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How do I perform burglary missions?

I have no idea how to rob houses like Ryder said near the beginning; is there a certain type of van or house required?

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WallsofHell answered:

You need to find a black large van which parked in Idlewood from 22:00 to 6:00. You activate burglary mission the same way you would a Taxi/Vigilante/Firetruck/Ambulance when you press the R3 button. Then, look for houses with yellow arrows at the door and you can go inside. Do the same thing you did with Ryder to steal things. Careful though, because if you wake people up and don't get out in ten seconds they call the cops and you receive a three star wanted level.
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battletankz answered:

Get the black delivery truck parked across from the ganton gym when the ingame clock hits 22.00 you can start the burgular mission then drive to a house with a arrow in front of it i recommend that you get the freeze wanted level cheat in then goin the house without the cheat be silent and take all the stuff you can with the cheat make as much noise as you want and you can even go as far as to shoot the home owner
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spartahog answered:

Like WallsofHell said but not only can you burglar los santos but san fierro and venturas.
Venturas not so sure but in fierro, there close by the main hideout/garage/gas staion a few blocks away behind a building.
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