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Game : Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 2
FAQ : Andriod 20 (Dr. Gero)
Creator's Name : Nicholas Anderson
Email : mtgathering2000 (at) yahoo (dot) com

Table of Contents

1. The Basics
1. A. The Basics
1. B. The Moves

2. Goods and Bads   
2. A. Pros and Cons
2. B. Rivals and Comrades
3. Fighting Guides
3. A. VS Speed
3. B. VS Power
3. C. VS Super/Kid Buu
3. E. VS Fusion Dance
3. F. VS Potara
3. Z. General Tactics

4. Non-Game
4. A. Who is Dr. Gero
4. B. Thanks and Credits
4. C. Contacting Me

1. The Basics


The Basics
This is how I'll refer to buttons or moves
>>=Dash Foward
<<=Step Back
Rock Paper Scissors Input = If both players press the same button, final move 
is dodged.
Single Anolog Input = Roll right/left anolog enough for success.
Double Anolog Input = Both players roll right/left anolog and if the instigator 
rolls more, successful.  If not, unsuccessful.
Simple Death Move = Kamahamaha, Photon Wave, Double Sunday, Vanishing Ball ect.

Simple, right?

The Moves
Photon Wave = ->X
Photon Wave = [], [], [], [], ()
Photon Wave = ->/\, [], [], [], ()

Ki Blast Absobrtion = <- + ()

Power Break = /\, /\, ->/\, ()

Precice Cannon = ->[], [], [], [], ()

Rolling Crush = [] + ><

Life Drain = -> + [], [], [], /\, ()
Photon Wave is the basic ki death move and consumes 1 bar of ki.
Damages a normal of 250 health points.

Ki Blast Absorbtion is a very unique attack and is explained more in (4. Z. 
Gerneral Tactics)
Damages nothing.

Power Break hits target into the sky and then plumits them to the ground, a 
Rock Paper Scissors input is created and if successful, Gero spikes target with
 his leg.
Damages a normal of 150 and an extra 150 if successful.

Precise Cannon hits target into the sky and then hits s/he to the floor.  A one
 sided anolog input apears.  If successful an extra attack is added to the 
initial 6.
Damages a normal of 240 and an extra 150 if successful.

Rolling Crush kicks the opponent into the air, grabs him/her and goes into a 
spinning piledriver to the ground.
Damages a normal of 180 health points.

Life Drain kicks the target into the air and then grabs him/her by the head and 
steals health.  Gero gets healed about 1 half a bar of health.


Goods and Bads


Pros and Cons
Pros - 
Ki Blast Absorbtion
Slightly Higher than Moderate Speed
Easy to play

Cons -
Lacking of skills
Slightly Lower than Noraml Power
No Power Ups(Super Saiyan, Sync with Nail, ect.)

Pro - Ki Blast Absorbtion - A very important asset to Dr. Gero, and almost 
makes up for the lack of skills.

Pro - More in next update - More in next update

Con - No Power Ups - This is just barely bad enough to be considered a con, 
this has it's ups and downs but it is a major disadvantage in duels.

Con - More in next uptade - That's a con to the guide!  Hee hee hee.

Rivals and Comrades

Rivals = People that Dr. Gero has some disadvantages to.
Goku - Goku is skill plentiful and if a breakthrough is equipped by a moderate 
opponent, you will almost surely lose.  Just stay away from goku or you'll get 

Goten/Trunks - One reason, FUSION HA!  If the move is successful stay away for 
the time period and if a basic ki death move(such as kamahamaha) is used, dodge 
and use a normal ki blast!  When the time is over, get him down and treat him
 like a normal fast enemy.  Still be aware that the fusion dance can be used 
more than once!

Kid Buu - Almost all characters are at a disadvantage to Kid Buu!  Just stay 
away and tempt him into normal ki blasting.  Once you have disired ki, go in 
for a rush and set him off guard.  Photon Wave him as much as possible!  If he 
blocks then hit him three times and then start over with a Photon Wave.

Comrades = People the Dr. Gero has some advantages over.
Supreme Kai - He lacks in major moves but is slightly faster at recovery after 
ki blasts.

Raditz - He lacks in moves like Supreme Kai.


Fighting Guides


VS Speed

Dodge and Destroy!
Dodge and use your own basic death move(Photon Wave)  This is very 
effective and should be used <- + ()

Stay middle.
Don't stay too close or too far.  Quickly close in if s/he is blocking.  
Quickly beat him/her up and retreat to "middle" position.

VS Power

Blast and Death!
When against a power based enemy, ki blast him.  If he reflects, absorb 
it.  Keep on shooting him until he reflects 3 absorbed blasts at you.  If 
he uses his basic death move(s) on you dodge blast and Photon Wave!  
Repeat Dodge Blast and Photo wave when ever he uses his basic death 
move(s).  Note: Stay about 5 steps away or you cannot shoot and absorb.

-|Sword Guard>
Guard when close up.  Try to retreat.  Continue the use of Blast and Death 
move but use Photon Wave [], [], [], [], ().

Stay Away.
I cannot stress enough how much you don't want him to pull off a death move 
that's true to it's word, DEATH.  Although, if you do find yourself close 
up, if he attemps a [], -> + [] or other attacks that have a opening before
another attack, DEATH MOVE!

VS Super Buu/Kid Buu

SK Buu Block
Continuosly block until you see a break in the attacks or he tries to break 
your block.

Stay Away
Stay away from either buu!

Absorb and Wave!
As soon as you absorb a ki blast quickly close in, be careful to watch for any 
maneuvering, charge [] + >< him to lower his guard and PHOTON WAVE!  Go with 
the <- + () or he can just reinstate his guard.

VS Fusion Dance

Fusion Duds!
If he ever makes a mistake on the fusion dance, ATTACK!  Treat him neither as 
Power or Speed just dodge his attacks and go into a killing spree!  Just keep 
your common scence too.

-Tick Tock Block-
Block block block!  When his time runs out  ->[] + >< or <-[] + >< to try and 
knock him down.  Still on the defence!

VS Potara

Just hope for the best and try crumpling the earing.  If it succeeds, treat him 
as a Kid Buu.

General Tact Tactics

I cannot stress the importants of Ki Blast Absorbtion!  Go into practice and 
set the bot on deflect back and try to absorb your own ki blasts.  Practice 
makes perfect so practice!

Dodge and Blast!
This is a tactic that is very effective.  Thanks to Gero's quick death moves,  
it is possible.  When a simple death move is used, dodge and use Photon Wave!
It's just that simple!

Spare my Life!
Only use Life Drain when you are under 2/3 of your health and maybe only twice 
a match.




Who is Dr. Gero

Dr. Gero is seen as Andriod 20 when goku returns to Earth after namek blows up.
He was a scientist in the Red Ribbon army and wears the symbol on his hat.  
The Red Ribbon army was disbatched by Goku in the Dragon Ball series and Gero
is seeking revenge on him.  When Goku arrives, future trunks warns him of two
extremely powerful andriods but he wasn't talking of the duo of Andriod 19 and 
Dr. Gero/Andriod 20 but instead of the later coming 17 and 18.  Yet, Goku has 
his handful with the weak yet power sucking andriods.  Dr. Gero created
Andriods 14-19, Cell, and then himself.  Appears in episodes 111-119.

Thanks and Credits

-Pojo's Unofficial Total Dragon Ball Z Guide, gave me some info on the previous

-Dragon Ball Z: Andriod Saga, well if it weren't for this I wouldn't be able to
have written the previous section.

-Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 2 rule book and game, of course helped me along by 
giving the skin of the game.

-Me, for finding the free time to write this guide!  Tee hee hee!

-P.S. Blocking is not cheap!  It is tactical!  Otherwise, why would it be 

Contacting Me

Just e-mail me at - mtgathering2000 (at) yahoo (dot) com
Please state in the subject that it is about this guide or another guide I have