Question from de2kzzz

Asked: 5 years ago

How complete fire truck mission easily?

It's so hard to complete it, 'cause I hardly to use the water cannon.....

Accepted Answer

From: Immortal_Tiger 5 years ago

The easiest way to complete this mission, is position. you pretty much aim the water cannon with the right anolog stick (yes the one that moves the camera around while driving. What i do is place the fire truck directly in front of the vehicle that's on fire, and fire the hose with L1. As long as you get the water near the fire it should be fine. Then when people exit the vehicle, immediately start spraying the door that opens. most of the time you'll be able to knock the person down before they run away.

But yeah, mostly you just need to be able to aim well with the right analog stick, which may be what most people don't realize?

hope this helps.

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