By dukevirgil@yahoo.com

Version History

v1.0(01/02/04): Seven sections total, first release of the FAQ.

v1.1(01/03/04): Oops. Had a few random notes I typed out here and forgot to
omit them afterwards. Edited the Serious! skills once I learned the actual %
they gave. Added another capsule setup.

v1.2(01/08/04): Edited Gero's Perpetual Energy R&D and Loyalty to Frieza
skills. Turns out I was mistaken about Loyalty to Frieza; It does rock. Also
added more to the Radditz Bio. I'm a completist/perfectionist at heart. Took
out the note in the Introduction about Dragon World. I probably will mention
his involvement in it in another version of this FAQ.

v1.25(01/17/04): Kind of an incomplete version, but I wanted to throw this up
on GameFaqs mainly because of the changes listed in v2. Talked about charge
canceling and added about half of Radditz' combos. I'll fix this very soon.


I.   Introduction
II.  Radditz Bio
III. Controller setup
IV.  Radditz capsules and abilities
V.   Radditz combos and tricks
VI.  Useful capsule setups
VII. End FAQ notes

Hi there. For starters, hit CTRL + F to find what you're looking for. As you
would've guessed, this is a Radditz FAQ. I'll be going over every point
possible as I can here, helping you become better familar with the saiyan

To start out, he's a very plain character. If you want to win with mega style,
you won't find any wacky fusions or ultimate death moves here. Some people
might equate that with being crappy, but that's not true. This is why this FAQ
exists: To educate you, so that you can beat a supposedly stronger character,
and then have other people complain, because his "power level isn't supposed to
be that high."

And a final note: I'm assuming most people know how to play the game. I'll
explain some basic concepts, but that's only because I feel compelled to. I
won't explain why pressing P,P,P,P,E executes your normal kamehameha-esque
energy move, or what guarding is. This is for people have have at least a basic
understanding of the game.

For posting this FAQ on another site, *PLEASE* read "SECTION VII. END FAQ
It's the beginning of Dragonball Z. Goku has a reunion with his friends, and
introduces them to his 5 year old son, Gohan. At the same time, a saiyan
spaceship lands on Earth and from it emerges Radditz, who seeks out Goku. Upon
meeting up with Goku(the scouter he possesses allows him to track the power
levels of individuals - Goku has a high power level, thus it was easy for
Radditz to find him), Radditz reveals that Goku is his brother.

Also revealing that they are both saiyans, Goku was supposed to clear the Earth
of all life. However, shortly after landing on Earth, he received a blow to his
head that made him forget his purpose. Originally a hell-raiser, he
transistioned to the good natured Goku everyone knows him by, thanks to the
memory loss.

Less than enthused by Goku's refusal to carry out the destruction of Earth's
entire population, Radditz delivers a blow to Goku and kidnaps Gohan. Before
running off, he tells Goku to kill 100 earthlings by the next morning, or he
would kill Gohan.

In order to have a chance to fight Radditz, Goku enlists the help of his former
arch-rival, Piccolo. However, their combined might still wasn't enough to fight
back Radditz at the offset. Piccolo told Goku to try to stall Radditz, as he
was working on charging a new move he was working on - one that could defeat
Radditz. Goku eventually was able to grab Radditz' tail(which is a saiyan's
weakness... at least at that point in the series), however Radditz slyly
convinced Goku to let him go.

With the upper-hand, Radditz was enjoying crushing his little brother's body
into the ground. Gohan, trapped in Radditz' space pod, could sense that his
father was being hurt. Bursting from the ship, he headbutts Radditz in the
chest, allowing Goku to grab Radditz from behind. Piccolo was done charging up,
and released the Special Beam Cannon, piercing right through Radditz and then
Goku. Before Radditz died, he learned of the dragonballs and with that
knowledge, he summoned Vegeta and Nappa, who would arrive at the Earth in one

Goku would obviously be revived with the dragonballs later on, but Radditz
would presumably be sent to the HFIL/Hell, never to be seen again. It's
unfortunate, because as Goku's brother and a fellow saiyan, he had potential to
be so much more.

> = forward
< = back
P = punch
K = kick
G = guard
E = ki blast

Nothing too complicated here. You can set up your own custom configuration in
the options menu, but I pretty much just stick with the default, except for the
top buttons. The controls are as follows:

Punch (Square)
Kick (Triangle)
Guard (X)
Ki blast (Circle)

Then there are the top L1, L2, R1, R2 buttons. Since you're playing as Radditz,
you don't need to set a button to transform. I would recommend setting one to
taunt(P/K/G/E), and one to punch/kick, or square/triangle.

You might be more comfortable at first by pressing all four buttons to taunt,
but ultimately getting used to pressing one button is better than pressing all
This section will explain every capsule Radditz can equip, along with a
usefulness description. I've put down a movelist, as well. For reference,
around 500 damage is half a person's life bar, and around 1,000 is a full life
bar(out of green, yellow and red). And for another reference, all of those
moves were tested out on -Goku-(sans support capsules), just to have a
benchmark. Other characters have different defense ratings, so doing the same
P,P,P,P,E move to Nappa will do less damage.

Next to the move list is the amount of life the attack will take off if you hit
every part of the combo. The first value indicates the move if it's equipped
once, and the other refers to the move if you equip it twice or use a
Breakthrough capsule.

[[Ability capsules]]:

(((Double Sunday))) - 1 ki bar depleted

P,P,P,P,E (504)(629)
>K,P,P,P,E (333)(458)
>E (250)(375)

Basic energy move. It's very helpful, as the combos are easy to do, and do a
nice bit of damage for 1 ki bar. The >E combo is good as well, since if say
Goku launched a kamehameha at you, and you dodge, you can quickly retort with a
Double Sunday to punish his mistake. I would recommend putting on just one,
unless you use the Breakthrough, which automatically boosts the attack power.

(((Saturday Crush))) - 2 ki bars depleted

P,>P,P,E (478)(678)
>P,P,P,K,E (493)(693)
<E (400)(600)

You can think of this as a better damaging Double Sunday - A more powerful beam
attack. Another bread and butter move. Definitely equip this move. It may not
be worth much with one equip, but putting it on a second time boosts the attack
power by a good chunk. The <E move is a great punisher. Wait for an opening,
and BAM, a little over half of your opponent's life gauge is gone.

[[Physical capsules]]:

(((Exciting Year))) - 1 ki bar depleted

K,K,>K,K,E (492/642)(586/811)

The first number in each bracket refers to the move if you miss the last part
of the attack, where you have to press a button that doesn't match what your
opponent presses. The second number is the damage you'll get if the buttons
don't match up and you hit him/her. Definitely a good damaging move for one ki
bar. Even if you don't hit the last part of the attack, you'll still do a
decent amount.

(((Weekly Special))) - 2 ki bars depleted

>P,P,P,P,E (622/772)(785/1010)

This knocks your opponent into the air, after which you'll automatically do a
combo that knocks him/her back down to the ground. You'll then have to rotate
the analog/control pads to increase the damage. If you don't charge it up all
the way, you'll get the first number in each bracket. If you do get it charged
up, you'll get the second number worth of damage.

This is a very powerful attack, especially if placed twice and charged fully.
The main problem is that the last attack comes off slower in the combo, and can
be blocked. Against good players this is not always a smart move to use, as
really the only way you'll hit this is if you catch them from behind or
something tricky. You can't juggle this, either. Also if you miss you're bound
to be counter-attacked, plus you're out 2 ki bars. If you put this on, leave it
up to the Breakthrough to give it to you automatically powered up, otherwise
just put it one once and use it rarely.

(((Dynamite Monday))) - 2 ki bars depleted

>K,K,K,E (629)(829)

Launches into an automatic 30 hit combo and then knocks the opponent away.
Comes out very quickly, so your opponent will have to be quick to block the
last hit of the combo starter. Very damaging, worth powering up, too. As hinted
though, the last part of the attack can be blocked like Weekly Special, and if
blocked you're out 2 ki bars. You can launch this attack while you're juggling
however, so you might be best saving this attack for when you launch an
opponent into the air.

(((Day Crush))) - No ki required

P+G (180)(276)

A throw type move. Radditz will do a small combo and then knock the opponent
away. Very useful for turtling opponents. The knockback also allows for some
slight breathing room, so you can charge up while your opponent regains his
composure. You have to fairly close to get this off though. Don't bother with
powering this up though, as if you abuse this too much, your opponent will
catch on. I'd still recommend it - It takes no ki, and gives you some quick
damage. Not bad.

[[Support capsules]]:

(Breakthrough): Wish for it by getting all of the Dragonballs in Dragon World.
Gives all of Radditz' moves, powers them up(as if you placed each skill twice)
and takes up every skill slot. It's useful if you have a good use for each of
Radditz' skills, otherwise I'd suggest other capsules in place of this.

(Old Style Armor): Increases defense by 10% and takes up one slot. Not bad for
a placeholder. Won't be too noticeable, but it's not a throwaway skill, either.

(Rit Armor): Takes up two slots, and increases defense 20%. Might be worth an
extra skill slot for an extra 10% defense. Two slots isn't very detrimental to
the entire skill setup.

(New Style Armor): Three slots required, for an extra 30% defense. I don't
really bother with this skill. 30% for three slots isn't very worthwhile, when
you can just use Saiyan's Awakening for 2% more defense AND increased damage
potential. You could combine the two, but that leaves ONE slot open for a
skill. Meh.

(Bulma's Armor): Four slots gives you an extra 45%. Allows you to make up for
many more mistakes, since this will be absorbing a lot of damage. This is
better than New Style Armor, as for an extra skill slot, you'll get 15% more
defense. Useful as a desperation skill, when you're facing an opponent that
pummels you mercilessly. Still, as you face better opponents, you'll need some
skills and damage to back it up. High defense will only get so far - You'll
need to damage the opponent to win the match. You might catch your opponent off
guard, though, if you throw this on.

(1/3 Senzu Bean): Takes up one slot. When your life is depleted, a cut scene
will take over, and you'll regain one life bar. Only works once a match. Very
handy for surprising an opponent, since they'll think they have you beat and
then BOOM, revived. Of course, you'll have to make the good comeback, since
you're still on low life. I would suggest using this where the other person is
a bit better than you, since you can make up for that little extra skill with
some extra life. Can't be stacked with Senzu Bean.

(Senzu Bean): Can't be stacked with 1/3 Senzu Bean. This takes up three slots,
but FULLY revives you upon being KO'ed. Only works once a match. Equip this if
you're dangerously below your opponent's skill, but you'd better make sure you
win with it if your opponent has no Senzu Beans or revival skill of his/her own
equipped. Normally, I don't equip this unless I know my opponent is going to
equip it. If you want people of equal or so skill level to stop playing you,
equip this skill as much as possible.

(Saiyan Heritage): One slot gets taken up, and this activates when the regular
Senzu Bean is used. Increased attack/defense power upon activation. If you're
going to use the Senzu Bean, you might as well throw this on. You have another
3 life bars to go with, along with more attack/defense, so you can't go wrong
with that.

(Viral Heart Disease): Decreases the health of both players at a steady pace.
Takes up 2 slots. Decreasing health of your opponent AND yourself? That's kind
of a bad deal. On it's own, I suppose it's useful if you want to be fair to
your opponent, since he/she won't likely complain as much if this is affecting
you as well. It may seem useless, but this could take advantage of either
player's ability to end a match quickly. Just throw on the next capsule
however, and you can be sure the complaining will start up. One note: You and
your opponent's health will never fall below half of the last red life bar, or
1/6 your total health.

(Vaccine): Takes up one slot. Negates the effects of the Viral Heart Disease
for the player who equipped the Vaccine. It's useless on its own, obviously,
but with the above skill equipped and this, only your opponent will see his/her
health decrease steadily. You can be safe to turtle a lot more, or try to use
it as an opening to damage your opponent. As with the Senzu Bean though, either
way will be sure to have people not wanting to play against you, unless they're
typically much better than you.

(Super Holy Water): Takes up two slots. It decreases the damage done to you
overall, which is pretty much like increasing your defense. For two slots
though, it doesn't have an affect that provides a big enough defense boost.
Stick with the armors instead.

(Medical Medicine): Takes up one slot. Damage done to you is reduced, at the
cost of some of your own ki for each hit that's done against you. Combine this
with Bulma's Armor for a tanking Radditz. However, if you put this on, you're
better off with putting on one or two 1 ki moves. Since if you need to equip
this to begin with, you'll likely get hit a lot, and thus getting hit a lot
will reduce your ki a lot. So in most cases you're better off sticking an armor

(Rage!): Increases your attack power by 12% for the first 10 seconds of battle.
Takes up one slot. Hmm... another placeholder skill I would think. Unless you
get right into the thick of things with some hard hitting skills, you'll more
than likely waste a good portion of the time your attack power is increased.
You might not do enough damage to make it worthwhile to place this skill.

(Rage!!): Increases your attack power by 20% for the first 15 seconds of
battle. Takes up two slots. Getting better. Still a bit short, but you might be
able to do some good damage in the time allotted.

(Rage!!!): Increases your attack power by 28% for the first 20 seconds of
battle. Requires three slots. Well, if you equip this, you'd better make good
use of it, since you're using up three slots. Back up the boosted damage with
some hard hitting skills. Double boosted Saturday Crush, perhaps?

(Serious!): Takes up one slot. Activates when your health falls below 1/3, or
rather your red life bar, providing a 10% increase to attack. Like other
skills, put this in if you have an extra space to use. You can also combine
this with a 1/3 Senzu Bean to prolong the extra attack damage.

(Serious!!): Takes up two slots. Activates when your health falls below 1/2,
meaning half of your yellow life bar, giving you a 20% increase to attack. It's
too bad Moon Light gives you 20%, for one slot, except that it takes time to
reach potential. It only takes up two slots though, so you can still throw on a
Moon Light or Saiyan's Awakening without eating up your entire space, so the
choice is yours.

(Serious!!!): Three slots are required to use this. When your health falls
below 2/3, meaning just below your green life bar, this activates, boosting
your attack power by 30%. Hmm... Three slots for 30%? Three is a bit much. The
argument for it could be that it activates immediately once you reach your
yellow life bar, but for 6% less, you could throw on a Saiyan's Awakening, AND
get an extra 32% to defense. Moon Light gives you 20% overall for one slot.
It's not terrible, but I believe you could spend your capsule space better.

(Last Ounce of Strength): Increases damage by 45% when your health falls below
1/6, meaning half of your last life bar. Takes up two slots. This is a pickle
of a skill. The increased damage is VERY nice, but you're pretty much on your
deathbed when this activates. You could always try throwing on a 1/3 Senzu
Bean, but you'd to wait again when your health fell below half to have this
activate. Use this as a desperation skill, meaning if your opponent is better
than you are, and you need something to turn the tides. Couple this with other
power-up skills for even more damage, like a Serious! skill.

(Moon Light): One slot required. Start off with an extra 5% damage increase,
and for every 10 seconds after that, damage is boosted by 5%, up until 20% is
reached. So this has a potential to reach 120%, in 30 seconds. A very
worthwhile skill to have, for only one slot. And the damage increased will stay
that way for the rest of the battle, meaning that after 120% is reached, you'll
be fighting with 120% until you or your opponent is KO'ed.

(Potential): Two slots required. Can't be stacked with Moon Light. Same as Moon
Light, except you start out with a 6% damage boost, and an extra 6% is tacked
on every 10 seconds, up until 24%, for a new total of 124%. For the extra slot
this takes up, it's not really worth the extra 4% total overall. You're better
off sticking with Moon Light.

(Saiyans' Awakening): Three slots are taken up by this. Can't be stacked with
Moon Light or Potential. Start out with an extra 6% attack power and 8% defense
power. For every 10 seconds after, increase attack power by 6% and defense
power by 8%, all the way up to 124% and  132%, respectively. Sure, it takes up
three slots, but a good increase to damage and defense that stays with you the
entire battle once reached to full potential?

(Saiyan Spirit): Takes up one slot. You can't use Guard at all, but your
defense is increased by 30% and your attack is upped by 25%. Very noteworthy
upgrades here, especially for one slot, but you can expect your opponent to go
on the offense once he/she you equipped this skill or figures out you can't
guard. If you're proficient enough with side-stepping and dodging, you could
throw this on to avoid a good deal of attacks thrown your way. Still, without
the use of Guarding, you'll more than likely be taking a lot more damage.

(Super Kami Water): For two slots, this decreases your health at about the same
rate the Viral Heart Disease does, but only to you and increases your attack
damage by 24%. This is crap in my opinion. Not a big enough damage boost, and
the slowly decreasing health will just mean your opponent will more than likely
Guard a lot until your health falls closer to the red, and then launch an
offensive. Maybe if this increased damage more, it would be worthwhile. Vaccine
won't negate the effect, either. Oh, and your health will stop decreasing once
1/6 your total health is reached, or half of your last red life bar.

(Gero's Perpetual Energy R&D): Three slots required. This gives you an infinite
pool of ki to use. Other characters can't transform, but you're Radditz, so who
cares? This pretty much begs for a Saturday Crush or such skill to be put on in
conjunction with this. You can abuse your ki and ki attacks without worry with
this on, although with abuse comes adaptation from your opponent(s). Of course,
if three slots is too much for you, throw on a Loyalty to Frieza instead.

(Gero's Deflection R&D): One slot is taken up by this. Whenever a ki blast is
sent your way, if you hold down Guard, you'll automatically deflect this away
from you. Unfortunately, even with proper timing, this skill makes it
impossible to deflect a ki blast back to your opponent. It's useful if your
opponent abuses ki blasts, but other than that, learn how to deflect ki blasts
yourself and stay away from this.

(Gero's Energy R&D): Requires one slot. For every succesful ki blast you
deflect or deflect back, your ki will increase. Even better, a deflect back
will increase your ki by half a full ki bar as opposed to a simple deflect,
which increases your ki by 1/4 a ki bar. You can tack this on if you need an
extra skill to place, otherwise don't focus on it too much.

(Scouter): One slot is taken up by this. Reduces ki expended on anything that
requires ki. The amount reduced is about 30%. Not bad at all if you use ki
attacks/skills a lot, since this doesn't devote much space in your capsule list
and it's worthwhile enough.

(Yakon): One slot is required. Once an opponent transforms, he will fall victim
to this. Yakon drains even more ki from any characters that are in a
transformed state. This includes Frieza and Cell, since they are in a
transformed state, as well. To those two characters this doesn't do a lot,
since their ki decreases at a very slow rate anyway, but to a SSJ3 Goku, ki
will be a very fleeting resource. I'd suggest slapping this on whenever you
fight against a character that can transform.

(Loyalty to Frieza): Two slots are required. Ki keeps increasing at a steady
pace, but not as fast as a normal charge up. I originally thought this was
useless, but upon closer inspection... this is very very helpful. Unless all
you use are Double Sunday and Saturday Crush, you'll generally keep ahead of
the ki usage just by doing combos with special attacks. I'd prefer this over
the Perpetual Energy, too.

Listed below are Radditz' combos and their usefulness. The ability combos(like
P,P,P,P,E) aren't listed here, because I already go into depth about them
above. Redundant explaining them twice. Some of the combos can be charged up,
meaning you hold down the last button of the combo, and you'll be able to break
through an opponent's guard, or go right into a 'charge cancel'.

You can't really invent your own combos, unless you end the combos listed below
early, like say with P,P,P,P you go P,P,P. They're all preset in the game. A
note about the kick combos or implementing a kick at all: Once you input a kick
into a combo, no matter at one point, you'll not be able to put in a punch
command until you finish the combo and start another one or etc.

>P,P,P,P,P - The final hit of the combo knocks the opponent a small distance
back. Not a good enough knockback, nor can it be charge canceled, so I would
stay away from this. Bad lag from the attack if your opponent guards, also.

P,P,P,>P - Final hit knocks your opponent on the ground, except if you're in
the air. I don't use this at all, since the final hit has bad lag time and can
be blocked even if you get the rest of the combo off. The lag applies for
before and after, too.

<P,P - Juggles the opponent into the air at a good height. Comes off fairly
quick, since it's only a 2 hit combo. I recommend this if you're trying to
juggle your opponent obviously, but it can't be charged so watch it against
guarding opponents.

<P,>P - Combo that knocks your opponent way back. As with the juggling combo
above, this is a good situational combo, which is good if you're trying to get
a ring out or get some breathing room. No charge, so watch your opponent's
guard before you attempt it.

<P,<P* - Elbows your opponent down to the ground. Can be charged up. If you
plan on charge canceling this, be prepared to spend some good practice time, as
since it comes out quick, it's hard to get the timing right for it. But try to
master it, it's a keeper.

P,P,K,K,K - Final hit knocks back your opponent a good distance. Don't do this
combo unless you get the first hit in. Also, don't use it as a primary knock
back move; You should expect to get the damage in mainly.

P,>P,P,K - Well, if you're looking to knock back your opponent while throwing
him into the air, this is a good combo to start. However, your opponent can
block in the middle even if you get the first hit off, so this is kind of iffy.
Overall, it's just a slow combo that you should use rarely.

>P,P,P,K,K - Like the Saturday Crush combo, except this finishes with a strong
kick that sends your opponent far back into the air.


- <P+K launches your opponent into the air, ready to be juggled at your
leisure. You can get a Dynamite Monday out of this(>K,K,K,E) or a Double
Sunday(P,P,P,P,E). But just note this best comes off if you're floating in the
air already. For maximum damage output, try getting off a Saturday
Crush(P,>P,P,E). Fully charged up, you'll do about a full life bar of damage.
- If you're in mid-air with your opponent, you can dash at them and hit them
with a >K to break their guard and then get a combo in. Don't try this with a
>P so much, as you'll be left with some distance between the two of you, and
you won't be as open to get right into a combo. Try the >P while rushing if you
want to get some quick hits or you're tired of your opponent turtling. On the
other hand, if you do a >K and their guard isn't up, you'll knock them too far
away to get a combo in.
- A straight P+K on the ground knocks your opponent into mid-air, where you can
- The 'charge' moves, such as P+K, >P+K, <P+K, K,K,K,K(where you hold the K
button at the end), >P,K,K and >K,P,P,P can break through an opponent's guard,
but only if you hold down the button for the duration of the charge.
- If your opponent is lying down on the ground, charge them with >K a few times
to get some quick hits in. Chances are you will probably only get one, but you
should keep the pressure on when you can. If he or she is in the air and lying
down, >P or >K will work.
- Don't use the rushing >P+K on the ground a lot. It has a very bad recovery
- Rushing with >P is usually faster than >K, but will leave you a bit farther
away than rushing with >K will.
- Tap down/up and G at the same time to sidestep in the corresponding
direction. Very very useful in the World Tournament, and it's also very helpful
in dodging an opponent's charging attack. Wait until they get close enough,
sidestep, and you'll avoid their attack, leaving them wide open for any attack
from you.
- If you fall to the ground, tap X quickly to get back up. The longer you stay
on the ground, the better your opponent can damage and juggle you.
- Slamming your opponent against walls does damage, plus traps them there
better, so you can juggle him/her better. Don't let up your attack.
- In World Tournament, stick with ending the match with a ring out rather than
draining your opponent's life bar. The longer the match goes on, the better the
chance you yourself will get a ring out. Rushing >P on the ground is a good
way, but watch for instant side-steps from computer opponents near the edge.
Try faking your opponents out by rushing at them, and then stopping short.

1.) Bulma's Armor
    Saiyan Spirit
    Saturday Crush
    Saturday Crush

This capsule set up provides a 25% attack boost and a whopping 75% defense
boost, but without the use of a Guard. The double boosted Saturday Crush will
do about a full life bar worth of damage with just the P,>P,P,E combo. However,
you'll need to be better with side-stepping to effectively use this setup. Any
damage that does come your way will be met with the extra 75% defense boost.

2.) Saiyan's Awakening
    Double Sunday
    Dynamite Monday
    Day Crush

Saiyan's Awakening provides a good attack/defense increase at its full
potential. Putting on Double Sunday, Dynamite Monday and Day Crush gives you a
good range of attacks to use for the right situation. The Scouter better
ensures you expend less ki using DS and DM.

3.) Senzu Bean
    Double Sunday
    Viral Heart Disease

This is just plain mean. If your opponent doesn't choose Vaccine or a Senzu
Bean as well, you can cheese your opponent to death with this. If for some
reason he or she manages to break your first three life bars, you have a Senzu
Bean that will kick you right back up. No one will take you very seriously with
this setup, though...

4.) Gero's Perpetual Energy R&D
    Saturday Crush
    Saturday Crush
    Moon Light
    Dynamite Monday

With the Perpetual Energy, you can use all the Saturday Crush and Dynamite
Monday skills you want. I personally feel that double boosting Saturday Crush
is more useful than double boosting Dynamite Monday, but it's your preference.
I put on the Dynamite Monday to increase the options you have. If all you can
do is one skill, then your opponent will catch on sooner or later. Moon Light
gives you a permenant 20% damage boost for a simple one slot.

5.) Super Kami Water
    Last Ounce of Strength
    Moon Light
    Saiyan Spirit
    Weekly Special

A powerhouse delight. Once full potential is reached, you'll do an extra 114%
worth of damage for every hit! Weekly Special is put on there, because you need
a skill to show off the extra damage, right? Just placed once, and if you get
the full combo in, you'll do 1,647 worth of damage!! Of course, it should be
noted that you'll not be able to Guard, and your health will slowly decrease
the entire fight. However, with Saiyan Spirit, you'll gain an extra 30% for
defense. And you'll need it, if you want to go with this capsule setup. This is
good for showing off, mainly. :) Of course, if you really wanna up the damage
of Weekly Special even more, place another one in lieu of Moon Light. You'll do
1,979, just about two full life bars! Feel free to mix and match skills, too,
since only against new players will you ever pull of a full Weekly Special!

Well, we've reached the end of this FAQ. As of this first release, I'm not
nearly done with this. I'll have Radditz-specific strategies to add in future
versions, along with more capsule setups.

I will more than feel free to accept corrections, capsule setups, combos, etc.
If I feel your comments are worthwhile, I will post it along with fully
crediting you to it.

You may feel free to use this FAQ in any entertainment way you wish, but
reproducing it on another site requires that you leave this FAQ in it's pure
form. Furthermore, if this guide is updated, you will be required to seek out
the update on GameFAQs. If that is too much hassle for you, then please do not
bother with reproducing this FAQ then. Thanks!

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