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Quest/Puzzle Help Answers
100% Help? 2
Breaking in!!!? 2
Burglary problems? 1
can you play as a Da Nang Boys member in multiplayer? 2
Do I have to do the Triathlon to get 100%Completion? 3
Do I have to get 100% in all the schools? 1
Do territories count to complete the game? 2
Does cj do a mission in liberty city in gta san andreas ? 3
How can i do this???? 7
How can i make a girl go sex with me? 7
How do I beat the first mission for Zero?? 2
How do I borrow money from the Casino? 1
How do I buy that property for Terino? 6
How Do I do jump number 12 in dark52's map? 1
How do I finish "City Slicker" in Driving School? 1
How do i get a big andromeda and with nitros? 1
How do I get a car to run pimpin missions? 2
How do I get in locked cars? 2
How do i get underwter exp 4 wuzi mission? 1
How do I get? 16
How do I give gifts to my girlfriend? 1
How do I piss off a ghost car? 2
How do I run a Sevenman Gang? 5
How do I solve (the plane toy mission)? 7
How do I solve Amphibious Assault? 1
How do I solve dam and blast? 1
How do I solve gray imports? 1
How do I solve madd dog? 5
How do I solve the flying school training? 1
How do I solve working out? 3
How do we find michelles house? 1
How do you 100% in all the girlfreinds in Sn Adreas? 5
How do you get an unavilable house? 1
How do you unlock the LV races? 1
How many territories must I aquire? 4
How to get the girlsfriends in your house? 1
I Need help about mission lifes a beach its very hard how to do it? 6
Is Mothman real? 7
Is there a faster way to get your relationship to 100 with girlfriends? 4
Is there a glitch in this game? 1
Is there really a aliens face in Mt. Chilliad? 3
Is this a sidequest? 1
Millie is missing? 4
My game on it i have like 89 % and i finished the game are there other things that count as game completion??? 1
Pimping trouble? 3
Spray Paint? 3
Sub-Missions? 1
Triathlon help fast!!!!!!!!!!!? 1
Victim? 4
Wangs cars??? 2
What are the Courier missions in San Fierro? 2
What day is Kickstart/Dirt-track open? 1
What do i do? 2
What do I get after I finished all the Unique Jump Spots? 2
What do I get for finding all tags,oysters,snapshots,horse shoes,etc? 4
What does the suicidle photographer do? 1
what Hapeens If you claim every territory? 3
What is the best car to use in the mission Wu Zi Mu? 7
What number of the Unique Jump spots should i use? 1
What's a master save file? 1
What's next?? 4
Whats it called in GTA San Andreas when you complete all the side missions before the first storyline mission? 2
Where did Sweet Johnson go? 6
Where is arch angels...? 2
Where is Millie? 2
Where is the Lowrider challenge? 4
Why did my cars disappear from my garage? 1
Why does Sweet's missions go away after the mission LOS _____ something ? 1

Item Location Help Answers
" Sky door " above cluckin bell in bone county ? 1
All Access Key? 1
All chainsaw spawns plz? 1
All The Weapons? 2
Are DeLoreans in San Andreas only mods? 1
Broadway in San Fierro? 1
Can i driving sub ? 7
Can i find a euros driving around? 6
Can i find a hotknife driving around? 1
Can I spawn a 2 player plane or helicopter? 5
Can I spawn a boat? 4
Can I use other weapons to do drive-by's in single player? 7
Can the ladder fire truck do anything but drive? 4
Can you actually go to any of the Basball Games like get tickets for them>? 1
Can you find a spaceship in the secret military base? 7
Can you get The Green Sabre? 1
Can you save boats and aircraft? 6
Can you use spike trips in this game? 1
Can't find Dark52's 71 tag location? 1
Cheat for andromada? 2
Cluckin Bell's Costume? 2
Crowbar? 5
Do you use action replay or gameshark to get the andromada? 1
Does the beagle have any special features? 3
Does the Wrecking ball do anything? 3
Fastest cars?? 9
Gang transport? 3
Horse shoes??? 1
How can I get all the law enforcement uniforms? 1
How can I get thermal goggle ? 2
How can I sink one of the big ships? 4
How can i use some locked aircraft in San Fierro airport like the raidance? 1
How Do I Buy Binco Clothes? 5
How do i buy tickets to go places at the airport? 2
how do i find all the tags in Los Santos after "Tagging Up The Turf"? 1
How do i get a Go-Cart? 1
How do I get into driving school and where is it located? 1
How do i get out of a helicopter? 6
How do I get the invincible sabre? 1
How do I get the keycard from Millie? 3
How do i get this car to open? 3
how do I start robbing houses what truck do I need? 11
How do I tug an airplane? 2
How do u learn all styles off fighting? 2
How do you buy things? 1
How do you get the Hunter? 4
How do you play?Australian or European?Versions! 1
How do you use the train? 5
How to Get 28&29 Oysters on dark52 without getting caught wanted level? 1
How to get a Baseball Cap? 3
How to get in the Combine Harvester it's always locked??? 1
How to use gta as a two player game? 9
I cant find the thermal goggles under the big ear why? 5
I heard that in the Mount Chilaid area there is a foot print of big foot's foot??? 1
Is there a 4 person aircraft? 3
Is there a Black market? 2
Is there a way to keep cars once you buy/win them? 6
Is there a way to make Helena dissappear? 1
Jumbo Jet? 1
Keycard? 1
Night googles?? 13
Oysters, oysters, everywhere, but not this one I need..? 4
Parachute Problems? 1
Please help me find it? 4
RC's? 1
Reward for getting all golds in the schools? 2
S.W.A.T tank? 5
Shark? 4
Snapshot #31 not appearing? 1
Strip Clubs and Girlfriends? 1
The car from Emmit's? 1
The Duke of San Andreas? 1
Weapon maps? 1
Were can I get a police helicopter? 1
What and where are the cars name that you can transport? 3
What are the things you need to take photos of? 1
What can a cargobob do? 3
What do the drug dealers look like? 8
What is ghost graffiti ? 1
What is the Cluckin C**k? 1
What is the driveway beagle?? 1
What is the red target for? 4
What weapon is Sweet/Ryder/Big Smoke using at "Drive-By"? 4
Whats better? 2
When does the Victim in San Fierro open? 2
When i stop dating? 1
Where and how can i get this plane? 1
Where can I find (a gun that shoots faster but its not machine gun? 3
Where can I find (a minigun)? 2
Where can I find (andromada)? 1
Where can I find (binoculars)? 4
Where can I find (Diddlers Sach Clothing Store)? 3
Where can I find (ghost person)? 10
Where can I find (goggles)? 1
Where can I find (hydra)? 1
Where can I find (import and export cars)? 4
Where can I find (kart)? 1
Where can I find (Katana)? 6
Where can I find (Night goggles)? 4
Where can I find (night/thermal goggles)? 1
Where can I find (oysters an horse shoes )? 2
Where can I find (sentinel)? 8
Where can I find (swat van or can i find 1? 3
Where can I find (the helicopter with the magnet)? 2
Where can I find a Bmw? 2
Where can I find a buffalo? 4
Where can I find a camera? 5
Where can I find a comet? 2
Where can I find a Cropduster? 1
Where can I Find a Euros (Vehicle)??? And what does it look like??? 1
Where can I find a Euros in Los Santos? 2
Where can I find a FBI Rancher? 6
Where can I find a fire truck in Los Santos (creating a master save file)? 1
Where can I find a firefighter uniform? 3
Where can I find a fr400 plane? 1
Where can I find a helicopter? 4
Where can I find a jetmax? 2
Where can I find a Slamvan? 2
Where can I find a spray can? 1
Where can I find a vibrator? 2
Where can I find all of the races?? 1
Where can i find an alpha? 4
Where can I find an Infernus and a Remington? 3
Where can I find BMX or the bike? 8
Where can I find body armor in gta sa ? 6
Where can I find Bullet in Los Santos? 1
Where can I find fcr 900? 1
Where can I find Ghost car? 1
Where can I find helicopter?... 4
Where can I find Hunter? 3
Where can I find motorcycles? 7
Where can I find NGR500? 2
Where can I find night goggles? 3
Where can I find NRG-900? 1
Where can I find remingtion? 4
Where can I find Roboi's Food Mart? 1
Where can I find Sabre? 2
Where can I find Super GT? 12
Where can I find tear gas? 2
Where can I find the AT-400? 2
Where can I find the camper? 1
Where can I find the chainsaw dil -do? 5
Where can I find the flamethrower? 3
Where can I find the general lee? 2
Where can I find the ghost car, ghost graffiti, leather face and bigfoot? 8
Where can I find the homing missle launcher? 4
Where can I find the hovercraft? 4
Where can I find the Hummer that looks like a Stretch? 1
Where can I find the huntley? 3
Where can I find the monster truck? 2
Where can I find the NVGs? 2
Where can I find the runault clio in ps2? 1
Where can I find the sasquatch? 2
Where can I find the Skateboard? 2
Where can I find the strip clubs? 2
Where can I find the thermal goggles? 3
Where can I find Turismo in San Fierro? 1
Where can I find Zip? 4
Where can i find...? 1
Where can I get an Aromanda? 6
Where can I meet Katie Zhan? 1
Where can you find a mothership? 6
Where can you find a slamvan and a cheetah? 1
Where do i find a patriot? 1
Where do i fined an army helicopter without cheats? 1
Where do i get the different goggles? 1
Where do I store my weapons? 1
Where do you find the body bags with dead people? 5
Where do you find the LV races? 2
Where do you find the senital? 2
Where i can find ghost graffiti ? 1
Where is a phoenix? 1
Where is big foot??? 3
Where is my super GT? 2
Where is the A-10 warthog aircraft ? 1
Where is the big jet ? 5
Where is the pilot school? 2
Where is the shooting range? 3
Where is the tags ? 1
Where the hell is blue hell i know you say its in vine wood but there is no safe house in vinewood? 2
Where to by wepons? 5
Where's the ammunation after Burning Desire?! 1
Where's the girlfriend Michelle? 3
Whers the night googles? 2
Why doesn't the Mesa spawn ath the bottom of Mt. Chilliad? 2

Level Help Answers
"Farewell My Love" IN GTA: SAN ANDREAS? 7
After completing the mission "Reuniting the families" can you still take over territories or do they just diss 2
Are girlfriends compusary for 100%? 3
Burning Desires? 2
Can you guys help me with the Girlfriends? 1
Catalina Local Liquor Store? 2
Could anyone tell me how to pass mission oc loc ? 3
Do you have to do all the Airyard missions? 2
Do you need 100% on girlfreinds to get 100% completion on game? 1
Does anyone know an easy way to beat the mission Key to her Heart? 2
Freight mission? 2
How do I acquire Xoom and get into driving school? 3
How do i beat farewell my love? 4
How do I beat Learning To Fly? 1
How do I do the Unique Stunt Jump in Paradiso? 2
How do I do vallet misions? 4
How do I find the ghost car? 4
How do I get ceasers lowrider misson? 1
How do i get Katie Zahn as girlfriend? 1
How do i get pass the mission badlands? 1
How do I get past (Burn and Lap) in the driving school? 1
How do I get past (Deconstruction)? 1
How do I get past (Just Business)? 3
How do I get past (Loop and loop)? 2
How do I get past (Zero)? 2
How do I get past 8 track? 5
How do I get past Air Raid With Zero? 1
How do I get past amphibious assault? 1
How do I get past amphipian assult? 3
How do I get past barnstorming? 1
How do I get past Burglar mission? 6
How do I get past end of the line? 5
How do I get past flight school ? 2
How do I get past flight school?? 7
How do I get past just buisness? 1
How do I get past Just Business using codes? 8
How do I get past lowrider race mission? 1
How do I get past N.O.E. ? 2
How do I get past New Model Army? 1
how do I get past supply line...? 2
How do I get past the ballers territresin vine wood? 5
How do I get past the desert? 1
How do I get past the level in San Fierro where you have to destroy the 4 couriers with the RC plane? 4
How do i get past the level wrong side of tracks? 4
How do I get past the mission 51? 2
How do I get past the mission just bussiness? 3
How do I get past the mission supply lines? 4
How do I get past the mission tanker commander? 1
How do I get past the robbery mission where you get in a plane and it says get next to the dam to parachute off it? 3
How do I get past the Sweet's graphities? 4
How do I get past those racing missions? 2
How do I get past wrong side of the tracks? 9
How do I get past Wu Zi Mu? 7
How do I get past zeroing in? 2
How do I get the Car LOt that is next to my shop in San Fierro? 8
How do i get the uniform? inorder to drive the cars into the parking lots 4
How do I get woozie to call me? 3
How do I leave the ghost world?! 1
How do I perform burglary missions? 3
How do I unlock so your going to San Fierro? 1
How do I unlock the other cities? 8
How do u keep mad dog from jumping off the building ? 5
How do you beat the Lowrider mission? 3
How do you beat the mission Last stand? 4
How do you beat the pimp one? 1
How do you start Breaking the Bank? 2
How to beat Up,Up,and Away!,and N.O.E? 2
How to complete the supply lines? 1
How to fiy the hdray? 2
How to pass the mission of Ryder after his theft mission . a simple way for carton throwing ? 1
I need help! What happenend? 1
I'm Stuck!! I need help! What do I do? 3
Idk what to do after beating Supply Lines from Zero? 2
In the mission lifes a beach is there any other way to get the sound van other than dancing? 2
Is there a cheat to complete all levels in san andreas if there is what is it? 3
Is there any way to skip the races? 1
Millie is never home?? 7
My missions arn't appearing? 1
On The Flight Mission "Circle Airstrip" help? 2
Restricted area? 11
San fierro gang territories??? 2
Stealing cars? 3
Supply lines - PS3 version - How does the fuel work on this version? 1
What do I do after getting the key card from Millie? 11
What do you need to do to get 100%? 1
Whats the timing you need to get gold? 2
Where do I put the cheats? 3
Where do you find the vic biker store? 1
Where Is The Oyster #39 From The Gamefaqs ? 2
Where the fire truck mission should easily completed? 1
Which glitches did they fix in the greatest hits version? 3
Why does the vigalente trick stop at level 10 for me? 1

Strategy/Tactics Help Answers
6-Star Wanted Level? 8
A list of negative effects when doing this "trick?" 2
Ammu Nation gun range? 2
Anything that can prevent 100%? 1
Best cheats website? 7
Can any one give me help with the mission t bone mendez? 2
Can you have kids in this game? 2
Criminals appearance? 1
Fast way big mountain up? 1
Gunning down Big Poppa in Home for the hills? 2
Help with Early Exploration/No Wanted Level Glitch? 2
How can I do the hydra get fast??? 7
How Come I can't Provoke Gang wars anymore? i was winnig territories and then it stops 6
How do i do this please tell me?? 4
How do I get my gambling expeiriance up quickly? 1
How do I increase sex appeal level besides buying new clothes? 7
How do you get 100% with Katie Zahn? 8
How do you get a successful date with Michelle? 3
How do you get muscle down really fast?? 6
How do you unlock the Ganton Gym ? 2
How Should I Start Taking Over Territories? 1
How to active flying car cheat ? 1
How to find a girlfriend? 5
How to make a jets wheels up? 1
How to put in the cheat never die ? 3
Import/Export dock? 1
Is it possible to do a burglary mission on madd dogs house? 3
Is it possible to use stealth outside of missions? 1
Is their a code to where u get to keep weapons? 4
Is there a map? 1
Locked doors!?! 1
Mods and Superman mod ? 2
Multiplayer mode? 2
Need to know if you can save weapons when you get killed or busted??? 4
The best car? 1
Were is the strip clubs? 2
what cheat cheat can I use for this? 2
What cheats can I use without causing long term damage? 1
What else can I do in Master Save File? 3
What happend? 5
What is the best strategy for (just buisness)? 1
What is the best strategy for Finding Tag #28? 3
What is the best strategy for kissing girlfriend? 2
What is the best strategy for losing 6 *s? 1
What is the best strategy for playing billiards? 2
What is the best strategy for the Burglary mission? 1
What is the best way to do viligate? 2
What is the quickest way to raise cash? 6
What is the quickest way to raise my criminal rankings? 4
What things do I need to do to get 100%? 2
Why cant i find the drug dealers at the start of the game? 2
Will it get broken if i put a cheat? 6

Technical Help Answers
1. How do i download and save saved files from here to my ps2 gta sa? 1
After finishing 50 Taxi fares in the PS2 version, the taxis neither jump nor have nitro... How do I fix this? 1
After i buy astrip asset there are no more missions how can i get the missions back???? 2
Answers from someone who helped program Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas? 7
Do i have to do this? 1
Do the game saves not work for PS2 Planitum? 3
How can cheat at poker games in gamble? 3
How can I start it? 1
how do I download a save on to the ps2? 1
How do I set up multi-player = 2 player? 2
How do two people play gta? 10
How do we get a andromeda in ps2? 1
How to install skins gta sa ps2 and burn it? 2
I cannot Save game? 3
I hate this cheat? 3
Is it stuffed??? 1
It keeps frezzeing when i do a sertan part of the game? 9
Nothing happens when i die? 2
Please Help About The Mission Reuniting The Familiess? 2
Save files on the PS3 download version? 1
Save files won't be read at all? 2
Save lost! Someone have backup? 1
Transferring games? 1
Using cheats? 3
What Do I Do After I Get The Key Card From Millie? 1
What Do i Do After i get the keycard from millie? (2) 1
What is R3 button? 1
Where is the biggest mountain located? 1
Where is the location of the Export/Import Dock? 2
Why does everytime i leave los santos i get a 4 star wanted level ? 2
Why does it freeze? 1
Why does the game keep stoping at home invasion? 1
Why does the game keep telling me ''error reading the san andreas disc''? 3
Why does the game keep telling me (you have worked out enough for today, if i never worked out)? 2
Why doesn't my sex appeal increase? 5
Why i cannot activated the aircraft cheat? 2
Why is it saying this? 1
Why is there a yellow blip here? 2
Why Madd Dogg's die before I can save it in Madd Dogg's mission? 4
Why my GTA San Andreas keeps freezing? 10

Other Help Answers
... Cars? 10
2 player Drive By???? 2
After you beat the story, do the pedestrians stop rioting Los Santos? 1
Aiens,UFO's,Bigfoot,starwars? 2
Airfield hanger? 3
Are there any helicopters? 1
Area 51? 4
Area 69? 1
Area51? 1
Asset income? 2
At the begining of the mission, Los Desperadas, I must recruit two gang Members. How do I recruit? 3
Atrium help scary wtf? 3
Attacking your own hood? 5
Back o Beyond(again)? 6
Back o Beyond? 1
Barbara isn't appearing (need question mark --)? 2
Best place? 1
Big airplane help? 5
Bombshop and horse races? 6
Bugulary mission (vechile mission)? 4
Can CJ golf? 2
Can get my love back? 1
Can i download my own music on my ps2 like on xbox? 3
Can i fly as high as the jet plane can? 2
Can i get a prostitute ? 1
Can i have sex with denise? 4
Can i marry with my girl friend? 5
Can I only save 7 photos on my PS2 memory card..? 2
Can i save a jetpack in a garage? 1
Can I use a game save for san andreas ps2 edition in my ps3? 1
Can I...? 4
Can somebody help me find Leatherface? 3
can somebody tell me these ARmax ntsc code? 1
Can somebody tell me why I can't play pool anymore? 2
Can someone answer this restart/replay question? 3
Can someone help me with the "Early Exploration" secret? 1
Can someone PLEASE help me?? 1
Can the train be kept in hanger or garage just for show? 2
can this be Bigfoot? 2
Can we see what am i doing in house when i say yes after date? 1
Can you actually get married? 3
Can you cuff your pants? 2
Can you customize sadlers and ranchers? 1
Can you get a pilots licence without going to pilot school? 3
Can you go into buildings on two players ? 5
Can you go to liberty city with plane? (not in mission) 1
Can you hold hostages when cops are after you? 1
Can you run on the sea floor? 6
Can you save with cheats? 2
Can you turn off language/sexual content in San Andreas? 6
Can you use cheats to skip to the final mission? 2
Can you? 2
Can't find the girlfriend? 2
Cant find Floating Photo-Op just above one of round office buildings? 2
Cars combined? 2
Cesar's call about Big Smoke's Cash and Yay Couriers? 2
Cesar's missions in San Andresreate? 2
Chaos Mode Cheat ? 2
Costume cheat? 4
Could someone put something about MODs in the faqs of san andreas? 1
Decrease the Muscle? 1
Do I have to do the Lowrider Race, Badlands A and Badlands B in the LS race tournament? 1
Do you need uniqe jumps and taxi levels to have 100%? 2
Does anybody know how the Hot Knife Car looks like? 2
Does anyone know of a car spawner for PCSX2? 1
Does dating and getting 100% with all girlfriensds in the game count toward completetion? 1
Does doing firetruck missions when it is raining help me in extinguishing fires????? 1
Does it still consider cheats being used by using a Gameshark? 1
Does the 150% health really help that much? 3
Drive school? 1
Dukes of Harrard? 4
Dump girlfriend? 2
During the opening scene with cj getting dropped off by ten penny? 4
Fastest way to increase energy? 2
Firetruck/Ambulance spawing problems? 1
For what is the car stereo? 2
Fort Carson Cave? 2
From where can i buy cars? 1
Game Saves? 2
Gang wars issue? 1
Gangs, stunts, money, weapons, vehicles? 1
Getting high? 1
Ghost car's? 3
Ghost car? 1
Ghost train? 1
Ghost vortex? 1
Gifts ? 1
Give me 5 reasons why this game is worth buying for??? 4
Glitch help? 1
Grand Theft Auto? 4
Gta resi? 1
Gta san andreas? 1
GTA:San Andreas Special Edition? 1
Has anyone seen it raining people on Breaking the bank at Caligula's? 2
Help in water? 2
HELP ME? Read description. 2
Help overcracker??? 2
Help taking over a territory? 1
Help!!!!! With cash? 3
Help??? 1
Hit by a plane? 4
How can i ? 1
How can I do it? 1
How can i get a hore in a bed ? 1
How can I get a S.W.A.T Tank ? 1
How can I get S.W.A.T Tank? 2
How can i go to quarry mission? 1
How can i jack the road train in san feirro? 1
How can i learn karate in the game? 1
How can I make my character look like Tupac? 1
How can i mod my gta san andreas in my ps2? 5
How can I park my Car Outside my house And when I come back to it a while later It's stil there? 1
How can i remove my brass knuckle? 2
How can I unlock the planes in San Feirro? 9
How can you fly a Dodo for some of the Flying School tests properly? 1
How come the weapons don't spawn at Torreno's cabin after I complete his missions at the airfield? 1
How complete fire truck mission easily? 1
How do I "borrow" money from the casino? 1
How do I cough up period blood? 3
How do i do flying cj cheat/glitch ? 1
How do i do the swimming challenge ? 3
How do I enter the cell phone cheats? 3
How do i even take the snapshots? 2
How do i find out the game complesion pesentige on ps2? 1
How do i get a random girl for a girlfren? 1
How do i get better style so 1 of the girlfriends will ike me? 3
How do i get my fellow gang members int the car? 2
How do I get my pilot licenc? 4
How do i get people on my team? 1
How do I get prostitutes to get in the car? 5
How do I get rid of my weapons while dating Katie,and Barbara? 4
how do I get safe house's that are not for sale? 8
How do i get the friegter challanges? 1
How do i get the hydra and the rihno at the jonson house? 1
How do i get to own the carlot in downtown in the left part of the city? 1
How do I get to San Fierro? 1
How do i get to the hidden place in the pigpen? 4
How do i get to the other areas? 2
How do i import and export cars? 2
How do i import cars? 1
How do i know if ive won kickstart? 1
How do I lose fat quickly? 3
How do i make my girl friend to do sex with me? 1
How do i modify the cop cars and other cars like dj_copycat did? 3
How do i play 2player? 11
How do i put GTA San Andreas Game save on PS2? 1
How do I put screenshots from the ps2 onto my flash drive? 1
How do i recruit gang members? 8
How do I start a gang war in Battery Point? 2
How do i tell the vershen without the game case? 1
How do i turn cj into a crip? 1
How do I turn on the siren in a police car? 3
how do I unactiveate cheats? 6
How do I unlock the last level? 3
How do i use nos? 5
How do i use the keys? 1
How do u book a flight? 4
How do we get a ray gun in ps2 with cheat? 1
How do we talk to people around the street? 1
how do you beat the mission where you ride a motercycle with Big smoke? 2
How do you beat the taxi missions? 1
How do you become Superman in the game? 4
How do you book a train ? 1
How do you bribe? 1
How do you buy sex toys or vibraters at the sex shop cuz I want that Chainsaw one? 4
How do you buy wangs cars? 1
HoW Do YoU ChAnGE GaNgS? 7
How do you complete Circle Airstrip in flight school? 3
How do you complete Zero's Air Raid mission??? 3
How do you date girls in the game? 5
How do you enter Blue Hell? 6
How do you fly a hydra on gta san andreas? 6
How do you get 2 guys in a bicycle? 3
How do you get a gang together? 1
How do you get access to all the planes becuase I want to fly one of those 747 or Fr400 planes whatever they're called? 5
How do you get civilians to ride on your bike/car? 2
How do you get girlfriends? 3
How do you get the jail prostitue scene where you get to choose your positions and what not? 3
How do you get to buy the property in las venturas? 2
How do you get Wheel Arch Angels? 2
How do you have sex with a girl? 4
How do you know when your girlfriends are home? 1
How do you make zombies appear in the game? 3
How do you replay levels in grand theft auto san andreas? 3
How do you start the zero missions? 1
How do you take of cheat after putting them in? 2
How do you unlock ammu-nation? 5
How Do you unlock the Dilder Sachs Clothing store? 21
how do you unlock the Zip and Victim stores? 1
How do you use Mods? 1
how doIplay basketball? 5
How i can use an individualy cars with another player when i play 2 player mode? 5
How many cars can i store in a garage? 2
How many missions are there in this game? 1
How Many More Missions Do I Have? 1
How many test are there in the misson learning to fly? 1
How much lung capacity do you need to do 'amphibis assult'? 1
how to do Mountain Bike Morphing glitch? 1
How to encounter jason voorhees at gta san andreas? 9
How to fly an Hydra fast on GTA san andreas PC? 2
How to Fly the Hydra? 1
How To Get a Escalade? 1
How to get territorie? 4
How to get to the Underworlds Gate 1#? 1
How to give your girlfriend a gift? 4
How to take over White Area Gang Maps? 1
I can't find Katie..... Where is she located? 3
I have 98 of the territories where is the last one? 1
I have completed driving, boating, and biking school and I still don't have Wheel Angels? 2
I have gold in every bike test, but the NRG-500 doesn't appear, why? 1
I heard theres a wire to hook the PS2 up to the internet is this true? 1
I need to know where you get your pilots lincense at ? 8
I put the question in details? 2
I there a cheat of andromada? 1
i think i have a BIG glitch? 1
I try to press all the cheating buttons on my pad but they don't work for me. what can i do? 2
I was readin something about hot coffe? 2
I've got Denise as a girlfriend but she keeps dumping me, why? 7
I've lost a girlfriend, how can I get her back? 3
If I buy a car how can I lock it or use an alarm? 3
If i destroy a structure earlyer than it normally would be, will it remain that way? 2
If i do? 1
If there is a Blue Hell,where is it? 1
Im confused?:( 2
Im Stuck!! I Need To Know What To Do Next?? 9
Import/Export missions? 2
In the PC version of San andreas is that where I can get the car I want by downloading it from the SA sites? 1
In the restricted area is it possible to dodge the rockets? 4
In Vigilante missions witch level I must reach for 100% of the game? 1
In which mission does las ventrius unlock? 1
In which mission does wangs car property unlock? 3
Invincible Vehicle Cheat? 4
Is Blue Hell Real?I have many questions. 1
Is it possible to go to Vice City without a seperate cheat device? 2
Is it true? 2
Is Mod for gta sa ps2 can be talked about here? 2
Is the rewards for tagging, horseshoes, oysters, and snapshots worth it? (Spoilers) 1
Is there a big boat you get to drive? 2
Is there a big care in the in which i can run seven gang member or six? 1
Is there a cheat code for a small jet plane? 4
Is there a cheat for gta sa ambulance? like slower time? 2
Is there a cheat of katana? 1
Is there a cheat to complete the game so I can free roam? 3
Is there a cheatcode for a shamal? 4
Is there a difference between earlier release of GTA San Andreas and later version that has greatest hits on the cover? 3
Is there a horn in the train? 1
Is there a international departure in any airport? 1
Is there a max stamina cheat code?? 2
Is there a Max Stamina cheat for PS2? 1
Is there a mobile version of gta san andreas? 3
Is there a mod garage of bikes and planes? 1
Is there a moth man?? 1
Is there a Strip Club in GTA and where is the place? 4
Is there a suicidle photographer,if it is where is he? 1
Is there a way to get The Dukes of Hazzard Charger? 1
Is there a way to make cj high? 3
Is there a way to win horse races? 2
Is there an end to the map? 2
Is there any item you are suppose to collect to unlock guns at your house? 1
Is there going to be San Andreas Stories? 3
is there really a bigfoot/yetti? Without using mods. 2
Is there really a UFO in GTASA? 5
is this about Leatherface? 1
Leatherface? 3
Luck? 2
Madd Dog Lvl malfunctions help? 7
Madd Doggs Mansion? 4
Michelle won't show up at the driving school? 3
Mission? 1
MODding problems? 1
More gang territories? 1
Mountain Bike Morphing glitch? 2
Mountain top crash??? 2
Multiplication Cheat? 2
My friend says you can play tennis,Is this true? 1
My girlfriend was murdered!? 4
Ok look up above you and you will see the toolbar,I need help finding out how to use the saves can someone help me? 1
Only one lock-up for burglaries? 1
Order gang members ? 1
Pilot school? 5
Pimping Missions Bonus? 1
Place Help? 2
Please can some one help me ? 5
Please help me? 3
PLEEEZ!!! Myth list? 9
Problem with save data? 1
Prostitutes? 1
Rating ? 1
Recruiting gang members? 4
Respect and lvlin? 1
San fierro rifa ? 1
Saves aren't working? 2
Screams? (again) 2
Screams?? 1
Serial Killer? 2
Sex Appeal ? 2
Sport car cheat? 5
Submarine? 1
Take cover behind walls without crouching? 1
Territory glitch territorys? 1
The big ear? 4
The infurnus? 3
The Rhino and Hydra at Grove Street don't appear...? 1
There is one airport in the game where all planes are locked, How do you unlock them? 1
Trains? 1
Transfender? 1
Tropic interior? 2
True? 1
UFO real? 1
UFO!?Aliens!? 1
Um I need help with game? 2
Vinewood sign? 4
Was I right when I told some people all cheating does is glitch the game completely? 4
Weapon? 1
Weird? 1
WERE are all the girlfreinds? 3
Were are all the oysters? 2
Were can i find a gameshark? 1
Were do u go to find the renualt clio? 1
Were is desert? 2
What after the gray import mission? 2
What are bragging rights? 1
What can i do with tuner cars? 2
What do counterspheres do? 1
What do youget for completing Home Invasion? 2
What does sex store sells? 1
What does the 24/7 shops do? 1
What happends when u save with a cheat? 2
What happens after you get 100% with barbera? 1
What happens after you get 100% with barbera? and get the police uniform then what happens? 1
What happens when I finish the game what extra things can i do? 1
What i must do if my girlfriend is dead? 1
What is "Hot Cofee Mod"? 1
What is (mothman)? 1
What is didler sachs? 2
What is gimp suit? 1
What is Roboi's Food Mart and where is it? 1
What is the advantage of building the relationship with girlfriends? 4
What is the best car? 10
What is the best way to increase lung capacity? 1
What is the Big Secret in SA? 2
What is the code 4 cofee mini game? 6
What is the deal with gaining territories? 4
What is the fastest way to lose monney? its a joke. 1
What is the hardest mission in GTA San Andreas besides the last one??? 3
What is the Heaven glitch? 2
What is the hovercraft? 1
What is the MOD mean ? 2
What is the name of this song on radio X i put the name of the song in the details? 2
What is the next mission after Zero's missions? Why arent there any more missions? 1
What is the reward for Tags,Photo Ops,Horseshoes, and Oysters? 1
What is the song in Caligula casino, and other song ? 1
What is the suicidal photographer? 1
What is this helicopter called? 1
What mission is the mission for Millie as a GF?? 1
what reward do yu get for completeing ALL the "Trucking" missions? 2
What to do after completing "Robbing Uncle Sam?" 3
What's that white meeter on your hud? 2
Whats up with this lady? 1
When can I import/export cars? 1
When do i do customes fast trackes? 1
When do you unlock Ammunation and where is the girlfriend outside Ammu nation in blueberry? 2
When I gamble, can I cheat and win? 3
When you buy the suite in san fiero, where can you park your car? 3
where and how do i Win Dirt Track? 2
Where and how do you find the street race? 1
Where are all 50 jumps? 1
Where are the burglary points in san Andreas? 1
Where are the bus & coach stations? 2
Where Are The Dilder Sach's stores? 2
Where are the Multi-Player locations? 1
Where can i buy car,bike,and train horns? 1
Where can i find all the gym? 1
Where can i find the pimp suit? 1
Where can i find the racing locations? 1
Where can I find the sea monster?? 11
Where can I get the blood version? 2
Where can I get the crip version? 1
Where do all the girlfriends like to dine at?. 1
Where do i find a 2 player icon in los santos? 3
Where do i find Tec-9 Wielding GSFMs? 1
Where do i take my girlfriends? 3
Where do the prostitutes hang out in whetstone? 4
Where do you find night vision at? 2
Where do you find the gun shop? 2
Where do you find the hovercraft? 1
Where do you see green fog??? 1
Where does barbra like to eat? 3
Where i can find Madd Dogs Mansion? 1
Where is a army base? 2
Where is a really big ramp at that i can jump? 1
Where is Bigfoot? 9
Where is CJ's mom? 5
Where is Dilder Sachs clothing store(and how to unlock it)? 2
Where is the aircraft carrier? 1
Where is the best place to bring denise? 3
Where is the driving schools? 3
Where is the Gant Bridge? 1
Where is the import/export dock or lot? 1
Where is the mini-gun? 5
Where is the Suicidal Photographer? 1
Where is the [phoenix] the car? 1
Where should i put the cheat on? 1
Where two player? 4
Where??? 4
Wheres the mod in the net? 1
Which cars can i mod in wheel arch angles mod garage ? 3
Which version of the game should I play? 4
Who does the voice for the grunge radio station? 1
Who Recommends? 2
Why cant i acess the planes near the airport near easter basin? 1
Why cant i find any of grove street gang members? 5
Why cant i rome around once the last mission is done? 3
Why do my cheats wear off? 1
Why do they have a suicide cheat? 3
Why does it say I have already worked out enough today when I haven't? 2
Why does the magnet not work on my rc copter in the mission "new model army"? 1
Why does? 3
Why doesn't the gyms work? 8
Why is it rated AO? 2
Why is it saying error? 1
Why is my car in the police garage in San Fierro? 5
Why isint there "replay" for me? 10
Why isnt the Burgulary van showing up in the building complex across from Ganton gym? 1
Why will my garage door not open up? 6
Wich platform version the police use spike strips? 2
Will i need to finish this part? 3
Wish garage is enough big to have a news chopper in it? 1
Witch way do you go to get to the other islands? 3
WTF!!?help! 2
Wu zi mu die in the "Da Nang Thang" mission,how can i get wu zi back? 1

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