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   |  |\  \ |\  \/  \/ ,' `._\__|   \  || |)  )/  \|  | |  |    |/ \    /
   |  | | | |/  / /\ \ |  __,'  `.     ||    /  /\ \  | |  |       /   _\ /|
   |  |/  |    < |__| || |_ | () |     ||    \ |__| | |_|  |__    /   /_,' |
   |     /   .  \ __  |`._,'`.__,' \   || |)  ) __  |    |    |  /         |
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   | |____) / | |  | | | |  \  \,' _ `.| |,' ,'/ /\ \ | | |   ___     `.
   |  _____ \ | |  | | | |  |  || (_) ||   ,' /  __  \| | |  /    `.    \
   | |_____) || \__/ | | |__/  /`.___,'| ,\ \ | |  | || | \_|      |    |
   |________/  `.__,' /______,'        |_| \_\|_|  |_||_|        ,'    /
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Dragon Ball Z Budokai 2 (PS2) Krillin Character FAQ
Copyright 2005 Mitch Frizzell
November 11, 2005
Version FINAL

Table of Contents

1. Introduction
2. Techniques
3. Combos
4. Tips
5. Author's Notes/Version History
6. Thanks
1a. Introduction
This is my second guide, for the PS2 game, Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 2. The game
is based on the hit anime series Dragon Ball Z, and is the second in the
ongoing series. The game boasts over 20 characters, many levels, and over 200
capsules that you can unlock to give your characters more power. I choose
Krillin for this guide because he is one of the only characters who didn't have
their own guide on Gamefaqs.

Because of the amount of time that was put into this guide, please don't rip
me off and use this without my permission. If you want to use this guide on
your site, please e-mail me and I'll think about it. As of now this guide
is to be seen only at these sites:

For any questions, doubts, flames, and/or anything else please e-mail me at or drop me line at my wesite: (go to the contact me page)

1b. Character Bio
Krillin first appears during Dragon Ball episode 14. He meets Goku while the
two are training under Master Roshi. During this time, Krillin and Goku are
friendly rivals, and they both grow to higher power levels. After their
training, they become best friends and continue training together, even in the
latter parts of Dragon Ball Z. Krillin is one of the first humans to go to
Namek to collect the Dragon Balls. Later in the series, Krillin marries android
#18, and Krillin finally settles down, retiring from the life of a fighter.
That is, until danger comes to the earth again...

2. Techniques

P: Punch
K: Kick
E: Energy (Ki)
-): forward on the d-pad
(-: Back on the d-pad

Name: The name of the technique.
Combo 1: How to activate the technique with up to 3 different combos.
Damage: How much damage the technique afflicts on the enemy.
Damage 2: How much damage the technique does while in "Unlock Potential".
Rating: My personal rating for the technique.
Notes: Notes concerning the technique.

Kamehameha (1 Ki Bar)
Combo 1: PPPPE
Damage: 624
Damage 2: 653
Rating: 5/5
Notes: One of the best attacks in Krillin's arsenal, probably the most used.
This combo is my personal favorite of the three.

Combo 2: KK(-KE
Damage: 601
Damage 2: 628
Rating: 3/5
Notes: A quicker combo ending the Kamehameha wave; not the strongest combo, but
a useful one if you're in the need of a quick hit.

Combo 3: -) E
Damage: 375
Damage 2: 393
Rating: 4/5
Notes: The fastest Kamehameha, this combo lets you assault the enemy from far
away, or hit him from close range when his guard is down.

Destructo Disk (2 Ki Bars)
Combo 1: PP(-PPE
Damage: 857
Damage 2: 898
Rating: 5/5
Notes: Actaully I find myself using this technique a lot, even though it costs
2 ki bars. As always, use this combo instead of the others, because it does the
msot damage.

Combo 2: -)PP-)PPE
Damage: 742
Damage 2: 778
Rating: 2/5
Notes: Personally, I find the -)PP-)PP combos hard to pull off, making me mess
them up a lot. Use one of the other two, unless you're a vet.

Combo 3: (-E
Damage: 600
Damage 2: 630
Rating: 3/5
Notes: The cheaters way to use the Destructo Disk... no not really. Only use
this if your opponent just side-stepped, or if he is charging an attack. Only
use from long range, or you risk missing the attack, and losing 2 Ki Bars in
the process.

Fierce Destructo Disk (3 Ki Bars)
Combo: KK-)KKE
Damage: 1,102
Rating: 5/5
Notes: My favorite technique for Krillin also happens to be his strongest. The
best time to use this would be when the enemy is in the orange life bar, or
has only a little in the yellow. Instant kill. Use as a finisher. 

Note: As a side note you have to rotate the analog sticks to power this up.
I recommend that you put your palm on both sticks and rotate them at the same
time. Also, you can only use this when you have used P+K+G Unlock Potential.

Zanku Fist (1 Ki bar)
Combo: -)PPKKE
Damage: 731 (529)
Damage 2: 766 (554)
Notes: This attack can be one of the best in Krillin's arsenal, but if your
opponent picks the same button as you, it will only do the amount of damage
in parentheses above. So it can be good or bad, depending on the situation.

Valiant Fist (2 Ki Bars)
Damage: 632
Damage 2: 647
Rating: 4/5
Notes: Pretty much the same as the above attack, but without the possibility of
lesser damage. This comes at a steeper price, though.

Jackhammer (0 Ki Bars)
Combo: P+G
Damage: 245
Damage 2: 253
Rating: 5/5
Notes: The weakest attack Krillin posseses, the Jackhammer actually is one of
the most useful. Use it against turtles, or use it to chain into a PPPPE
Kamehameha wave. This attack is one of the most versatile in the game.

Unlock Potential (0 Ki Bars)
Combo: P+K+G
Effect: Increases Attack value +5%
Rating: 5/5
Notes: You need three Ki Bars to use this special, but you loose it if you're
knocked down with less than 2.

I use a KKK combo (kick x3 not the organization) and use this right off
the bat. Even though it only increases attack +5%, it's still worth it. If you
are knocked down with 2 or less Ki bars you lose this though.
3. Combos
Since there are a million combos for Krillin, I'll only list the most common.

Combo: PPPPP
Damage: 299
Damage 2: 313
Rating: 3/5
Notes: A good combo that ends in a punch that sends the enemy 2 feet away. Not
good at all. The only reason it gets a 3 is beacuase if you substitue the last
P for an E you get a Kamehameha.

Combo: -)PPPPP
Damage: 322
Damage 2: 336
Rating: 4/5
Notes: Better, but not as good as some of the other combos.

Combo: -)PP-)PPP
Damage: 346
Damage 2: 362
Rating: 2/5
Notes: Once again, I hate this combo. I always mess it up, and the enemy hits
me with their hardest attacks. Then again, I'm kinda clumsy with the d-pad.

Combo: KKK
Damage: 233
Damage 2: 243
Rating: 3/5
Notes: Getting better, this combo sends the enemy flying; my favorite kick
combo. Use this to get the enemy away to charge Ki, or to send him through a
destructable wall. Too short to be the best though.

Combo: -)KKK
Damage: 245 
Damage 2: 257
Rating: 3/5
Notes: Pretty much the same as the above combo.

Combo: PPKKK
Damage: 371
Damage 2: 389
Rating: 5/5
Notes: My favorite combo. It has the power of the punch combos and the sending-
away-of-the-enemy quality the kick combos have, making it the best combo, in
my oppinion for Krillin.

4. Tips

There really isn't much I can say about Krillin, since this game really lets
you use your characters how you want, but here are some strategies and tips.

Tips For Customization
I recommend that you equip Krillin with the following capsules:

Gero's Perpetual Energy R&D
Destructo Disk
Any 1 slot capsule you want

This setup is very effective for Krillin, since he doesn't rely on
transforamtions. He won't be able to use his Fierce Destructo, though. This is
normally how I equip Krillin when I use him.

Here is a random list of tips
*Try to equip 2 Kamehameha capsules if possible to increase damage.

*Use Unlock Potential as soon as posible in the battle.

*Only equip Zanku Fist OR Valiant fist. They're almost the same, so don't waste

*Side-step a lot. It's really valuable, especially against enemies like
 Saibamen, who use Acid a lot.

*If an enemy sidesteps, immediately follow through with a Kamehameha [-) E] or
 a Destruco Disk [(- E], which they won't be able to doge.

*Since Krillin is a small character, he can hit any enemy in the game. Because
 of this, the large enemies some times have a hard time hitting him, so use
 this to your advantage.

*If you can't seem to find an opportunity to use Unlock Potential, or to
 charge up your Ki, try the PPKKK combo. It not only knocks the enemy away,
 but it also gives you time to charge up/use Unlock Potential.

I can't really think of any other tips, write me if you have any or post them
on my message board.

5. Author's Notes/Version History
5.1. HELP!
I don't really need any more help with this guide, but feel free to contact me

5.2. Version History
Version 0.0:   Wrote the Skeleton FAQ and got the damage numbers for all the

Version 0.99:  Finished it all and will submit to Gamefaqs as 0.99 so I can
               update once more.

Version 1.0:   Was going to write more, but I'm lazy. Added neoseeker and
               supercheats to the list.

Version 1.01:  Totally revamped the "look" of the guide ;), fixed some errors,
               added the ascii art (courtesy of osrevad), and added my site to
               the list.
Version Final: Fixed every error in the guide, reprased some sentences, added
               some puncuation, etc.

Version Final: Fixed some errors, and changed the look once again. Nov. 16

5.3 In the Next Update
This is the final version of the guide, and it won't be updated any further
unless a glaring mistake is pointed out, or if I recieve feedback (I'll put
you in the thanks section). Please write me with any comments/tips/mistake/any
other thing you can think of.

5.4. Thanks
*God, for my salvation and my life.

*My dad for buying this game for me.

*Gamestop, for letting me trade B1 for this game, even though I only got 2
 dollars trade in value.

*Gamefaqs, Neoseeker, Supercheats, Gamerhelp, 1up and mitchfrizzell (^_^)
 for posting this guide (in no particular order).

*digimonking for inspiration for the guide's new look.

*You, for reading this guide and for the future writters out there good luck.

5.5. Dedication
I'd like to dedicate this guide to A l e x and Devin Morgan. You guys really
are, and were, my inspiration. You've helped so many people (inlcuding me) and
without you guys GameFaqs wouldn't be what it is today. Thanks for everything!
Keep on churning out those guides.

This guide, in its entirety is Copyright 2005 Mitch Frizzell