Question from KatieZhan

Asked: 4 years ago

Where's the girlfriend Michelle?

I know everyone keeps saying she's in the driving school, but i can't find her. also i want to find the girlfriend Milly, and where do u find the mission

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From: overcracker 4 years ago

Michelle is in Driving School, inside in the lounge area there next to the TV, she'll usually be talking to someone.

Millie's mission is given out in the 4 Dragons Casino in Las Venturas.

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Shes at the driving school and she dosent like a skinny dude so get some fat

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Michelle is found in the driving school in San Fiero. You either need to be fat to date her, OR you need to have clothes with high sex appeal, high sex appeal hair, lots of tats, and at least 30 oysters. Having a high sex appeal stat will override all of the girlfriends preferences to CJ's muscle and fat.

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