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Asked: 5 years ago

Strip Clubs and Girlfriends?

When do you become able to go into the strip clubs in the game? Is there a way to get into strip clubs earlier in the game?
Also, do you have to wait until a certain point to be able to date girlfriends in the game, or can you start dating right away? If you can, where would I find a girl/girls I would be able to date.

Additional details - 5 years ago

Where in Los Santos is the Pig Pen?

Accepted Answer

From: SpencerLeo 5 years ago

You can enter the Strip Clubs right away after the first mission. You also have to complete the mission "Burning Desire" before you can start dating.

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Actually, you can go into at least one strip club, the Pig Pen (in Los Santos) BEFORE you finish the first mission. I was in there last night, and I am creating a master save file (just fooling around and taking a break and having some fun) when I discovered that you can go in there before meeting Big Smoke for the first time.

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