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Asked: 6 years ago

Where can I find (sentinel)?

What does a sentinel look like?

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From: Colt45Magnum 6 years ago

Sentinel can be found at the movie studio's parking lot in Los Santos. Sometimes in the Vank Hoff Hotel (the Hotel where you can do the valet mission)

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Also, it can be found next to Gant Bridge and Easter Bay Airport

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Sentinel Looks Like Primo

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If i were you i would check the vechicle map by gamerlady at
It also looks a lot like other cars too(primo....).

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Like 45magnum said but you will never findit arrown just in the studio down the gang area wish is near san fierro and red county in market but it is not allways open it is close just blowit up and go away and go back and the doors should be open and bingo and it is black it is on the left down corner

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i found it in the san fierro's local P.D. it's sometimes there if your lucky or if not you'll find it crusing close to there by the sea

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I found it on las venturas near the strip so yeah. Think u just gotta look out for it anywhere. Its a 4 door kinda longish car kinda luxury looking

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It is right around the valet area.

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