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Asked: 5 years ago

How do I beat (Ghost car)?

Is there 3 ghost cars?

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From: jarrett000 5 years ago

There are 9 Glendales (all beat up) on GamerLady's vehicle location map, but there is one extra she forgot in Flint County by the dirt road across from the Feltzer, so that makes 10 beat up Glendales scattered around San Andreas.

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I believe there are about 4 or 5 damaged Glendales around. but only 2 or 3 are considered Ghost. Because they are the ones that spawn on a slope so they roll down it without anybody driving them.

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Thank you

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There are a lot of gost cars but go away and go back or move a litle and you will see one but i dont know how many there are

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Well if you have a PC you can enter a mod or something and all ghost will chase you, but there are i think six ghost cars.

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Dont believe in that there are no ghost cars because if you pay atension the car only spawns and roll down if you shoot the car or do anything else they dont move they are just regular cars i think

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the ghost car is real, i've seen it. i heard that if you try to blow it up or something, it gets really mad and starts chasing you. But i've never tryed. I think its just a regular car though, but its freaky. And if you can help me with my Question, please do. The question is where can i find (ghost person)? and in the details it says that i need help understanding the ghost town glitch

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There is no definite amount of ghost cars. They are simply quirks in the code. A random Glendale that is impervious to damage spawns on a hill and rolls. No explanation.

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You cant beat them its a ghost man

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The ghost cars are actually supposed to spawn on flat land, but due to bad coordinates, they spawn on hills instead, but there cars are out there some where. Has to be more than 3 though.
There's also a Vortex some where.

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i shoot the car and blow it up and it does NOTHING can u help???

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The only ghost car that I saw is the one in Back o Beyond.

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adcctivedino the only way you can make em chase you is by using Mods

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