FAQ/Walkthrough by Noodle Neck

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                Tony Hawk Underground FAQ/Walkthrough
                       (c)2003 Noodle Neck
                      Gamecube Version - 1.10


Table of Contents

1. Version History

2. Introduction

3. Walkthrough
   a) New Jersey
   b) Manhattan
   c) Tampa
   d) San Diego
   e) Hawaii
   f) Vancouver
   g) Slam City Jam
   h) Moscow
   i) New Jersey (II)

4. Secret Tapes
   a) New Jersey
   b) Manhattan
   c) Tampa
   d) San Diego
   e) Hawaii
   f) Vancouver
   g) Slam City Jam
   h) Moscow
   i) Hotter Than Hell

5. Move List

6. Scoring Tips

7. Stat Challenges

8. Bonus Levels
   a) Hotter Than Hell
   b) School II
   c) Hangar
   d) Venice

9. Other Secrets

10. Contact/Legal

11. Credits

-                       =1. Version History=                        -

1.12           - Walkthrough; Chapter 14 - 16 Completed
               - Stat Challenges worked on
               - Hangar added to bonus levels
               - 3 scoring tips (sent in by readers)

Notes: Sorry for the lack of updates. I've been really busy, and haven't had
much time to work on the FAQ, and it's going to be that way for awhile. Sorry!
Thanks to all of the people that sent me emails on how to unlock the
Hangar. Too bad I had unlocked it before you sent me the emails. Better luck
next time! =P
Also, my email has been down for awhile (and still is), so if I haven't
responded to an email of yours, now you know why.
I have given www.NeoSeeker.com permission to host this FAQ, so you may
see it there too.

1.10 12/01/03  - Walkthrough; Chapter 7 - 13 Completed
               - Move List Worked on; Section A)Grab and B)Flip
               - Bad Letter Codes Removed
               - 50KB

1.00 11/29/03  - First Version of FAQ
               - Walkthrough; Chapter 1 - 6 completed
               - Secret tapes completed
               - Stat Challenges worked on; still need Am and Pro challenges
               - Other Secrets worked on; I'm not sure if it's complete
               - Scoring Tips worked on; I'll be adding more later
               - Bonus Levels worked on; still trying to unlock Hangar
               - 27.6KB

-                        =2. Introduction=                          -

Tony Hawk Underground (THUG) is like no other Tony Hawk game. Activision
freshened up the series, by throwing in many new twists. Twists like not
being able to choose your favorite skater in story mode (Which I admit,
mad me a little mad at the start), but having to make your own and work
your way up the rankings of the skating world from Unknown Wannabe to
Skating Idol,  getting of your board and walking, jumping and climbing
around, driving cars, and creating your own tricks. The list goes on
and on. I've beat story mode many times already, and I'm still having
fun on it.

Enough describing the game. Let's talk about this FAQ. First off, I want
everyone to know that I am NOT making a Gaps list. Maybe in a version FAR
off in the future, but right now I don't feel like spending the time to
find every gap in the game, writing them down, and typing them up on the
computer. If you would like to suggest anything (such as a new section),
email me with the title "THUG FAQ" please, as your email will most
likely end up in my junk mail folder, (You'd need to be in my address
book for it not to) and I will delete it without looking at it.

                            * * *

Listed below are the basic controls needed to complete the game.

A Button - Ollie, Jump(Off Board), Accelerate(Vehicle), Run(Off Board,
holding Control Pad)

B Button - Flip Trick, Reverse(Vehicle)

X Button - Grab Trick

Y Button - Grind, Lip Trick(Straight at a lip)

Z Button - Get off of board

R Button - Revert, Switch, Grab(Off Board), Engine Brake(Vehicle)

L Button - Pressure, Nollie(x2)

Control Pad - Direct skater, Walk(Off Board), Direct Car(Vehicle)

Control Stick - Direct Skater, Run(Off Board), Direct Car(Vehicle)

C-Stick - Control Camera

-                         =3. Walkthrough=                          -

This section is the main part of this FAQ. To find a certain goal,
press CTRL+F, and enter the name of the goal your are looking for. I
will try my best to keep the correct spelling of the goal, for easy

Note: All goals are done on Normal diffulculty. Some score challenges
will vary from other difficulties.

a) New Jersey - Chapter 1: Hometown Hijinx

In this chapter, you will learn the basics, as well as getting some tips
from Chad Muska himself to getting sponsered.

-=Help Eric=- Jump over the fence and grab onto the roof. (R) Now pull
yourself up by pressing Up. Grab the part and keep going straight. Jump
and pull yourself up again and grab the other part. Look to where the
arrow is pointing and jump to the next roof. You should be able to clear
it this time. Once you have the next part, run straight and the last
piece should be right in front of you.

Now the game wants to train you. Get off of your board (Z), and jump over
the two barriers. Now a long rail will appear. Run up to it, and jump and
grind (Y). You should automatically get on your board and do a Caveman.

-=Walk Charles=- This one is short and easy. Go up behind the dog, Charles,
and press Up. You will now start to Skitch. Keep the arrow on the meter
in the middle as best as you can for 20 seconds, and you will complete
the mission.

-=Eric's Challenge=- Start off by doing a Melon. (Left + X) Now do
another Melon, but this time you have to Revert at the end. So do a Melon,
and then hit R as soon as you hit the ground. This will make you do a

Now you have to compete with Eric and beat his score. Not too hard, as
long as you stay ahead of his score at all times. This is a good time
to practice some Revert combos. Also try to do some Lip Tricks (Go
straight at the ramp, and hit Y), and a Special Trick wouldn't hurt
either. A McTwist (Right, Down + X) will get you 5000 points. Stay
ahead for a minute, and you'll complete the goal.

-=Get In Tight With the Street Warriors=- This goal is pretty straight-
forward. Race around the cones in a souped up car. As long as you use
the engine break (R) to skid around the corners, you should be fine.

-=Flyer for the Muska Demo=- Chad Muska is coming to you ghetto skatepark,
and it's your job to hang up flyers for it. Go around the town and post
up 8 flyers wherever you see a green hand hovering. There's more than
8 spots, so don't worry about going on a search for them.

-=Impress Muska=- Head to the Quarter Pipe or the Bowl in the playground
and rack up a score of 30,000 in 2 minutes. Use a combo of Lip Tricks,
Reverts, Manuals and Special Tricks to get an easy 30,000. After that,
Muska will give you a new deck. (It won't make a huge difference in the

Chapter 2: Impressing the Locals

After your chat with Chad, you go out to impress the skaters sponsered by the
local skateshop, known as "Peralta's Team".

-=Impress Shawn=- Go up the Quarter pipe and hit Z + Left, and you will
get off of your board on the roof. Now gain some speed and go at either of the
quarter pipes and go diagonally across to the other roof with a quarter pipe.
Now you're back on the ground. Go up the Quarter Pipe and do a Spine Transfer
(L + R) to complete the goal.

-=Demo the New Playground Setup=- If you had no problems impressing Chad
Muska, then your gonna wet yourself laughing at how easy this is. Get 20,000
points in 2 minutes, and you'll complete this goal.

-=Impress Joey=- To impress Joey, you'll have to show him your Spine Transfer
skills, and some tricks. First go over the trash and Spine Transfer. This time
Spine Transfer again, but do a Kickflip (Left + B) this time. Once you've done
that, Joey will call out some tricks for you to do. These are fairly easy, and
you can do 2 at a time if you want to.

-=Do Chris' Best Lines=- Your job here is to grind all of the flashing
objects. Hit the rail in front of your first, then quickly ollie to the fence,
and then ollie back to the rail. Ollie off of the rail at the end and grind
the fence ahead of you. Keep going around and ollie off of the fence onto the
flashing cement rails. You've completed one of the lines.

Now for the second. This one isn't much harder. Grind the flashing cement down
the steet, and then ollie onto the chainlink fence that goes around the
building. Now grind the flashing sides and you're finished.

-=Get the Stolen Items Back from the Dealers=- The skateboard hating dealers
have taken your friends decks, and it's your job to get them back. You'll have
to climb over their hangout without getting spotted to do it. Starting off,
run to the end of the building with the pillars, and jump and grab the ledge
above. Run to the corner and grab the power line. Climb all the way across,
and drop down when you see the deck. Easy. Now watch Eric set the dealers car
on fire.

Chapter 3: Getting Outta Dodge

Now the dealers are out to get Eric after he set their SUV on fire. Eric wants
you to get him some train tickets to Manhatten before the kill him.

-=Get the Scrapmetal for the Tombstone Maker=- If you want to get to the train
station you'll need a way to get over the bridge. The tombstone maker has
agreed to make a ramp to get over the bridge if you get him the scrapmetal.
Head down the street and into the alley. The first house on the left has a
piece on it's garage. Jump up and grab it. Now if you look to the other roof
behind you, there is another piece. Jump across and grab it. Look around again
to see another one on the roof. Jump and grab it. Now run straight down the
rooftops to find another one. To the left of you is another one. The last one
is across the street, on a roof.

-=Get Access to the Train Station=- Now that the ramp is built, you need to
get some speed to jump it. Skitch the back of the car (Up) and go all the way
around the block. When they tell you to let go, press down, and go off of the
ramp. It may take you a few tries to get the angling right.

Now that you're across the bridge, you need to get in the train station, but
the overwieght security guard won't let you in. Grind around the circular rail
3 times and he will fall down. You're in!

-=Impress the Bratty Kid=- Getting 25,000 points without touching the street.
Sounds difficult, right? Not if you flatland it on the grass. Manual right
where you start, and to some freestyle tricks. Now you got the Train tickets.
Or if you don't want to do that, you can always do...

-=Catch Ollie's House=- Ollie's house has blown away, and is scattered all
around the train tracks. He agrees to give you train tickets to Manhattan if
you get his house back. You'll have to grind around the tracks in one combo
while getting the pieces. Fairly easy, even without good rail stats.

-=Rescue Eric=- You got the tickets... But not Eric. The dealers have taken
him, and you need to get him back. Follow him on your board across the bridge
and down Elm Street. Once you get to the end of Elm Street, the Street
Warriors will give you their car to chase them. Catch up to the dealers car,
and hit the back to get Eric back.

-=Special Trick Slot #1=- Look for Mike Vallely skating around Elm Street.
Talk to him and he will bring you to the sewer area. Get special and then do a
Flamingo (Left, Right + X)

b) Manhattan - Chapter 4: Skate the Big Apple

Now you're in the Big Apple. It's the perfect place to shoot your video
(and get away from those druggies).

-=High Score=- Those construction workers are pretty bored. Give them a
little something to watch, will ya? Head down to the small Quarter Pipes
and rack up a score of 45,000 in 2 minutes. Very easy.

-=Hold-Grind Combos=- This goal can get a little confusing. It's easy to
make the mistake thinking that you just need to grind the benches, when
you actually have to do one grind, then without ollieing, grind again.
Complete the list, and you're good to go.

-=Help the Student=- Some thugs have taken away a students purse, and spread
everything all over the place. This goal will take you all around the city.
First grind the ledge to the right of you and ramp off of the end and grab the
item above. Now keep going straight until you get to The Banks (You should
see it) and hit the Quarter Pipe to grab it. Then turn and head towards the
ocean. You should see another item up ahead on a wire above. Head to the
Quarter Pipe on the other side and grab it. The next one is on the glass
building. Hit the Quarter Pipe and get off of your board. Once you get it,
skate into the street branching off of the main street that is in front of the
glass building. If you can see you you know that you need to ramp up, and
grind the rail above to get it.

-=Kill 5 Famous Skatespots=- The first spot is at the Pyramid Ledges. Rack up
an easy 2500 to get to 78 Water. A score of 5000 is required. Next up is the
Waterfront; 6000 points will take you to the Memorial. Get 7000 points and
then head down to the final skatespot, The Banks. Score 8000 points to
complete the goal.

-=Nut Vendors Unite=- One of the nut vendors is getting bullied into sharing
his space with the others. Help him by destroying the other vendors with his
old beater. You have an arrow to guide you, but I'll list all of the
locations. The first one is straight down the street. Now turn right into the
Banks to find another vendor. Go back up to the street and turn up into the
red brick road. Destroy that one and head back down to the street. The next
one will be on your right. Do yet another right and into the alley. There's
another one. Before you hit the end of the alley, there's another vendor in
the smallest, darkest alley. Weird, huh? Destroy that one anyway, and hit the
last one close to your spot.

Chapter 5: Skating with the Locals

If you want to get some footage, you're going to need a camera. Impres some
of the locals, and they'll let you borrow their cam.

-=Film the Local=- Can it get any easier than this? Film the skater doing some
grinds. That's it. Keep up with him to complete the goal.

-=Hit the Killer Banks Line=- One of the locals wants to see you tear up a
line in the banks in one combo. And it's easy to tear up. Grind the cars and
manual when you land. Then grind up onto the ledge and then ollie and grind in
the ledge on the other side. Ollie off and manual. Grind the benches, manual
again and go off of the quarter pipe. No problem.

-=Crash and Burn the Car=- This guy needs some money badly. Luckily, he's got
his car insured. Did I mention it's ready to blow? Yup, insurance fraud. Drive
the car until it's temperature get's to 300 and the engine starts on fire.
Drive it off of one of the flashing kickers into the water.

-=Help the Local Skater=- One of the locals is saying that there are some
killer spots in a building that is guarded heavily. But the guards do have a
soft spot for hot nuts. Go in the direction that the arrow points you to the
nuts, and bring them back hot. And notice how they say "Go get some nuts!" in
the top right corner? Not very nice...

Now that you're in, the local will tell you to do a Nutbuster. Basically, it's
an altered Sacktap. Get special by doing some grinds, then do a Nutbuster
(Left, Right + X) off of the Quarter Pipe.

-=Gap the Burning Taxi=- Finally, you have a place to get some killer footage;
a burning taxi. And you're gonna to tricks over it. Eric will call out the flip
and grab tricks, and you're going to do the over the taxi. Sweet!

Chapter 6: Favors for a Ride

Peralta's put you on the team, and you're going to the Tampa Am! But you need a
ride... Mr. Peralta will lend you his van if you do some favors for him.

-=Help Stacy's Relative=- Mr. Peralta's reletive's son is on the Peralta team, and
he never seems to show up for work. You'll need to show him that skating isn't all
that bad. Rack up a score of 50,000 in 2 minutes to impress him.

-=Old School Skating Technique=- Who knew a Chinese Chef would know how to skate?
Well this one does. He'll ask you to do 5 No Comply's(Up + A). Next, he wants you
to do a No Comply and manual onto a bench, and then do a Flip trick out.

Now onto the Boneless (Up, Up + A), which is basically an upgraded No Comply. Do a
Boneless 5 times, and then boneless over the barrier. Now the chef wants you to get
some huge air off of a quarter pipe with a boneless. Go up to it, Boneless, and you're
finished you're Chinese training.

-=Find the Stolen Skateshop Goods=- Some punks have stolen the new shipment of decks
that the Manhatten skateshop was receiving. They move around randomly and can be
annoying to catch. Grinding is a good way to catch up to them, as you grind faster
than them. Catch 5 of them to complete the goal.

-=Special Trick Slot #2=- Chad Muska is hanging around the waterfront. He will
teach you how to do the Moonwalk Five-O, while grinding on the rails over the
water. First, ollie up to the bridge above. Now go through the gap inbetween
the broken cement gaurd rails. Hit grind when you hit the rail and get
special. When you do, ollie and hit Down, Left + Y. Make it all the way to the
end, and get a new special trick slot.

c) Tampa - Chapter 7: With Syrup of Jelly

You've been having a little trouble with the cops lately. And having Eric around
doesn't help much either. With his big mouth, he's landed himself in jail. Being
the good friend you are, you're going to help him get out.

-=Remove All of the Stickers=- The mayor is getting PO'd about all of the skating
stickers that have been appearing on the walls. Do the law a favor by wallriding them
down. If you you don't know how to wallride, go up to a wall on an angle, ollie and
hit grind.

So right off of the start, go off of the kicker and wallride down the sticker.
Straight down the street on the left side is another sticker that is reached using a
kicker. Get that one done and turn around and head to the Strip Club (That will be
used to make many references in Tampa). In the left side of it is another sticker
that need to come down. Hit it, and the make a loop around the club. Turn left once
you come out from behind and go straight until you see a turn off to the right. It's
fairly small so you will know which one it is. Wallride that one and go straight. You
should see a long and thin Quicksilver sticker in the distance. Bring that one down
for a total of 5 stickers.

-=Get the Best Donuts=- Right now, the cops aren't liking you that much. Maybe that
will change once you get them the best donuts in town... which happen to be on the
street. Sick! The first of twelve donuts is in the middle of two recycling bins and a
quarter pipe made up of cardboard. The second is up on a plank that goes to the top of
a fence that leads to the Vert Park. Grind up it and into the Vert Park. The third and
fourth are on the lip of the vert ramps. The fifth is in the parking lot and the sixth
is across the street.

Whew! Half way there! You should still have 30-40 seconds left. Now keep going
straight towards the large park and you should see a donut on the cement blocks. Now
go into the park to see one on the corner of the roof of the bathroom. (You know
it's a bathroom when you hear a guy gagging inside) Now go left and grind on the
wooden logs. Keep going straight and grind on the benches. The eleventh one is on a
roof, so go up the quarter pipe and get off of your board onto the roof. The last one
is on the boat, so get on your board, drop onto the boat, and grab the donut by
hitting the quarter pipe.

-=The Skateboarding Bandit=- A skateboarding bandit has stolen some stuff, and has
dropped a lot of money doing it. You only have 5 seconds to catch him. (That's not
doing a combo) Start off by grinding on the rail on the right and snagging the money
as you go. Go around the curved part and out the window. DO NOT ollie out of the
window if you want to make it easy. Instead, just wing it and hit grind as soon as you
hit the ledge. Grab the two pieces of money, and ollie down to the benches and grind
them too. Ollie off of the benches and  manual up the vert ramp, and grab the last

-=Help the Private Eye=- The private needs you to help him find a cheating couple
doing "it", prove that a business man is faking a bad back, and help him deliver some
dry cleaning. Let's start with the cheating couple. Head to the grassy spot near the
Strip Club, and you should see a car. When you grind it, it will make a moaning sound.
(Gee, I wonder what that is) Do that 5 times to move on to the next goal.

Next, is the business man. He's skipping work saying he has a bad back to go to a
Strip Club. To prove that he's faking it, transfer over the awning of the Strip Club
(That's 3 times I've said it this goal) and do a Kickflip (Left + B).

The last is hardest(to explain at least) is the dry cleaning. Ok, so take a left turn
and follow the arrow. When you get to the right set of stairs, and should be pointing
directly to the right. Grind up the stairs, and skate the the person. Now head back
down and keep following your arrow. When it's pointing mostly to the left, grind up
the stairs. Give the person their dry cleaned clothing. Still next to the second dry
clean person, go left around the corner and ollie over the edge at the end. Under the
awning where you land is another person. Deliver it to the person and head to the
Strip Club (Again...!). This person is at the end of it. Now head left and straight
down the street into the park. Head to the washrooms for the last person.

-=Revenge!!!=- Good, you got Eric out of jail. Now he want his revenge. Mayor Jed is
running for reelection, and you don't want him to win. Grind down his signs in
dramatic fashion(They literally blow up).First is in the middle of a transfer right in
front of you. Grind the lip and make it explode. Make a left at the next street, and
go to the kicker just before that next sign. Go up it and don't hit grind until you
reach the rail or else you will wallride, and lose time by having to go back. The next
is in the grassy field by the Strip Club. Make it explode and head to the park. It's
on the edge of the park, when you turn left on the road. Go straight down the road now
and you should see the last sign on the left on the distance. Grind it and...

Mayor Jed will send the cops after you. Good thing Eric stole a Police Cruiser. Drive
around the city, following the arrows, occasional dodging the cop cars the will try
to ram you into buildings and poles. When you go around the Strip Club corner, the
second time, the cops have the road partially blocked. You have two options. A)Head
into the ditch or you can take the more fun way which is B) Going off of the jump
into the ditch. Once you get close to the waterfront, go off the kicker and ditch
the car.

Chapter 8: Grease the Pros

It's your worst nightmare. You get all ready for a competition that will turn you
Am, and the list is full when you get there. Now you'll need to suck up to the
pros so they can get you in. This is a very easy chapter.

-=Party Boat Skate-Tricks=- Bam Margera is throwing a party on a boat. But it's
dead. So he wants you to livin' in up a little. Nail the tricks he calls out,
while trying to do two or three at a time. You only need to do about 20 tricks.

-=Wallplant Combo=- This goal will show you how to do Wallplants and how to put
them into a combo. First, ollie into the risen bridge and Wallplant (Down + A),
when you land, Manual all the way down through three sets of cones.

-=Beat Andrew's Best Combos=- Andrew Reynolds, eh? Think you can beat his combos?
If you can land three 10,000 point combos, then yes you can! Basically, 5
different flatland tricks can complete this goal for you. If you want to try
something slightly harder, use the quarter pipes.

-=Bowl Grind=- Looks like you've found a local who can give the people at the comp
a good word about you. All you have to do is grind down the bottles in the bowl.
You only have to hold it for about 10 seconds.

-=Prove Yourself=- Now the word is starting to spread about you. First, land a 360
plus any trick. Now, things get a little trickier. Land a 540 plus any trick, and
then a Revert (R). Not too much harder, but you might need to attempt it a few

-=Impress Tony Hawk=- Finally a goal that is remotely difficult in this chapter.
Tony Hawk's hanging around the Vert Park, so a local is going to help you get
noticed. It's like any other "You call 'em, I do 'em" goal, except this one has
spins added into it. Once you have Tony's attention, he'll ask you to skate with
him. Beat his score with a variety of Flip, Grab, Lip, and Special tricks and link
them together with Reverts and Manuals. Do that, and you can easily score 300,000+
while Tony only scores around 50,000.

Chapter 9: Kill the Comp

So Tony Hawk has gotten you into the Tampa Am. Show him he didn't make a mistake
by getting into and winning the trick contest.

-=Place in Street Contest=- The street and vert contests are very easy(What's with
all the easy goals lately?). Any score over 100,000 will almost always get you an
average of 99 unless you bail. Flatlanding it will easily win you this competition.

-=Place in Vert Contest=- This is no harder that the street contest. Lip Tricks +
Revert / Manual combos will tear up the competition.

-=Get onto the Roof Spot=- Jump and grab onto the roof, which is right in front of
you at the start. Head to the left where the awning is and get onto that. Climb up
the ladder which is on the awning and get onto the roof. Once you're on, you'll
have 2 minutes to get 30,000 points in tricks. Not very hard, as long as you stay
on the roof. Don't forget to avoid the sunroof in the middle, because you will fall

-=Win Best Trick Contest=- Quite a self explanetory title. Every 30 seconds, the
skater with the lowest score will be dropped out. Last 2 minutes, staying out of
last place, and it will be you and Eric in the final. As long as you score
100,000+, you should be fine. Once you beat it, all of the major sponsers will be
after you.

Chapter 10: Join a Team

The only goal in this chapter is choosing your sponser. The only effect it has in
the game is your clothing and which logo is displayed in the pause menu and in

The sponsers are:


-=Special Trick Slot #3=- Eric Koston will be waiting for you at the top of
the bowl in the park. He will teach you how to do a Yeah Right! manual. To do
this hit Down, Left + Y. Now, do a quick flatland trick to get special. Ollie,
and do the Yeah Right! down through the cones. Once you get to the end, you'll
have to skitch a car for about 15 seconds, and then do another Yeah Right!
through another set of cones. Do that for another trick slot.

d) San Diego - Chapter 11 - Prove Yourself Worthy

You're finally sponsered by a big name. Now you need some publicity. Go around
San Diego and get some shots of you in a magazine.

-=Flip the Big Stairs=- You've all seen magazines with pictures of people
doing flip tricks over a bunch of stairs right? Now it's your turn. The first
trick, the reporter just wants you to do a kickflip. Land it, and he'll kick
it up a notch. Do a Double Kickflip. Impressed, he'll make you do a Double
Impossible which, contrary to it's name, is possible. The final trick is a
360 Flip (LeftDown + BB).

-=Daredevil High Line=- What do you get when you cross flower pots and a high
ledge? Fun! Grind around the ledge, knocking down 10 flower pots to do the
ground. When you hit 5, take a break in the middle to reset your balance meter
and then finish the job.

-=Air Out the Atrium=- This magazine reporter has you set up doing tricks over
an atrium. If you don't have good ollie stats, you might have to do a No
Comply. The first trick you have to do is a Melon. He'll then tell you to do a
Stiffy (Right + XX). When he sees you nail that, you'll have to do a Rocket
Air (Up + XX). The last trick is a One Foot Tailgrab (Down + XX).

-=Rooftop Technician=- A magazine reporter wants you to combo a small obstacle
like course. Manual through the cones, do a flip trick over the traffic
barrier, and then land with a manual.

-=See a Man About a Horse=- The final goal will have you Spine Transfering
over a statue of a horse, while doing a variety of grab and flip tricks. As
long as you're keeping an eye on what tricks to do, you can easily do 2 or 3
tricks at a time.

Chapter 12 - Party! Party! Party!

To celebrate you getting your pictures in a magazine, the team is throwing a
party. Too bad you have to round up the "Supplies".

-=Let's Get This Party Started=- You want this to be a big party, so your
manager, Todd, gives you some flyers to hang up. To hang them up, wallplant on
a green spot on a wall. You have to hang up 5. The first one is right to the
left of you. For the next one, go up the stairs and to the back right wall.
Now head back past the starting point and to the atrium doors. There's the
third one. Now go through the intersection to the underpass. The fourth is
on the left wall of it. Take a left out of the underpass, and then a right,
and the last one should be on the right wall.

-=No Band...No Party. Bummer!=- The band has arrived for your party. But their
instruments haven't. If you can't get them, they can't play for you so you
better get them fast. Head straight down until you see the Guitar. Grab it and
turn left. The microphone is on top of the back quarter pipe where the party
is. Now go under the underpass and go to the school area. Go up the curved on-
ramp and get off of your board. If you look up, you should see the bass guitar
on one of the roofs. Jump up onto it, and go to the other side where you
should be able to see the drum sticks.

-=No One Likes a Dude Festival=- All guy parties suck don't they? Well, you're
in that same predicament, so round up some girls in your pimpin' gardening
cart! You have an arrow to guide you, so head to the school area where the
first girl is. Land a 10,000 point combo, and get in the cart. Follow your
arrow and get the next girl. Do the flatland tricks she calls out, and she'll
get in. Now go all the way around, to find the last girl. Get 40,000 points,
and bring the chicks back to the party.

-=Acid Drop the Two Towers=- One of the guys drank too much and claimed that
he could acid drop off of the high tower. Well now he's up there, and he won't
come down. Show him how it's done and climb up the ladder to the tower. Get on
your board and Acid Drop (L + R) into the quarter pipe. To get back up, go up
the quarter pipe you dropped into, and get off of your board at the highest
point. Climb up the ladder again, and repeat the process, only this time you
have to do it off of the other tower.

-=All We Need is a System and Some Rims=- You like Go-Karts? Good, then you'll
like this goal. You have 1:15 to race through the course. You don't even have
to go through the cones, you can hit them (which I always do) and it will
still count. Have Fun!

Chapter 13 - Demo Time

It's time for the big demo. You've got a hangover and the demo starts in an
hour. Get everything together before it starts.

-=Get Your Gear Back From the Fuzz=- The police have taken all of your gear,
and they've set up so that you have a hard time getting it back. Skitch the
back of their cart, and hold on for a minute. But there's a twist. There's
tons of cops standing around waiting to clothesline you, so you'll have to
constantly be switching sides to avoid the cops. It follows on big pattern,
except for a few cops. It goes right, left, right, left etc. Just keep your
balance and switch at almost every cop.

-=Round Up the Posse for the Demo=- Most of the guys last night got drunk and
wandered off. You gotta go find them before Todd finds out. At the start turn
left, and hit the first quarter pipe on the left. Get off of your board at the
top and run along the white stone ledge to the centre. There's #1. Get off and
head to the intersection and turn left and into the building on the right
side. The second is in the back behind the half bowl. Head outside and turn
right and go up the stairs. Do a U-Turn at the top of the stairs, and then hit
the quarter pipe on your left. The third is at the top of it. Now head back to
the towers, and get on the second one for #4. The last one is in the bushes on
the right side of the loop, going clockwise.

-=3 is No Crowd, Find More Kids=- You need more kids for your demo and you've
found a kid with connections. Land a 15,000 point combo in front of him, and
he'll tell his friends to come to the demo with him.

-=The Kids Love Those Free Stickers=- The delivery truck driver delivering
you're stickers claims that the box of stickers opened while he was driving,
and they flew all over the place. Todd wants you to round all 30 of em up. You
have got 30 seconds, but luckily they're fairly close together. You'll have to
put a few grinds together to get them quickly.

-=Tear it Up at the Demo=- It's Demo Time! The kids will ask you to do some
grinds on a high rail. As long as you land all of the tricks, you'll have
enough time to do them all. It's nearly impossible to do 2 different grinds at
a time on that short rail(I've never done it). Next, some newspaper reporters
want to see you get some big points. Get 45,000 points to satisfy their needs.
The last thing you have to do is a Russian Boneless(Left, Right + Y) on some
speakers. Get special, do it, complete it.

-=Special Trick Slot #4=- Paul Rodriguez is going to teach you the 540 Flip.
But you're going to do it while doing an Acid Drop over the Horse Statue. Get
special, go off the kicker and do the 540 Flip(Left, Down + X) quickly, and
then pop the Acid Drop.

e) Hawaii - Chapter 14: Get Lei'd

I love the title for this chapter. It means something totally different then
it sounds. Anyway, now that you're in Hawaii, you'll need to find some of the
good spots. What better way to learn the level by doing some collection goals?

-=Wedding Guest=- There are always lots of people getting married in Hawaii!
Make them even happier by doing a trick in front of them, and getting a
picture of it. The first couple is right in front of you. Do a Kickflip, and
then turn right to the other sets of pools. This time do an Impossible. Head
back to the main hotel (at the starting point) and go through the small
hallway in the middle of the hotel. In front of the third couple, do a
Heelflip. Now, right next to you is a place called the International Trinket
Place. Go the the back of it, and on the other side is the last couple. Do a
Pop Shove-It, to send 4 couple home happy.

-=Get Lei'd=- Yes, that title does sound very funny. But it's LEI. In this
goal, you'll have to search around Hawaii, looking for Lei's. The first is at
the top of the Quarter Pipe, on the left side. When you're coming down it,
turn right, and you should see it on the side of a crooked palm tree. Grind
up it, and head to the International Trinket Place. It's at the top of the
Quarter Pipe/Rock in the middle of it. Exit the ITP, and make a U-Turn to the
right. You should see it on the right on a ledge. Now go straight, to the
Quarter Pipe at the end, and do a transfer over the fence, while grabbing the
last lei.

-=Pineapple Killer=-  The team is getting some footage for their new video,
and nothing is better than watching someone smashing pineapple stands with an
old beater! The first is on the left side of the road. Now turn right, and
smash the stand near the beach. Do a U-Turn and turn right. The third stand is
on the right side of the road. Do another U-Turn, and go right, and smash the
final stand.

-=Speak Hawaiian=- Some guy wants you to collect letters which spell out
Mawaena, which means Intermediate in Hawaiian. (Why intermediate, you killed
Tony Hawk's score in Tampa, and then proceded to win a trick contest?!?)
You have 5 seconds to get everything, so you'll need to manual after the first
few letters. First, grind around the ledge and get the M. Grind the benches
for A and W. Now you have to manual to the next A and E. Grind up the plank
for the N, and then land into a manual for the last A.

-=Drain the Pool=- Your fellow skater has found a way to drain the pool. It's
a cleaver idea to get the fat security guard to drop a choclate bar into the
pool. But first, you need the chocolate bar. Wallplant the vending machine
three times. The chocolate bar will come out, and the guard will grab it. Now
you need to make him drop it. Climb up the ladder, and go right across the
thin ledge, and climb up the other ladder. Now get on your board and Acid
Drop. The splash will make him drop the chocolate bar into the pool, forcing
him to drain the pool to decontaminate it.

Chapter 15: Find the Ultimate Spot

You've told Eric that you've found the ultimate spot for yourt demo... Which
you don't. You better find it fast, you know how Eric can be.

-=Impress the Girls=- Now this is my kind of goal! Do some tricks in front of
the bikini girls, to impress them. Get 7500 in one combo, and they will be
happy. (They might even let you lotion their backs =P) The firsr is right in
front of the pool in front of you. Second is by the beach. You might have to
Flatland this one because there isn't much for rails and ramps in this area.
The last is over by the big hotel. Pull off a combo in the pool, and go home
with a few more phone numbers.

-=Luau Competition=- This is a very easy competition. Pull a few big combos,
with specials, lip tricks and flatland tricks. A score of about 125,000
atleast twice should guarentee you first.

-=Wallows Combo Bowls=- The Wallows are made up of a main halfpipe area, with
lots of ledges sticking out. If you can transfer over 3 transfers in the
Wallows in one combo, you'll complete the goal. Remember to Revert and Manual.

-=High Lines=- This one will test your balance skills. This guy wants you to
grind down a long power line, while doing a Crooked Grind (X + X while
grinding, no ollie). Grind down, go into a Crooked Grind, and wait until it
says to stop. Ollie down, and complete the goal.

-=Off the Walls=- Even more balancing! This time with manuals though. Now go
to the other end and go up the quarter pipe. Revert and manual when you land,
and Handstand (X + X) all the way down to the end. Once the gap appears on
your score, you can stop.

-=Kill Wallows=- Eric just tore this spot up, and you're going to have to top
it to. This is quite hard to describe where everything is, but I'll give you
some general ideas. Remember, grinds fences, and trick off of houses and
balconies. A good way to start off is on the very first house on the left
side. Grind the rail on it, and ollie and grind onto the brick wall. Now grind
the shed, ollie onto and trick off of the next house, and keep grinding along
the fence. This should get you up to about 7 or 8 tricks. Find some more on
the right side, including another balcony to trick off of.

-=Island Liptrick Tour=- A photographer is going to shoot you doing Liptricks
around various places. The first is hidden in the trees above the quarter pipe
/stone in front of you. Go up it, and do a Liptrick and hold it for 3 seconds.
Now exit the area, and go left to the place with the wavy roof/awning. Lip on
it and go right again. Take a left at the next turn, and go up the quarter
pipe on the right side against the building. Now go the the grassy fields, and
hug the fence all the way around until you see the last one, on the pink

-=Climb the Hotel=- A fellow skater has suggested that you see what's up on
the roof of the big white hotel. To climb up it, you can either go up on the
tour bus and climb onto the ledge, or go off of the QP on the left and get off
of your board at the top. They are both about the same difficulty. Taking the
bus way, you have to hop over a fairly large gap. But if you take the QP way,
you just turn the corner. (But you still have to get up the ledge on the QP)
Both ways take you to the same ladder. Climb up it, and turn right and grab
the wire. Go up, and pull yourself up to reveal The Ultimate Spot.

Chapter 16: Get the Shot

You've found the spot, now you need the footage. You'll do a lot of stuff up
here, including jumping to another hotel and getting a high score on the
hotel, and maybe a little more crazy stuff.

-=Hotel Hopper=- Yup, you read the title right. It's crazy, looks impossible,
but it's easy. Go off the kicker in front of you (you don't any much speed),
and when you reach the outreaching poles on the hotel, grind onto the roof of

-=Craziest Footage Ever=- Eric's already getting nervous. So he talks you into
just doing a high score... for now. Get a high score of 50,000 points using
the rail in the middle strip, and the quarter pipes in the sides. Once you're
done, a cop helicopter will appear and...

You'll talk Eric into shooting a video of you doing a McTwist over the
chopper. Naturally, Eric calls you crazy and the whole deal, but he agress
anyways. Now get special, and go off of the kicker on the left, McTwist over
the chopper (it will go slow-mo), and you'll be heading to Vancouver with some
brand spanking new footage. Or so you think...

f) Vancouver - *Soon to be completed*

g) Slam City Jam - *Soon to be completed*

h) Moscow - *Soon to be completed*

i) New Jersey (II) - *Soon to be completed*

-                          =4. Secret Tapes=                        -
a) New Jersey - Definately the easiest tape to get in the game, head to
the bridge area and get off of your board. Head down underneath the
bridge, and grab the tape.

b) Manhattan - Right where your skater spawns at the beginning, take a
left, and go straight until you see a billboard. Get off of your board
and climb up the ladder, and grab the tape.

c) Tampa - At the starting point go straight until you see some planks
setup against a building on the left side. Ramp up the planks and get
off of your board. Head to the other side of the roof, and look for the
tape in between a gap of a building. There's a wire that's connecting
the roof you're on, to the one where the tape is. Climb up the wire to
the other roof, and head to the space. You can grab the tape safely by
dangling off of the side.

d) San Diego - Head straight from the start until you reach the road. Turn
left at the first intersection and keep going straight up some stairs. To
get a better idea of where you need to go, look for the tape in the
middle part of the overpass type thing. Get up to the quarter pipe on the
top, and simply ramp up and grab it.

e) Hawaii - On the beach, there is a huge hotel. Go to the area of the beach
with the two pools (one small and one big pool), and go through the
walkway in the middle of the hotel. Turn right and go off of the quarter
pipe against the hotel. Get off of your board when you reach the ledge,
and go around the corner, and you should see a ladder. Climb to the top,
and turn right again to find a wire. Grab it and climb to the top. You
can see the tape on another wire now. Simply slide down it and grab it.

f) Vancouver - This tape is above one of the glass domes on one side of the
hotel. Go on either side and look up for it. Find the side, and then find
glass structure that leads underground. You're going to need to ramp off
of it to grab the tape, but first you need to Skitch on a car. Go back a
bit and grab onto a car. Let go as soon as you get to the glass structure
and ramp up, spine transfer and ollie off of the second ramp. You'll know
what I mean when you look at it. It may take you a few tries to get the
direction right.

g) Slam City Jam - This tape is hidden in the scoreboard in the center of the
stadium. Head straight down the ramp at the starting point, and get to the
middle. Find the ramps that will ramp you up to the spotlights above. Once
you do, grind around the spotlight until you go through the scoreboard.
Inside is the tape.

h) Moscow - Head to the big palace place, straight ahead of the starting
point. Climb up it, and once you get to the point where you can't jump to
anymore levels, look for a rail on the side of one of the structures.
Jump on it and then quickly jump to the right onto a slanted roof. Look
up and you will see a catwalk. Double jump onto it, and turn right. The
tape should be right there.

i) Hotter Than Hell - The tape is up on a catwalk in the middle of the level.
To get up to the catwalk, get on the side of the stage where KISS is setup.
At the bottom middle part of the stage there are a few doors. Go through
the right one, and you will be on the catwalk, and the tape is behind you.
Get some speed and do a boneless to get the tape.

-                         =5. Move List=                            -

Need to know a certain move? You're at the right place. I will try my best to
get every single trick in here. Diagonals will be expressed as LeftDown or

Note: Tricks listed with a button combo "Assign Button" are tricks that have
to be assigned to a button combo. EX: If you want a Cannonball instead of an
Indy, go to the tricks menu and select Indy, and then select Cannonball. Now
if you want to do a Cannonball, hit Right + X. Easy!

a) Grabs

   Trick Name           -       Button Combo
   Melon                -        Left + X
   Nosegrab             -        Up + X
   Indy                 -        Right + X
   Tailgrab             -        Down + X
   Benihana             -        LeftDown + X
   Japan                -        LeftUp + X
   Madonna              -        RightUp + X
   Airwalk              -        RightDown + X
   Method               -        Left + XX
   Stiffy               -        Right + XX
   Sacktap              -        LeftDown + XX
   Christ Air           -        RightDown + XX
   One Foot Japan       -        LeftUp + XX
   Judo                 -        RightUp + XX
   Rocket Air           -        Up + XX
   One Foot Tailgrab    -        Down + XX
   Cannonball           -        Assign Button
   Fingerflip Cannonball-        Assign Button
   Crail Grab           -        Assign Button
   Tuckknee             -        Assign Button
   Crossbone            -        Assign Button
   Crookedcop           -        Assign Button
   FS Shifty            -        Assign Button
   BS Shifty            -        Assign Button
   Indy Nosebone        -        Assign Button
   Del Mar Indy         -        Assign Button
   Mute                 -        Assign Button
   Seatbelt Air         -        Assign Button
   Wrap Around          -        Assign Button
   Body Wrap            -        Assign Button
   Stalefish            -        Assign Button
   Stalefish Tweak      -        Assign Button

b) Flips

   Trick Name           -       Button Combo
   Kickflip             -        Left + B
   Impossible           -        Up + B
   Heelflip             -        Right + B
   Pop Shove-It         -        Down + B
   Hardflip             -        LeftUp + B
   Inward Heelflip      -        RightUp + B
   Varial Heelflip      -        RightDown + B
   Varial Kickflip      -        LeftDown + B
   Double Kickflip      -        Left + BB
   Double Impossible    -        Up + BB
   Double Heelflip      -        Right + BB
   360 Hardflip         -        LeftUp + BB
   360 Shove-It         -        Down + BB
   360 Flip             -        LeftDown + BB
   360 Heelflip         -        RightDown + BB
   360 InwardHeelflip   -        RightUp + BB
   Triple Kickflip      -        Left + BBB
   Triple Impossible    -        Up + BBB
   Triple Heelflip      -        Right + BBB
   540 Shove-It         -        Down + BBB
   Front Foot Impossible-        Assign Button
   DoubleFrontFootImpos.-        Assign Button
   180 Varial           -        Assign Button
   360 Varial           -        Assign Button
   Back Foot Heelflip   -        Assign Button
   DbleBackFootHeelflip -        Assign Button
   Back Foot Kickflip   -        Assign Button
   DbleBackFootKickflip -        Assign Button
   Back Foot Shove-It   -        Assign Button
   DbleBackFootShove-It -        Assign Button
   Bigspin Flip         -        Assign Button
   FS Bigspin           -        Assign Button
   BS Flip              -        Assign Button
   Fingerflip           -        Assign Button
   Double Fingerflip    -        Assign Button
   BS Bigspin           -        Assign Button
   FS Flip              -        Assign Button
   FS Shove-It          -        Assign Button
   360 FS Shove-It      -        Assign Button
   Heelflip Varial Lien -        Assign Button
   Old Skool Kickflip   -        Assign Button
   Ollie Airwalk        -        Assign Button
   OlliArwlkLateShove-It-        Assign Button
   Ollie North          -        Assign Button
   OlliNrthBackFootFlip -        Assign Button
   Sal Flip             -        Assign Button
   360 Sal Flip         -        Assign Button

c) Grinds

d) Lips

e) Manuals

f) Special

-                       =6. Scoring Tips=                           -

Please send me YOUR scoring tips. You will get FULL credit.

-Manuals and Reverts are ESSENTIAL when doing high scoring challenges.

-Freestyle/Flatland Tricks rack up tons of points. Manual, and use a
combination of the B, X, Y, -> and <- buttons.
Note: These also work with Lip Tricks

-When coming down from a Vert Trick ALWAYS Revert. If you're on a scoring
challenge, it comes in handy when you can link your tricks together by
reverting, then manualing to the other quarter pipe and adding to your
point multiplier.

-Manualing after a combo of grinds and grinding on another is a good way
to turn a short rail into a high scoring rail.

-Going over a gap will add one more point to your trick multiplier.

-Switching to Pressure (R once) and Nollie (R twice) will net you more
points then a regular Ollie.

- signas7@yahoo.com writes "This is a scoring tip using the halfpipe.
First put Indy 900, The 900, McTwist and Barrel Roll in the character's
tricks. First air do a couple of flip tricks (revert and manual) 2nd air do
Indy900 then repeat () 3rd air do The 900 () if you have enough speed and air
3rd air do McTwist () if you still have enough speed and air 4th air do Barrel
Roll ()and do a freestyle.  Repeat the whole process
Note: This is only possible if all stats are max"

- belsonc@yahoo.com writes "Slow manuals.

I don't care where you are in the game, slow manuals.

It might be a little cheap, but with slow manuals and quick fingers, you can
throw together a 30 trick combo in about 30 seconds and get a good couple
hundred thousand points in return... :-)"

- JK3033@aol.com writes "Hey I have got a good score racker uper in Vancouver
if you know the In, Out, through gaps you can keep jumping that and going
around the half bolw with the hawk and that also gives you another  gap. If
you dont understand e-mail me and I will explain better.

- djsmith03@yahoo.com writes "hey this is dave smith, this is the cheapest way
I've found for quick high scores in THUG.

PART 1 find an area that has some good vert opportunity, like any old
halfpipe, and cycle through your best vert GRABS and specials (with revert to
manual of course), try to get in those spins, and save your flips for part 3

PART 2 when you run out of speed or manual, crash out into a lip trick and mix
it up with the button tapping, you do not need to jump

PART 3 when you run out of lip ballance, jump off where you are and land on
foot (in walking mode not skating mode) with that caveman crap, but as soon as
your feet touch the ground you need to jump again, and bust up a double flip
trick and then land in walk again. since you are only walking long enough to
instantly jump agian, you should easilly be able to cycle through all of your
flip tricks here. do this until your walk timer runs out, and you don't have
to do anything special to land, you're almost guaranteed to not bail.

thats the basic idea of it. this doesn't include really any special manual
techniques or grinding, so if you got yourself a nice circular grind nearby
then you can tap into all your grind button taps too

just mess around with this basic idea and you'll easilly be scoring a couple
hundred-thousand point comboes without realy trying. if you really plan it
out then you can get some really huge scores. I almost always end my combos
with part 3. the main reason I use grabs in the pipe and flips on the flat
ground is because you don't really get the chance to tweak out your grabs
when you are on flat ground

I hope some of this helps
dave smith"

-                      =7. Stat Challenges=                         -

Having good stats is an important thing in THUG. Doing the following
things below will raise the specified stat one point. 6 of the 9
stats challenges on each stat will require you to turn Pro and/or

Air - Air Transfer 20 Feet
      Air Transfer 30 Feet
      Air Transfer 40 Feet
      Air Transfer 50 Feet
      Land a 5000 Point Air
      More to come...

Lip - Hold a Liptrick for 2 seconds
      Hold a Liptrick for 3 seconds
      Hold a Liptrick for 4 seconds
      Hold a Liptrick for 5 seconds
      Hold a Liptrick for 6 seconds
      More to come...

Run - Caveman 2 times in one combo
      Caveman 3 times in one combo
      Caveman 4 times in one combo
      Wallplant 2 times in one combo
      Air 20 Feet High
      More to come...

Flip - Do 3 Fliptricks in one combo
       Do 4 Fliptricks in one combo
       Double Kickflip 2 times in one combo
       Triple Kickflip 2 times in one combo
       Do 5 Flip Tricks in one combo
       More to come...

Rail - Grind for 5 seconds
       Grind for 10 seconds
       Grind for 15 seconds
       Grind for 20 seconds
       50-50 3 times in one combo
       More to come...

Spin - Land a 540 Grab or Flip trick in a halfpipe
       Land a 720 Grab or Flip trick in a halfpipe
       Land a 900 Grab or Flip trick in a halfpipe
       Do 3 grabs in one combo
       Do 4 grabs in one combo
       More to come...

Ollie - Ollie 10 feet
        Ollie 15 feet
        Ollie 20 feet
        Ollie up 10 feet
        Ollie up 20 feet
        More to come...

Speed - Land a 10,000 point combo
        Land a 20,000 point combo
        Land a 30,000 point combo
        Land a 50,000 point combo
        Land a 75,000 point combo
        More to come...

Switch - Land a 4 trick combo
         Land a 5 trick combo
         Land a 6 trick combo
         Land a 7 trick combo
         Land a 10 trick combo
         More to come...

Manual - Manual for 4 seconds
         Manual for 6 seconds
         Manual for 4 seconds
         Manual for 10 seconds
         Manual 3 times in one combo
         More to come...

-                        =8. Bonus Levels=                          -

a) Hotter Than Hell - A level placed in an desert like area in Australia. It
is setup as a KISS concert, and you can even get KISS to come onto the
stage and play if you light up the letters K-I-S-S that are all around
the stage. One thing of interest is the Dune Buggy. Get outside the
concert area and find the Dune Buggy. If you go off the huge ramp, and gap
the whole stage area, you can get 10,000 points for finding the gap "Above

b) School II - The only thing different about the THUG version from the THPS2
version, are the graphics. Everything is the same, all the gaps are in the
same spots too.

c) Hanger - Just like School II and Venice, everything is the same. Some
notables are grinding the helicopter blades, and getting outside, and grinding
the propeller in the halfpipe which opens up a windtunnel.

d) Venice - My favorite level from THPS2, it has Ollie the Bum (also my
favorite character) in it. Like the other two levels from THPS2,
everything is the same except for the graphics.

-                        =9. Other Secrets=                         -

This section will include secrets that you can unlock by playing the
game or using cheats in the cheat menu. (In options)


Secret Characters:
Get Iron Man - Beat the game on Beginner
Get Gene Simmons - Beat the game on Normal
Get T.H.U.D - Beat the game on Sick
Get Pedestrians - Complete every gap in the game

Alternate Ending:
Beat the game twice on any difficulty

Hidden Levels:
Hotter Than Hell - Complete story mode on any difficulty

School II - Head to the New Jersey train station area, and get up to the
large ledge/roof of the hospital. Go around to the area to where the ramps
are (we're still on the ledge), and there should be a small red floating
square with the THPS2 logo on it bouncing up and down like a secret tape.
Grab and you will unlock the Schooll II from THPS2.

Hanger - In Moscow, go to the red building which is just right of the default
starting point. Get on the side opposite the tanks. Starting from the very
left window, count to the the fifth window and go through it. Go up the stairs
and grab the icon.

Venice - In Hawaii, head to the part of the level which is farthest from
the beach (So if the beach was South, this part would be North), and along
the road with it's back against a building, there is an evil tiki statue.
Ollie into it, and go down the tunnel. Try to bail half way through so
you don't bail when you're supposed to ollie. (Trust me, you WILL bail)
When you reach the end, ollie and grab the THPS2 Logo thing. This will
unlock Venice from THPS2.


Bails 1 - Collect 3 Secret Tapes to unlock Bails 1.
Bails 2 - Collect 6 Secret Tapes to unlock Bails 2.
Always Hard - Collect all Secret Tapes to unlock Always Hard.

Create-a-Deck Mode - In story mode, complete Slamma Jamma. You will
now be able to create your own decks.

KISS Show - In Hotter Than Hell, light up the letters K-I-S-S, and KISS
will come on stage and play. K and I are in the corners S is reached by
spine transferring over the fun box, and the other S is through the
rings of fire.

Unlock all Cheats - Complete all of the goals in Story Mode.
Letter Cheats:
noforce - Moon Physics; No Gravity
keepitsteady - Perfect balance on Manuals
letitslide - Perfect balance on Rails
sweetbalance - Perfect Rails
digivid - Unlock all videos

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