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Asked: 1 year ago

Can you save boats and aircraft?

Can you save boats or aircraft anywhere in GTA: SA (excluding the hangar at Verdant Meadows west of Las Venturas)?

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JCTC1013, what are the "certain spots"?

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From: loucifer86 1 year ago

Afaik the abandoned airstrip is the only place where you can save aircraft. You could TRY saving boats at Toreno's place, where there's a special weapon spawn. Never tried it because I don't use boats but I seem to remember there being a dock there. If it happens anywhere it'll be there.

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No only aircraft in the airstrip in verdant meadows. You can't save any boats sadly.

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You might be able to get the vortex in your garage since that drive on land as well. I think I remember parking a helicopter a garage.

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Yes, but only in certain spots.

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You can save all the planes/helicopters that you want (even the big ass carrier from las venturas airport) in the hangar at the abandonned airstrip. Also the vortex. But no boats, anywhere that i know of.

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The house you buy in Hashbury, San Fierro is large enough to hold 3-4 cars. Theoretically its big enough to have smaller aircraft in it.

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