Question from Bazofir

Asked: 6 years ago

Import/Export missions?

How do i enter the San Fierro Crane for Import/Export missions?

Additional details - 6 years ago

I know that i hav to do this,but the glowing thing doesn't appears.What do i have to do then?

Accepted Answer

From: SDP2 5 years ago

First you need to have completed driving school, bronze at least, and finished the mission 'Yay Ka Boom-boom', then Ceasar should have called you about Wang Motors (aka Wang Cars) and finish the third Ceasar mission 'Customs fast track', because this mission introduces you to import/export.

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At the bottom of the crane, there is a red glowing area(much like a mission area or a race area). You stand in this area and press triangle to get in the crane.

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