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Barbara isn't appearing (need question mark --)?

I have every girlfriend in the game, but Barbara (the cop in El Quebrados) doesn't appear, any help?

Skypetlight provided additional details:

I haven't even found her, I know where she appears and all, but she doesn't appear where I have to go, also, I have the 50 oysters.

Skypetlight provided additional details:

how weird, she just appeared, but I think it was the time I went to the police station, because I always went in the night, I went once in the day and she appeared.

Accepted Answer

overcracker answered:

She should be standing next to the sign in the Police Station Parking lot.

With a small Blue arrow above her head.

I believe she'll be talking to some other ped there usually.
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overcracker answered:

Have you started dating her, but she's not at the Police Station ever? Or is she just not there to begin with?

Usual hours for her are:
16:00 to 00:00
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