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Asked: 4 years ago

How do you have sex with a girl?

How do you have sex with a young or old girl anywhere outside or inside?

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From: LonelyRonso 4 years ago

No. The only thing that happens is some vibrations when you go Coffe(Reach a certain relationship with girl) or Hooker(Get a Stretch and Honk at her) go to a Garage and bam.

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If its the girlfriends you are going after, take them out on a number of dates and then after about 10 or more dates and the next call comes up, she'll ask for a coffee and then they get it on. Or the hookers at night, get a nice car and drive by one. She will probably walk right next to the drivers door and ask for a good time and then she gets in. go to a lonely area and then the car will rock.

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If you want to see the Cj take the girl ... it's just disponible in hacked version's...

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First, you will need a girlfriend...

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