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Can you turn off language/sexual content in San Andreas?

I am buying this for a 13 year old

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Nukey_Shay answered:

No, the game has no such option.
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LonelyRonso answered:

Turning off Subtitles and Sound can help,and there is no explicit sexual content in GTA:San Andreas.The only "Sexual" Content is when you're invited to "coffee" or when you answer "yes" to a hooker. The former and latter can be declined,the former by answering negatively and the latter by driving away,even though,it's just some vibrations on the controller if sound is turned off. The graphics aren't too realist,so the "violence" is not really considered violence.
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LonelyRonso answered:

Also,if you turn vibration off,NOTHING happens when you get to a hooker or a girlfriend.
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kazze_1 answered:

Have you noticed that this game has an 'adults only' rating. Do not buy adult games to children.
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bigboes2k answered:

You cant
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pokemonman6767 answered:

ok, first Of all, it's GRAND THEFT AUTO, although i played it when i was 13. turning off vibrations and sound helps, but is language really problem? it IS just a few other words.
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