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Goten FAQ
Author: Joel (SSJGoten)
Game: DragonballZ Budokai 2
System: Ps2 (playstation 2)
Copyright 2003 Joel Peddle
Version 1.0

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Tabel Of Contents:

I. Introduction

II. Controls

III. Combo's and Basic Moves

IV. Goten's Techniques

V. Capsules

VII. My Capsule Trays

VIII. Thanks

IX. Outro

*Note* This FAQ does have some spoilers

I. Intro

Hello all, this is my first FAQ on gamefaqs, and i've just gotten this game
for Xmas, and i loved it. The graphics of this game are diffrent but
Not bad. The Fighting has gotten a bit better than the first one in my
Opinion. I'm a Big DBZ fan also, so i had to get this game, you should too
if you like DBZ...the fighting system is OK, but not the greatest..this
was intended for DBZ Fans, and if you really don't like might not
like this. (my email addy is at the Outro)

II. Control's

Here's the Standard Setup:
Circle=Ki Blast
R1=P+K(unblockable attack)
R2=P+G(throw technique)

Here's my Controller Setup
Circle=Ki Blast
L2=P+K+G (causes character to transform)

I customised this to suit my style of play, i suggest you do the same

III. Combo's and Basic Moves

Punch= Kinda self-Explanitory

>P+P+P+P= Decent combo that smacks your opponent into the air

P+P+P+>P= a combo that sends your opponent flying backwards

<P+>P= a 2 hit combo that knocks back opponents

<P+<P= a decent combo thats knocks down the opponent

P+K= a chargeable attack that sends your opponent flying

>R1= Same as P+K but it knocks your opponent Horizontally

<R1= an attack that makes it easy to launch almost ANY Death move or
Ultimate Move

Kick= Also Kinda Self Explanatory (stronger than a punch)

K+>K= a good combo that can knock your opponent outta the ring

K+K+>K+K= a good combo, but your open for a counter if the last kick misses

>K+K+K+K+K= a powerful combo that knocks your opponent across the ring

Also, you can link Punches and kicks to make more combo's

IV. Goten's Techniques

Beam Attacks-

Kamehameha= The famous Technique of the Turtle school (roshi's School)
this is a good Death Move, i reccommend it.

Continous Kamehameha= an attack where you rotate the analog sticks to
get an extra 10th hit of damage.

Physical Attacks-

Zanku Fist= pretty usefull, up to you if you put it in your tray

Jackhammer= Everyone's gotta have a throw right? and this is Goten's.
throws are usefull, but not nesscessary.


Super Saiyan (SSJ)= Increases attack by 10%, requires 3 ki gauges to activate
and puts a constant drain on your Ki while your in SSJ State.

V. Capsules (that Goten can use)

Kamehameha= The famous Technique of the Turtle school (roshi's School)
this is a good Death Move, i reccommend it.
can be done by imputting= P+P+P+P+E,->K+P+P+P+E,->E
Takes 1 Slot and can be put on the tray more than once to increase it's damage

Jackhammer= a basic throw
takes 1 slot

Zanku Fist= a Basic Combo (pretty useful)
Can be done by imputting= K+K+>K+K+E Or >P+P+K+K+E
Takes 1 slot

Continous Kamehameha= An Attack that does 9 hits of damage and if you
rotate the analog stick you can get a 10th hit of damage.
Can be Done By Imputting= P+P+K+K+E
takes 1 slot

General Vest= Increases Defence

Training Vest= Increases Defence

Sturdy Vest= Increases Defence

Mysterious Vest= Increases Defence

1/3 senzu bean= Recovers 1 life bar and 1 ki gauge when you die

Senzu bean= Recovers all life and Ki when you die

Saiyan Heritage= Increases Attack And Defence when Sezu Bean is Used

Viral Heart Disease= slowly drains opponents and your characters health

Vaccine= Nullify the effect of viral heart disease and when paired with
V.H.D you will not lose health but the opponent will

Super Holy Water= Decreases Damage

Dende's Recovery= Decreases Damage by using a Set amount of Ki

Rage!= Increases attack for the first 10 secs of battle

Rage!!= Increases attack for the first 15 secs of battle

Rage!!!= Increases attack for the first 20 secs of battle

Serious!= When health drops below 1/3, attack increases

Serious!!= When health drops below 1/2, attack increases

Serious!!!= When health drops below 2/3, attack increases

Potential= Attack increase at regular intervels (8 secs)
HIGHLY reccommended

Miracle Power= Attack and Defense increases at regular intervels

Super Kami Water= Attack increases while health decreases

Gero's Perpetual Energy R&D= Ki remains at max, but no transformations

Gero's Deflection R&D= auto deflect ki blast wave

Gero's Deflect-Back R&D= Auto Deflect-back Ki blast wave

Gero's Energy R&D= if deflect back is successful, ki gauge fills

Ki Control= Reduce Amount of Ki Used

Yakon= your's and Opponent ki consumption's accelerates even more when you

Chi-Chi's Wish= Your Ki Will increase even when transformed

Super Kamehameha= even better than the Kamehameha, i reccommend this even more.

Mixed Power Blood- Raises attack and defence

VII. My Capsule Tray's

Well, now it's down to my personal Customized Tray of Goten's Skills

All Around Goten-

Super Saiyan
Chi-Chi's Wish
Mixed Power Blood

This is my basic Goten...gets stronger the longer he holds out, useful
against my pals, i'm pretty proud of this shows that tiny characters
can woop butt too

Super Saiyan
Mixed Power Blood
Continous Kamehameha

Those are my only setups as of late, i'm still experimenting.

VIII. Thanks

Thanks to:
My Parents, who let me play my playstation for as long as i want
the gamefaqs staff, this site has helped me so many times, i cannot count
the staff at Sony, for making a Kick-@$$ system
and to the inventor of dragonball, Mr. Toriyama!

IX. Outro

well, thanks for reading this Faq...and to those who think Goten sucks
thats a false bit of information!

if i messed up, feel free to email me at
and label it GotenFAQ or something similar, and i'll credit you in later
versions!. (wether it be grammar or wrong information)