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Is Mothman real?

For ps2

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GluInMyKnapsack answered:

No, Mothman is not real on the PS2 version.
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Rise_of_Mewtwo answered:

No. I don't think so.
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ToXiC_grafero answered:

Oh common ppl if its in youtube and you dont see it its a mod
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michaelkenneth answered:

Maybe it's a glitch
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sharking12 answered:

It's not real in gta san andreas
And in real life
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sharking12 answered:

I think I saw something like it
then my plane go boom
then I died
not kiding
in gta
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Vindlandsaga answered:

I know something
when i drive a car in the biridge near the airport in san fierro (near where you can find unique stunt bonus)
i saw something very bright like a helicopter
that was a night when i found that light
i know mothman is black and have red eye
but that was strange
its look like something from hydra when we press o
i swear
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