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Asked: 3 years ago

How do you complete Zero's Air Raid mission???

I keep failing all the time.

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From: kaizerben1 3 years ago

1. Do the mission in broad daylight (in-game of course), this way you can see the aircraft much better.
2. When possible, always try and wipe out any cluster of three aircraft that are coming towards the satellite. The reason for this is because by going for three instead of one, you could possibly conserve the satellite's health.
3. Always keep calm and keep a steady aim with the left analog stick. Over emphasising on how much you need to move the L-A Stick means you are more likely to miss the aircraft more instead of actually hitting one.
4. The final thing is never keep the minigun on full-auto fire during the mission (i.e. don't always hold the fire buttion down.) Continually doing so adds a fair amount of recoil to the sights -> thus throwing the sight further away from the aircraft.

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5. Enemy aircraft respawn one they have been destroyed or have retreated out of the area. So don't bother targeting aircraft that are moving away (they've already dropped their bombs and potentially did their damage) - doing so is a waste of time. Worse, in fact...because you'd be concentrating on retreating planes instead of ones that are still a threat. Blowing retreating planes away means you don't get the extra seconds to tick down that it would have taken them to fully retreat before respawning.

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The easiest way is do the destroy cars cheat ..I tried that recently and it works all the aircraft are destroyed.

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