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Multiplayer mode?

Multiplayer mode?

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Nukey_Shay answered:

The blue and red circles on the map below indicate where 2-player icons exist in the PS2 version. Just step onto an icon using the first controller, and press a button on the second controller to activate the multiplayer content (free roam or rampage). The icons present outside of the homes of any "girlfriends" you have (when they currently are not at home for dating) also can be used for multiplayer free-roam.

Basically, it's intended that one player drives while the second aims and shoots...although it's possible to trick the game into allowing both players to operate vehicles simultaneously (i.e. by using a boat).

In response to kaizerben1's answer, it should be mentioned that SA-MP is an unofficial "mod" of the game - the release version of SA by R* for PC has no multiplayer content whatsoever.
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kaizerben1 answered:

The multiplayer activities in SA are very limited for the console releases (PS2 and Xbox), you only have several areas where you can play with two people (two player rampages for example). The PC version has SA-MP if you want to play with other people online.
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