Question from evilxdeadxgirl

How do I get past flight school??

I cannot for the life of me pass flight school! :( is there any way to cheat past it or is there an easier way to get medals? i haven't been able to advance in the game for days :(

Rafael_Smee asked for clarification:

It's sooooooooooooo easy... what test you can't pass?

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overcracker answered:

All you need to is a Bronze medal to make it count as completed.

For the Circle Airstrip, and the Circle Airstrip and land tests, First Person view tends to help a lot.

And Remember to pull up the landing gear after take off, and bring it down before landing.

The rest are annoying but not too hard.

And no, there's no way to cheat through it, but everybody has done it, so they are doable. Just very annoying.

If you want more extensive suggestions there's lots of threads in the forum about it, just use the search feature and look for Plot School, or Flight School, or even Flying School.
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Shadow_Wolf911 answered:

Go to it will help A LOT! hope it helps.
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Hotguy845 answered:

I can't pass Circle Airship.
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Hotguy845 answered:

I meant Circle Airstrip.
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deltora_q answered:

I finished most of them on my first go and only got stuck on the last one.
you should try to do it one moring when your relaxed and havn't been play it for ages, i find this works with most video games for me.
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GTA4Lyf answered:

I dun like boasting but... I found it the easiest of all the schools. Probably coz i loved the hunter from previous games. Oh and its the only school I managed to get all GOLD - gotta love that hunter spawning at your base. Which one r u stuck on - they arent too hard. Use R2 and L2 to turn rather than left and right. Also, to increase speed, stay closer to the ground - the closer you are, the faster you go. I usually hang low, and just as i approach the corona, i dip up, go through, and dip back down. This way you can get GOLD easily
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lookitsme12345 answered:

Flight school i've gotten through all of them. If i were you the smart one is Shadow_Wolf911 it seems easy!
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