Question from MrAwesome49

Asked: 4 years ago

How do I enter the cell phone cheats?

I tried looking it up on how to do it but I didn't find anything,
can someone help me?

Additional details - 4 years ago

My friend told me you can enter number cheats like 567-3546 or something like that but I forgot to ask him how to do it, and if you go to and look up cheats for this game it tells you ''enter these cheats on Niko's cell phone at any point in the game''.

Additional details - 4 years ago

In version 1 only

Accepted Answer

From: overcracker 4 years ago

That website is wrong, that's a mistake on their part. Niko is from GTA IV, and those cheats are in fact for GTA IV not San Andreas.

GTA IV does have a cell pone you can dial cheats on. San Andreas does not.

Heck you can't even bring up the cell phone in San Andres unless someone calls you.

Sorry no Cell Phone cheats for this game.

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What cell phone cheats? There are no cellphone cheats in this game.

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you can not use cell phone cheats on gta san andreas!only on gta !!! SRRY!!!

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