Question from gtahunter22

Asked: 5 years ago

Can i find a euros driving around?

Where can I find a euros besides at camel toe?

Accepted Answer

From: overcracker 5 years ago

Nope. That's the only place it Spawns, and only while the list its required for is active in the Import/Export blackboard.

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You can use the Increase Car Speed cheat to make Euros,and other fast cars spawn on the road.

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Not likely but if you use the carnival cheat or the rare cars cheat you can find them driving around sometimes

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You will never find a Euros driving around unless you use the faster cars cheat.

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If I take it directly to export can I buy it? Where can I find a Mesa?

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A random way to get it is to do vigilante missions, if the suspect doesn't have a euros, quit the vigilante mission and try again, one day i was doing vigilante and the suspect had a euros I tryed to get it but it got away.

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you know, i saw one at a gas station and i stole it. not many of them spawn. the guy was MAD. he had an assault rifle and started shooting at me. i hear they spawn at the camel's toe but i see alot at gas stations.

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