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                             ___    ____    _____
                            |   \  |    |  |___  /
                            | _  | | D  |     / /
                            ||_| | |   /     / /
                            |    | | D \    / /___
                            |___/  |____|  |______|

            ______   _    _   _______   ______   __  __   _______   ___
           |      | | |  | | |       | |  __  | |  |/  / |   __  | |   |
           |  D  /  | |  | | |   __  | | |  | | |     /  |  |  | | |   |
           |    /   | |  | | |  |  | | | |  | | |    /   |  |__| | |   |
           |    \   | |  | | |  |__| | | |  | | |    \   |   _   | |   |
           |  D  \  | |__| | |       | | |__| | |     \  |  | |  | |   |
           |______| |______| |_______| |______| |__|\__\ |__| |__| |___|

                               |                |
                               |____________    |
                                            |   |
                                ____________|   |
                               |                |
Aren't I the best!!!           |    ____________|
Drawing thing done by          |   |
Joe Hixson/                    |   |____________
                               |                |

                             THE GREAT SAIYAMAN

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This is the first FAQ I've ever written. So...... bear with me.
Use the Ctrl+F to find what you need faster.
This FAQ was written by Joe Hixson. Oh, and Great Saiyaman = GSM

Table of Contents

1. Version History
2. About the Game
3. History of the Gt. Saiyaman
4. Suggested tactics
5. Capsules/ Movelist
6. Costumes
7. Contributors
8. Legal Stuff
9. Closing/ Contacts
1. Version History

1.0    12/24/03    I started it and wrote the whole thing

1.1    12/30/03    I fixed spelling errors

1.2    1/7/04      I added some capsules, and fixed more grammar stuff.

1.23   1/26/04     Added some stuff on Justice Pose.

2. About the Game

Dragon Ball Z Budokai 2 is the best fighting game ever!!! I got this on my
birthday. It's lost some of it's shine, put it still really fun to
play. This game is cel-shaded so it look like the anime. Atari has taken out
Story Mode out, which was cool, and replaced it with a mode called Dragon
World. This mode is cooler than it looks, and it looked pretty cool to start
with. The replay value of this game is pretty good.... but after the 4th or
5th time through, it gets old. There's also many other things new about this
game..... but you'll have to find them on your own.

Here are the default controls for the game and the key

Square- Punch
Triangle- Kick                         Punch=P    Great Saiyaman=GSM
Circle- Energy/ Ki Blast Wave          Kick=K     DragonballZ Budokai 2= DBZB2
Ex- Guard                              Guard=G
L1-N/A                                 Energy=E
R1- i think its P+K
R2- i think its P+G
                                          Other Controls
Here are my controls                 <-<-G(Hold)- Charge Ki
                                     Up + G- Dodge Up
                                     Down + G- Dodge Down
Square- Punch
Triangle- Kick
Circle- Energy/ Ki Blast Wave
Ex- Guard
R2-P+G+K (Transform)

3. History of the Great Saiyaman

The Gt. Saiyaman has a short history. He is actually Gohan in disguise. He
weara black skin-tight suit under his sleeve-less green fighting...uh...
garments and white gloves and a helmet that makes him look like a spaceman. He
first appears after the Cell saga but before Majin Buu is ressurrected. Gohan
sees two thugs robbing a bank, so he turns Super - Saiyan and defeats them....
easily. He wants to fight crime, but doesn't want his friend and classmates to
thinkhe's a super-powered freak, so he goes to Bulma's to get an idea. She
suggests that he become a super hero. So she makes him the costume I described
earlier and, he fights crime AND stays "normal" at school. Local crime-fighter,
Videl, figures him out, and blackmails him. Unless he enters the martial arts
tournament, and teaches her how to fly, she blabs. So he teaches her her to
fly and they fall in love.But the committee won't let him have headgear,
so he uses a white turban and sunglasses instead. He enters, but is cut short
because they leave to fight Babidi, but not before having his sunglases
knocked off. Doh!

And that's it. not much there.

4. Suggested tactics

What I suggest for Saiyaman is don't be vicious. Sure you can shoot ki blasts
at 'em when they're on the ground, but..... he's not that good when you go all
out offensive. It's better to think about what your doing. I know, I know, you
bought this game because your tired of games where you have to think, but....
GET USED TO IT! Sorry, i got carried away....Anyway, since he has no long range
beam attacks, you can either, a). distance yourself perfectly so when you do
your ->E, Justice Punch, you come down on their head, or b). not do it.
Personally I don't use ->E at all. Natta. Zero. None. Zip. (I would say some
French word but i can't speak French).*_* Also, don't use the Justice Pose
too much, or else you'll just hurt your gut laughing so hard at how dumb he
looks.^_^ It's an okay attack. It ups your attack 5% and halves the opponents
ki. Once you do this 4 times, your attack won't go up anymore. Some good combos

  combo             Description
1.KK<-K,->E           1. This combo starts by 2 kicks followed by a knee to the
                         face, sending them into the air. while their still in
                         air the Justice Punch sometimes hits them.

2.->PPPKK             2. A good combo you should use. This is also the combo
                         used for Justice Pose (See Section 5.). You start
                         with 3 punches then ending with Saiyaman jumping
                           and doing a double reverse kick. Very Sweet.

3.KKKK                3. Simple yet effective. 3 kicks, followed by a
                         strong final kick. I don't use this one that

4.PPP->P,<-<-G        4. I use this'n alot. Very effective for a first strike
                         attack. Three punches and a final crushing punch to the
                         opponnents face.>_< ow! After he's down the stuff
                         after the comma is just charging up your ki.
       More coming soon. Contact me and i will put in the combos you sent!


5. Capsules/ Movelist

         NAME               COMBO           DESCRIPTION

Special Move Capsules

1. Justice Punch     |PPPPE          |A pretty cool attack. Saiyaman jumps
                     |               |into the air uppercutting the opponnent,
                     |->E            |then, quickly rushes down in a flash of
                     |               |blue energy.
2. Justice Kick      |PPKKE,         |GSM does a powerful drill kick surounded
                     |KK->K->KE      |by white energy.
3. Justice Pose      |->PPPKE        |If you thought Saiyaman was dumb in the
                     |               |show, look at him here! Gohan obviously
                     |               |has no idea how to be a super hero.GSM
                     |               |Says, "Allow me to tell you my name,"
                     |               |You then press a series of buttons. If
                     |               |you get them right the following happens,
                     |               |"I am, The champion of justice," He then
                     |               |gets on his tip toes and runs in place.
                     |               |"The defender of peace!" He then does the
                     |               |splits and gets up and it looks like he's
                     |               |doing a wall sit with no wall, and puts
                     |               |his hands above his head and says,"The
                     |               |Greeeeeeeeeeeeat SAIYAMAN! If you mess up
                     |               |the oppnent just looks at you like your an
                     |               |idiot And thanks to Icyicefire for
                     |               |telling me about what happens when you
                     |               |mess up.

Physical Attack Capsules

1.Justice Finisher   |KKK->KE        |A very good physical attack. GSM
                     |               |launches your opponent into the air,
                     |               |and does a series of kicks and puches,
                     |               |and elbows him to the ground. GSM
                     |               |flies straight down, and if you press
                     |               |a different button than your opponent,
                     |               |and lands on his back really hard with
                     |               |his knee.
2.Justice Flash      |->PPPPE        |GSM smacks his opponent into the air and
                     |               |smacks him back down in a hurry. Rotate
                     |               |the analog sticks as fast as you can. GSM
                     |               |charges up and delivers a volley of Ki
                     |               |energy blast, 9, I think, and if you
                     |               |charged it up all the way, he fires a
                     |               |big blast at the beat opponent. it does
                     |               |almost twice as the other nine.O_O.
3.Justice Carnival   |->KKK          |After the kicks, GSM will attack the
                     |               |enemy at blinding speeds. This, and the
                     |               |Burst Zone is what DBZ is all about. '_^
4.Justice Dynamite   |P+G(R1)        |GSM kicks the enemy into the air, then
                     |               |kicks the enemy down but keeps his foot
                     |               |in the opponents gut and slams him into
                     |               |the ground with his foot.

Support Capsules(I don't think i have all of them so email me)

1.Breakthrough- All moves available. They become more powerful.

2.Viral Heart Disease- Both player's health steadily drains until the health
bar is half red.

3.Vaccine- nullifies the affect of Viral Heart Disease. So the opponents
health drains but yours doesn't. Soooooooo cheap.

4.Super Holy Water- Defense power up.  By 5% I think.

5.Dende's Recovery- When you're hit it doesn't do as much damage but it takes
some ki.

6.Rage!- Attack power raised for the first 10 seconds of a battle.

7.Rage!!- Attack power raised for the first 15 seconds of a battle.

8.Rage!!!- Attack power raised for the first 15 seconds of a battle.

9.Serious!- When health gets in red, attack power is increased.

10.Serious!!- When health gets in half yellow, attack power is increased.

11.Serious!!!- When health gets in yellow, attack power is increased.

12.Potential- Attack power steadily goes up for a while.

13.Super Kami Water- Atack power s increased, but health drains until it's
in red.

14.Gero's Perpetual Energy R&D- INFINITE KI!!!

15.Gero's Deflection R&D- if your holding guard while being hit by a ki
blast, it deflects. You don't have to time it.

16.Gero's Deflect-Back R&D- if your holding guard while being hit by a ki
blast, it deflects back. You don't have to time it.

17.Gero's Energy- When you deflect or deflect back a ki blast, ki raises a

18.Yakon- When your opponent is in a transformed state their ki drops
really fast.(thanks to jsd_124 for the information.)

19.1/3 Senzu Bean- When you die, you eat one and you get one bar of health.

20.Senzu Bean- When you die, you eat one you and get three bars of health.

       My GSM                 Defensive GSM            Power Hungry GSM
    Justice Punch           Justice Punch                Justice Kick
    Justice Kick            Super Holy Water             Potential
    Justice Pose            Dende's Recovery             Rage!!!
    Justice Flash           Gero's Per. Energy           Super Kami Water
    Justice Carnival
    Justice Dynamite
    Justice Finisher


6. Costumes

1.The normal Great Saiyaman Costume. Black skin-tight suit under his
sleeve-less green fighting...uh... garments, and a swirly belt and white
gloves and a helmet that makes him look like a spaceman.^_^

2.Same as above but instead of a helmet he uses a white turban and black




8. Legal Stuff

This FAQ is copyright 2003 by Joe Hixson. Any flamming done, the person who does
it is gonna explode. SO DON'T SO IT!


                         Currently Empty (Huzzah!)


9. Closing/ Contacts

Well, for my first FAQ, i think it's been good. My Email is listed below.