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How to use gta as a two player game?

How can i start gta san andreas as a Two Player Game

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From: Rafael_Smee 5 years ago

Free Roam:
Idlewood (LS)
South of Caligula's Cassino (LV)
Garcia (SF)
El Quebrados (TR)
Dillimore (RC)

Pershing Sq. (LS)
Montgomery (RC)
Downtown (SF)
Las Payasdas (TR)
East of Come-a-lot (LV)

(My friend taught me all the locations when i was 9...)

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Across San Andreas are two player icons. Walk into them with a second controller plugged in, and a two player session will begin.

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The 2 player icon in Los Santos is located in the ruined building. To get there, leave Grove Street via the main road and continue straight on for a few seconds. The ruined building will be on your right.
In San Fierro, the 2 player icon is located in a car park near to your Garage. To get there, leave your garage and turn left. Then take the first left again and the car park will be on your left hand side.

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You can also do two player "Missions" they are preaty much just kill 'x' ammount of people in two minutes, the icon for this is in the square across from the LSPD HQ i think.

You may also active free two player outside your girlfriend's houses (player two doesn't get to choose their person, they become your girlfriend

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go to ur girlfriends house and its two player .But some one has to be ur girlfriend

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Go to either the red two player icon if you are a murder or the blue one if you want to screw around freely with some else.

Also there isn't a temporary split screen when players walk away so it isn't much fun to do.

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The two player icon is located in Los Santos.There is a shape of a heart.There is your girlfriend.She is your 2 player

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Las ventures beside claugias casi also in los santos were your girlfriends house in she has to be in the house then it works.

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Go to facts in GTA

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