing gear to improve airspeed). Nothing to avoid along the way...just keep dipping low whenever the meter starts to climb.
Or, you can use the grace period to fly around the mesas to the Southwest (well avoiding the restricted area, of course)...then fly under Gant bridge and follow the coastline from there.
The quickest way is to follow the river that begins at the SF airport and back again, but you'll need to avoid obstacles like trees and bridges along the way if you do...constantly making altitude adjustments to keep the meter in check.
Regardless of the way taken, hit the corona above the town...then return to the airstrip and land.
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overcracker answered:

For N.O.E just fly north out to sea. There are no obstacles in the ocean, and you can fly pretty darn low so as to not get spotted. Then just fly around the islands hugging the coastline until you reach Angel Pine, turn into to land cross the corona and return back out to see.

What part are you having trouble with in Up Up and Away? If you have the jetpack use that to land on one of the smokestacks near the chopper. Use a rocket launcher or mini gun to gun down the choppers and then land on the roof. Kill the military guys and steal the chopper.
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