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Pilot school?

Were can I find the pilot school?

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puffinslaughter answered:

After you complete Interdiction, go back to Toreno's for the next mission, which will be to buy the Airstrip in Verdant Meadows. After you buy it, it will unlock Pilot School which will be at the Airstrip you just purchased.

Hope this helps :)
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PlaguedKiller answered:

To further that last answer, you're -forced- to complete pilot school once you unlock it, so you may as well "go for the gold."
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DSpup answered:

I wanted to fly ealier in the game so i put in the max vehicle skills cheat wich makes you ace ranking
and learned the hard way to fly by my self so i got to go sky diving ( parachute cheat is needed) before the clothing stores were unlocked just for fun I:D
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DarkMaseru answered:

Later in the game you have to buy a place in Verdant Meadows, which is an abandoned airport. There you must learn to fly, at the red circle at the back of the buildin' where you save. Here are th prizes:

All bronze: Rustler (obligatory for the missions)
All silver: Stuntplane (I love it)
All gold: Hunter (also love it)

Good Luck!
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Jakey_70 answered:

It's where one of your house are where you have the landing thing
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