Question from metroidman12345

Asked: 5 years ago

Where is the mini-gun?

I found it in the restricted area on that 1 mission but i know i cant go back in there but i want that ?!#*%#$ gun back

Accepted Answer

From: jarrett000 5 years ago

There are 4 places

Torenos Cabin
Restricted Area
Underground in parking garage in Roca Escalante, LV
Construction site in Rockshore East, LV

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It is on top of kincaid bridge in san fierro and under growned in roca escalanta in the parking garoge thing hope it helps also you can go to big smokes crack house and shoot the dore with a rpg use the jet pack code fly in and go to area 51 and when you get there fly strayt doune then you will be in area 51. look at the weppens map of faq.

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There's also one in Toreno's Cabin.

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Go to the 2nd island. Once there, get on the train tracks. Follow the tracks north, until' it goes over the water. You will see a concrete arch or what ever, get on top of that, and one will be in the middle of it.

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Get 100% with the girlfriend that lets you keep your weapons when you die. Then go into the blue underworld, travel to the restricted area, get the minigun and commit suicide. You should wake up at the hospital with a minigun.

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