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Asked: 6 years ago

How Do you unlock the Dilder Sachs Clothing store?

I Cant Figure it out!!!

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From: MidWestThug 5 years ago

All u have 2 do is start a new game and then while ur being taken 2 tha ballas territory in the Cop car, punch in the jetpack cheat and everything will be availible 2 u.

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You unlock after you come back to Los Santos after Las Venturas for the last few missions,

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After the mission **SPOILERS** Homecoming **END SPOILERS**

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I always wanted to know as well. Tanks.

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It's unlocked when you complete "Saint Mark's Bistro", not Home Coming.

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I believe Slay3rH3II is right, or the last heist mission. I think thats it, but idk.

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No, Actually it is when you come back to Los Santos. (Well, at least you got "the" right.)Demonxxeyex was right.I just played that mission yesterday.

(and beat the game 3 hours later.)

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this is a cheat, but it works.
When you begin a game from the very beginning. IF you do the Jet Pack Spawn cheat when you are driving around in Officer Tenpenny's car in the beginning sequences (you should be able to see the cheat enabled sign), didler sachs will automatically be opened.

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It depends which version of the game you are playing, if you are playing the european or australian version it will be unlocked once you go back to los santos, but if you are plaing the north american version it will be unlocked on you get to las venturas in story mode. :)

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If you want to cheat start a new game and while you are in the cop car being driven to ballas territory do the jet pack cheat and it will unlock everyplace in the game forever. otherwise do it the traditional method non-cheating.

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where is the Dilder Sachs clothing store

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where is the Dilder Sachs clothing store

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there is one in china town of new york on the South/West of the map.
peace out.

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Additionally, you could cause it to open right at the beginning of the game with the Glitch. Start a new game, and watch the entire opening cutscene until you get to the point where CJ drives around inside the cop car with Tenpenny and Pulaski. Before you get to the point where they throw you out of the car, activate the Jetpack cheat (Left, Right, L1, L2, R1, R2, Up, Down, Left, Right). After the scene ends, you will be "Wasted."

After spawning at the hospital, one would find that all interior cells that shouldn't be unlocked yet are open for service, including all the clothing shops and ammunation. This means Dilder Sachs, too.

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All you have to do is do the last wu zi mission which is to go back to los santos with his men, take back mad dogg`s manson, and kill the drug dealer and you have unlocked the store. If doesn`t work wait till you pick up sweet and do his mission you will have unlocked the store. I know that will work without doing side missons or driving or bike school because I beat the game without doing them.

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I beat the game and i unlocked it

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You will unlocked after toreno calls you in sanfierro and you will have unlock dd store

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One way to unlock didier sach early on is to resart the game and during the part in the intro movie, in the cops' car (Tenpenny) you shoul put in the jetpack cheat (Left, Right, L1, L2, R1, R2, Up, Down, Left, Right). When they throw you out of the car, you will die. From the hospital use the money cheat (R1, R2, L1 , X, Left , Down, Right, Up, Left, Down, Right, Up) a couple times and go to didier sachs. You can buy high end clothing. However didier sachs will close when you start the first mission of the game.

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If you don't know Didier Sachs is a few buildings away from Victim in Los Santos(You can't see Didier Sachs if you did the glitch mentioned by Rank_in,and Gtasafan999.).

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You will unlock Didier Sachs after the mission "Saint Mark's Bistro" Don't listen to everyone else that says you get it when you return to Los Santos.

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In the start when CJ is riding with Officer Tenpenny,enter jetpack cheat then look at the map you got when you bought the game and go there P.S. (the clothes are expensive)

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Boo for all of you BOO!

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From: 384859932q08485 2/1 8:50PM - there is one in china town of new york on the South/West of the map.
peace out.

Chinatown? Where did that come from?

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