Enemies FAQ by Aliosis

Version: 1.00 | Updated: 12/08/04 | Printable Version

By: Aliosis

1. Introduction
2. Revision History
3. General Tips and Hints
4. Ghosts
  a. The Wanderer
  b. Woman In Box
  c. Man In Dark
  d. Seeker
  e. Pole Bearer
  f. Sickle Bearer
  g. Sunken Woman
  h. Limbo Man
  i. Limbo Woman
  j. White Misty Psycho Man
  k. Veiled Priest
  l. Woman In Dark
  m. Unrest in Piece
  n. The Mourner
  o. Broken Neck Woman
  p. Twin's Spirit and Twin's Doll
  q. Fallen Woman
  r. Doll Maker
  s. Sae
  t. Crimson Kimono
  u. Kids Playing Tag
  v. Ceremony Master
  w. Rope Man
  x. (Spoiler Enemy 1)
  y. (Spoiler Enemy 2)
5. Random Ghosts
6. Conclusion

|1. Introduction|
You've conquered Himuro Mansion (Hopefully), but are you 
prepared for an entire VILLAGE full of ectoplasmic
baddies? Welcome to the second Fatal Frame Enemies
FAQ by yours truly.

This time, I'll be doing my best to aid you in knowing
just how to deal with the ghosts in Fatal Frame II: 
Crimson Butterfly. It's a whole other game in this 
installment, but victory is within your grasp.

You'll notice that this FAQ looks similar to my last one,
and that several sections may actually be identical. Don't
worry; the information that's been repeated here is still 
quite valid. Especially the general tips and hints.

I'll try to list the ghosts in the general order you can
expect to fight them normally, but it's quite possible 
that you may encounter them in a slightly different order.

I've also included special notes for specific encounters. 
There's not many right now, but there may be more in later

Good luck!

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|2. Revision History|
December 8 2004: First incarnation of the FAQ. Almost my 
birthday, too!

|3. General Tips and Hints|

indicated by glowing red lanterns. On your map, a crimson 
butterfly icon will also indicate a save point. Remember 
that! Also remember that you can't use a save point if any 
ghosts are currently nearby. If one is, they will dim and 
won't respond to your actions until the ghost(s) is/are 

1. Keep your health up when you can. Many ghosts, 
especially later on, can drain up to 3/4 of your health 
bar in one attack. If you think you're in danger, don't 
be afraid to use Herbal Medicine or even Sacred Water. 
Also remember to utilize the Stone Mirrors. You can only
carry one at a time, but so long as you have one your 
health will be fully restored the instant it reaches zero.
Of course, since you can only carry ONE at a time, you 
should be careful not to let them go to waste by being 

2. Your capture circle (The large circle in the center of 
your viewfinder) will make a strange noise, and unusual 
symbols will appear around the rim when you can hit a ghost.
The closer you get, the more damage you'll inflict. Swallow
your fear and get right in their face if ever you have the 
opportunity! Of course, there are some enemies in which you
will have to show more caution.

3. Further, if the capture circle turns a red color, and 
the noise I mentioned becomes strangely intense, it means 
several things. First, it often means that the ghost is 
about to execute an attack. Second, it's an opportunity for 
a Zero Shot. A Zero Shot is when you shoot a ghost when it's 
especially vulnerable to attack. This in itself is capable of 
doing quite a bit of damage. Paired with an ability like Blast
(Which you active by pressing the Triangle button instead of 
the X or R1 button when you attack), it's capable of bringing
devastation to your enemies! This can even lead to a Fatal 
Frame! If you manage a Fatal Frame, keep your lock on the 
enemy! The red will come back and you have to be ready. If 
you hit them again when the red comes back, that's a combo. 
In the right circumstances, this can lead to three or more 
shots! It also gives you a truckload of spirit points for 
each one, so it's extremely useful.

4. Unlike the last game, there's no one telltale noise to 
indicate that an enemy has teleported. The best way to know
this now is if your filament (That colored light that turns 
blue versus normal ghosts and red versus hostile ones) light
changes intensity, or if you actually see them vanish. Be 
prepared; many ghosts will take this opportunity to attack 
you. Find them again as fast as you can.

5. Ghosts can go through walls, but you can't. If you can 
help it, don't stand next to a wall; not only is your camera 
incapable of attacking a ghost through a wall, but it gives 
your enemy a window of opportunity when attacking you.

6. Even when your capture circle isn't making the telltale 
"ready to hit" noise, that doesn't mean you're facing the 
wrong direction. Rely on the glowing light of your filament. 
The stronger the glow, the closer and more accurate direction 
you're facing. Also, a ghost's life gauge appears in the upper 
left corner of your viewfinder screen when you're facing the 
generally correct direction (When you've found the proper 
item to allow this).

7. If you're fighting a random ghost and you want to run 
away, it's risky business. Some will vanish the moment you
pass a certain point, but others will chase you with zealous
abandon. After all, what else do they have to do?

8. If you're in immediate danger of attack by a ghost and 
you want to fire a Zero Shot, don't think it'll always work. 
Several ghosts won't give you enough time or warning before 
an attack to let you fire a Zero Shot. Be prepared to dodge
an attack, and then pay them back in spades!

9. Ghosts are usually stunned for a few brief seconds after 
being hit with any sort of shot. If a ghost is getting too 
close for comfort, shoot them and take the window of time 
you have to re-position yourself farther away. 

10. All ghosts have recognizable patterns. Learn them!

11. The best spot to aim for on most ghosts is their head. 
You often need to have the head in any shot you make to do 

12. You can't replenish film at save points this time around.
If you're out of everything else, switch to the unlimited 
Type-07 film. It's incredibly weak and takes half a century 
to reload, but it's better than nothing.

13. Remember the Evade function! If you have it, tap X as 
fast as you can while you're being grabbed and you have a 
fairly decent chance of using the camera to deflect the enemy
and nullify damage. It has seriously saved my life before. 
Take advantage of it if you can.

14. If all else fails, run! It's harder for a ghost to hit 
a moving target than a stationary one. Move around a room 
until you can gain an advantage and launch a counter-

From crawling to floating, faint to opaque, these baddies 
are your threat to survival in Fatal Frame II. Here's the 
general format for each entry:

-. [Name]



Recommended Film:




Here we go again!

a. The Wanderer

Description: This was Miyako Sudo. She's in considerably 
worse shape than she was before her sojourn to the village.
With her stylish clothes, chic black hair and penetrating 
gaze, she would almost be seductive. Almost.

Tactics: Being the first ghost you fight, her patterns are 
simple. Sometimes all she'll do is appear nearby and cry for 
a few seconds. She likes to fade out, however, and slowly 
walk toward either you or Mayu before preparing to attack. 
You should have enough time to hit her with a shot before 
she can execute her attack, and even if she does manage to 
hit someone, she doesn't hurt all that much. It shouldn't 
take many shots to send her packing.

Recommended Film: Type-14 is fine. If you really want to 
hoard your film, you can beat her with Type-07.

Rewards: Not a whole lot. Just some cutscenes.

Lair(s): Chapter 1: Osaka House, 2F Study. Chapter 2: Osaka
House, 1F Back Room. Osaka house, 1F Family Altar Room/Deluxe 
Tatami Room.

Miscellaneous: You can probably already guess who owns the 
Black Bag and the various diary scraps laying around Osaka
house. If you want to see what she looked like before she 
died, there's a wallpaper with her in it. I'm pretty sure it's
one of the official ones.

b. Woman In Box

Description: She's got long black hair that streams past her 
face, and a stooped posture. As you might've guessed, she has
a funny habit of coming out of small spaces.

Tactics: Don't shoot her if you can't get a zero shot! She's 
invulnerable to all other shots. Keep the camera trained on her,
and when it makes the "zero shot" indication, be ready. Unlike 
most ghosts, this happens whether or not she is actually going 
to attack. 

She also likes to suddenly throw herself a bit straighter and 
stumble toward you, arms outstretched. I've only seen her do 
this when she has about a third or less of her life left. I 
guess she's been in a box just a little too long, because even 
this isn't very fast. If anything, it makes it that much easier 
to hurt her, since she's vulnerable to a zero shot the entire 
time. Three zero shots are usually enough to take her out.

Recommended Film: Type-14.

Rewards: The first time, she'll leave a moonstone and a spirit 
orb. The second time, a puzzle item. The third time, another 
spirit orb. The fourth and final time, another puzzle item! 
Man, she's loaded.

Lair(s): Chapters 2 and 8: Osaka house, 1F Kimono Room. Chapter
4: Kurosawa House, 2F Flickering Room. Chapter 5: Kurosawa house, 
Underground Cellar.

Miscellaneous: Tecmo didn't steal her from The Ring. Get over it.

c. Man in Dark

Description: He looks pretty generic, actually. Sort of like a
zombie wearing a robe. Bald, eye sockets only.

Tactics: I didn't think it was possible, but I think he's easier
than Wanderer. Sometimes you have to move fairly close to/shoot 
him once to get his attention, but when you do, he's still easy  
as pie. He'll wander toward you slowly, and give little warning 
when he's about to attack. The best ways to know when he's about 
to attack are when he's very close, and when the zero shot chance
screams up. Most of the time, one to three of those shots will 
take care of him.

Recommended Film: Type-14. Anything else would be a waste on 
this small fry.

Rewards: I'm almost certain he never gives you anything but some 
extra spirit points. Figures.

Lair(s): He's all over the place. In fact, he's also a random 

Miscellaneous: Seriously the easiest of the easy. 

d. Seeker

Description: A short-haired man with a common villager's tunic 
and pants. He carries a ghost torch everywhere he goes, which is
kind of cute when you think about it. I mean, it's a ghost torch.
It even glows blue!

Tactics: No real challenge by himself. He'll wind back his torch 
arm and smack you with it sometimes, but he's just as likely to 
see you're ready for that and shuffle slowly left or right. It's 
a poor attempt to fool you, since you can just track him. 

Sometimes, though, his torch light seems to cast a glare on your 
vision, making it a bit harder to see for a few seconds. This may 
or may not be an attack on his part; it doesn't cause health 
damage and it doesn't blind or paralyze you.

You may not always need to worry about getting a zero shot on him.
He'll take plenty of damage on normal shots, so if you're getting 
impatient at him just sidestepping you in circles, blast him 
anyway. Or, walk right up to him and force him to try and attack 
you. Usually getting really close to him makes him try his luck.
He's a coward that isn't that tough to take out.

Recommended Film: Type-14.

Rewards: Zilch.

Lair(s): Almost always outside, with only one exception in 
Tachibana house.

Miscellaneous: As I said, he's no real challenge by himself. 
Unfortunately, he's almost never alone.

e. Pole Bearer

Description: Another villager. This one's got a big ol' pole in
his hot little hands.  

Tactics: Probably the hardest of the three generic villagers. He
almost never sidesteps or tries to trick you. Instead, when he's 
ready to attack, he stoops down pretty low and swings his pole
through you. Be ready to back up while aiming lower than usual 
to nail him with a zero shot.

Other than his surprisingly strong and fast smacking ability, 
he's just another villager. Two zero shots should always bury 

Recommended Film: Type-14.

Rewards: His pole! Kidding. He doesn't give you anything but a 
bit of a headache sometimes.

Lair(s): Like Seeker, he enjoys playing outside.

Miscellaneous: Also like Seeker, he's often got his buddies to 
help him fight.

f. Sickle Bearer

Description: The third generic villager. He's holding... get 
this... a sickle! I know! I didn't see it coming either!

Tactics: He's similar to Seeker in his tactics. The only 
difference is his doggedness in swinging his weapon. I'm pretty
sure he has a wider range. Otherwise, just melt him down the 
same way.

Recommended Film: Type-14.

Rewards: Nothing.

Lair(s): Outside. 

Miscellaneous: He's the last generic villager. What a relief!

g. Sunken Woman

Description: The first thing you'll notice about this woman 
is that she's flying. She's always kind of bent over so that 
you can't see her face. She has long black hair and a flowing 
white dress that's kind of damp. I can't imagine why.

Tactics: Actually, the first thing you'll notice about this 
woman is that SHE'S FLYING AT YOUR FACE. Break out the camera 
and get a zero shot in to stop her from wrapping her soaking 
wet arms around you. After that initial attack, she'll teleport 
and either float around side to side for a bit, or simply come 
at you from a distance for another try. Zero shots on her are 
easy as pie.

The only attack you need to really be careful of is when she 
dives into the water. When she does, book it! In a fashion that 
would make the Wandering Priest III from Fatal Frame I proud, 
she'll rise up from below and try to grab your ankles.

Not too unique, otherwise. Lather, rinse, repeat, and she's 
dead. I'd give her maybe three zero shots.

Recommended Film: Type-14.

Rewards: A crystal and a spirit orb! How handy!

Lair(s): She'll only appear on Whisper Bridge. The first time 
it's scripted, but after that it's random.

Miscellaneous: I'll bet she'll really make you look twice at
the bath tub. Remember to capture the ghost under the bridge
when you're done with her.

h. Limbo Man

Description: He's been pretty messed up. There's slice marks
all over his body, and that's the best way to know who he is.
Also, he's missing his right hand. 

Tactics: Don't confuse Stumpy with a Man In Dark. He's faster, 
more aggressive, and tougher to beat. Fortunately, he's still
pretty simple. When he's about to attack, the camera noise will 
fade out as he begins to bow his head down. When his head is 
down far enough, the camera roars back to life with a chance 
for a zero shot or a Fatal Frame. Aim low to keep him in your 
sights during this time. Two or three zero shots will do him in.

Recommended Film: Type-14.

Rewards: At one point, he'll be guarding a key. Otherwise, 

Lair(s): All over Kurosawa house. I'm pretty sure he's a random
ghost there later on.

Miscellaneous: I was seriously expecting something else from the

i. Limbo Woman

Description: You won't have any trouble picking her out. Like 
her male counterpart, she's been sliced to hell and back. She 
also seems to be missing her right arm. That might explain the
discomfort she babbles about.

Tactics: Unfortunately, unlike her friend, she's clever. She 
teleports, moves faster, and gives little or no warning before 
attacking. Don't count on a zero shot to save you; be ready to 
blast her with a strong normal shot and re-position yourself 
farther away.

Fortunately, she can't take as many hits as Limbo Man.

Recommended Film: Type-14 works, but if you want to make your 
shots do more you could use Type-61 if you have any.

Rewards: She's guarding a key at one point. Nothing else, really.

Lair(s): Kurosawa house. Another random ghost there later.

Miscellaneous: She's also in a non-hostile ghost encounter. 
It's been rated one of the most frightening by several Fatal 
Frame veterans.

j. Misty White Psycho Man

Description: Oh believe me, you'll know this guy right away. 
With his wild hair, skeletal features, severed ropes, and 
floating faces, he's pretty intimidating. He turns the screen 
a grainy black and white when he's nearby. 

Tactics: If you remember Fatal Frame I, you'll know that you 
just can't expect to fight a guy who duplicates the Kirie 
effect. Get out of there! Instead of going back the way you 
came, however, look for a door in the northeast part of the 
room. You'll have to run into the small passageway behind you
to get around obstacles, however, so be quick. Use your map if 
you need to, but get to that door! If he catches you without 
a Stone Mirror, you ARE finished. 

Recommended Film: Type-GetAwayFromHimNow works wonders.

Rewards: Your life.

Lair(s): He's in the Kurosawa house, 1F Great Hall for the 
entirety of Chapter 3. Be ready to avoid him a couple of 

Miscellaneous: That isn't his real name, of course, but I 
think it fits just as well.

k. Veiled Priest

Description: A tall man in black robes with a big black 
hat and a veil over his symbol-covered face. He also 
carries a staff and uses it to good effect.

Tactics: Get used to fighting this guy. He absolutely loves
to teleport. If he's close, he'll probably try to smack you
with his staff by leaning back, grabbing the staff with both 
hands, and swinging it down quickly. There's a zero shot 
opportunity during this, but you'll have to aim a bit to the 
side due to his posture just before he attacks, and you don't 
have much time. 

Unlike the other ghosts, however, this one has a projectile
attack. He'll raise his staff into the air with one arm and 
either send a blue wisp or few after you, or a bunch of blurry 
white skulls. They don't usually do that much damage, and they 
eventually go away if you avoid them, but they can ruin your 
shots if they catch you by surprise.

There will be times, also, when he seems like he'll attack, 
but instead he'll walk fairly close, look at you, babble 
about rituals, turn away from you, and teleport.

Sometimes, he can be really cheap. I once fought him in a 
cellar, and he stayed in the wall for a full minute throwing
projectiles at me. 

Unfortunately, it doesn't get any better on his health gauge.
The more abuse you seem to give him, the tougher he seems to 
get later on. Keep hammering away at his health!

Recommended Film: Type-14 or Type-61.

Rewards: He'll often drop something. He's got plenty of 
spirit orbs, for example.

Lair(s): Mostly Kurosawa house, but there are some notable

Miscellaneous: For some really weird reason, he reminds me of 
Maniac from Wing Commanders 3 and 4. I don't really know why.

l: Woman In Dark

Description: A lot like Man In Dark, actually. You'll notice 
some slight differences right away. For one, she's a lot 
creepier up close.

Tactics: Not very hard at all. Really, you'll be fine if you 
just treat her like a Man In Dark. She enjoys getting much 
closer than Man in Dark does before initiating an attack, 
however, so wait for it. She's also got more stamina than 
any Man in Dark.

Recommended Film: Type-14.

Rewards: An entry on your spirit list is all you get.

Lair(s): Practically anywhere. I've fought her outside Kiryu
house and inside Osaka house.

Miscellaneous: Being completely random, you may not encounter 
her at all. It's mostly up to luck.

m. Unrest in Piece

Description: You had to wonder when you'd meet up with Masumi
Makimura. Well, here he is. And he's not so happy to see you.
Obviously the Kusabi has had some fun with him.

Tactics: He's a very aggressive ghost. The only thing I've 
seen him do so far is teleport, move forward a bit, then come 
right at the camera. He's faster than Miyako, but not by too 

The only real complication in your battle with him is that he 
isn't alone; Miyako's in the fray as well. She seems to be 
much more aggressive when Masumi is present; she attacks more 
often and may even deal greater damage. I hope you packed some
Herbal Medicine, because you may very well need some.

Recommended Film: Type-14 or Type-61.

Rewards: An entry in your Memos section.

Lair(s): Chapter 5: Osaka house, 1F Back Room.


n. The Mourner

Description: Tall guy in tattered rags with chains all over. Oh, 
and a big blindfold over his eyes.

Tactics: If you remember Blinded from Fatal Frame, you'll know 
that even if this critter can't see you, he can sure hear you.
He'll occasionally look around, even though he can't see. This 
will often be heralded with a chance for a zero shot. You can 
also get a zero shot by being fairly close to him.

However, what's unusual about this is that instead of knocking
him away, shooting him during this time will actually make him
swing blindly at you! If you get far away enough this isn't a 
problem, but in cramped quarters it can be risky business. He 
swings about four times or so, moving forward each time. If he 
hits you once with any attack, the remaining attacks will 
automatically hit. It doesn't tickle.

Unfortunately, this zero shot is the best way to hurt him. 
Utilize space, since he doesn't teleport and isn't particularly 
fast. It'll take at least two or three zero shots to send him
back to *.

  SPECIAL NOTE FOR AN ENCOUNTER: This note is for the final 
  chapter. You'll have to run a gauntlet of Mourners to get 
  through a passageway to the Abyss. There's several upon 
  several groups of them, and they often come in pairs during 
  this time. I recommend one of two actions:

	1. Defeat all of them. This yields the most spirit 
	points and is probably the safest, but it takes the 
	longest and may end up being futile since you can't go
	back and save.

	2. Get the Mourner(s) right in front of you, hit them 
	with a zero shot, and then run through them while they
	are stunned. This takes quite a bit of skill and will 
	probably test your nerves, but it's fast, relatively 
	safe, and incredibly effective. I use this method the 

   The Mourners have been placed so that they WILL be able to 
   catch and grab you if you blindly charge ahead. Unless you 
   are incredibly lucky with evade or have a nearly infinite 
   supply of healing items, you will not be able to survive.
Recommended Film: Type-14 or Type-61.

Rewards: The first time, you pick up a key when you're done 
with him. After that, I don't think there's anything.

Lair(s): Plenty of places underground.

Miscellaneous: Be EXTREMELY careful! sometimes he'll come in 

o. Broken Neck Woman

Description: She'd look pretty normal except for... well... 
the fact that her head is dangling to the side and her face 
looks like a fish out of water. White dress, black hair, the 

Tactics: You remember her from the first one? Throw all that 
out the window. She's nothing like she was before. She walks 
toward you slowly, and when she's about to attack she hobbles
down and to the side and grabs you. You can get a zero shot 
here, but the aiming is tricky. 

You MUST get zero shots if you expect to knock her back enough
so that she won't corner you. Otherwise, she's capable of doing
quite a bit of damage herself. If you're low on space when you 
get a zero shot, use the time she's stunned to get past her and 
set up shop somewhere else. If she's too close to you, you won't
get a chance to shoot her before she flat out grabs you.

Two to four zero shots will clean her clock.

Recommended Film: Type-14 or Type-61.

Rewards: Nothing really.

Lair(s): Mostly a random ghost, but she has a few notable 
appearances in various places.

Miscellaneous: She's probably one of the more intimidating 
ghosts in the game.

p. Twin's Spirit and Twin's Doll

Description: Two little girls with black hair covering most of 
their faces and black kimonos on.

Tactics: These two ghosts are tricky for several reasons. The 
first and most obvious is that they love to attack you in 
enclosed spaces like hallways. The second reason is because you 
can only really hurt one of them. The Twin's Spirit controls the 
doll, so shooting the doll, even if you blast it to the floor, 
won't do any good. Unfortunately, the doll is VERY capable of 
hurting you if it grabs you.

It's hard to tell which is which most of the time. The only way 
I've been able to tell occasionally is right before one attacks. 
The fake one seems to raise her face up more than the actual 
twin. Of course, if you can get them BOTH in a shot, the real 
one will take damage anyway.

In any case, be very careful, and make your shots do the most 
damage you can. She's incredibly weak stamina wise, so two to 
three good shots will usually take her out. 

  SPECIAL NOTE FOR AN ENCOUNTER: During your first encounter 
  with these two, the real twin is on the left at the start.
  After that, it's anyone's guess.

Recommended Film: Type-14 or Type-61.

Rewards: A serious migraine. Actually, she's got several items.

Lair(s): All over Kiryu house. You have to fight her in three or 
four fights, but otherwise she's random.

Miscellaneous: See my note for Woman In Box.

q. Fallen Woman

Description: Probably one of the most disturbing ghosts in the 
game. Her limbs are all broken, and she also has that fish out of 
water look on her face. Luckily she seems to have a really durable

Tactics: As you can imagine from the description, she has a pretty
hard time getting around most of the time. She'll inch toward you,
and try to snag you with a free arm. Back away and nail her with a 
zero shot for some damage. 

Don't think the entire fight will be that easy, though. After 
getting hit, she'll teleport. Not behind you, not a little to the 
left, not into a vat full of ghost acid, but directly above you! 
The moment she seeps into the floor and you hear her screaming, 
run as fast as you possibly can until she crashes to the floor. 
Make sure she doesn't hit you, or else you'll be paralyzed. Most 
likely long enough for her to grab you.

Also, sometimes she'll come at you surprisingly fast. Be ready for 
her to attack anytime she's on the floor. Otherwise, two or three 
zero shots will spell lights-out for her.  

Recommended Film: Type-14 or Type-61.

Rewards: Nothing directly, but the room she first appears in has 
some treasures. Make sure you get them the first time through.

Lair(s): Kiryu house only, as far as I know. I don't think she's 
a random ghost. At least, I hope not.

Miscellaneous: If you don't want to get the ever-loving crap 
scared out of you, avoid that staircase room after that first 
fight. Actually, you could avoid that room for the entire game.
I'm not sure if it prevents her from appearing later, though.

r. Doll Maker

Description: Geppeto with a twist. He's a robed man with white 
hair. You'll know it's him because he's the only man in the 
entire house.

Tactics: Easy if you get your zero shots in. He can make dolls 
fly at you, but only if you don't stop him with a zero shot first.
Even then, just shooting him with any kind of shot makes the dolls
clatter back to the floor.

He'll also occasionally try for you himself, but that's not too 
hard to stop either. I'd give him three zero shots. 

Also, since he sometimes goes for fairly long periods of time 
doing nothing but teleporting, you may want to give him a normal
shot or few if you get bored.

Recommended Film: Type-14.

Rewards: Glass eyes. No, seriously.

Lair(s): Chapter 6: Kiryu house, 1F Hanging Doll Room.

Miscellaneous: He's a one hit wonder. You only fight him once, 
and then he's gone.

s. Sae

Description: You've seen her plenty of times by now. She wears
a white kimono with blood down the front, has short black hair,
and laughs like a maniac. She's also the very first Japanese girl 
in history to look really freakin' scary all on her own. Oh, and
she also enjoys turning the screen a grainy black and white like 
our friend from Kurosawa house.

Tactics: You can't beat her, so just run. Don't stop if you can 
at all help it. If she touches you and you don't have a Stone 
Mirror, it's curtains for you. Check an FAQ on the exact route to
escape her.

Recommended Film: Nope!

Rewards: Uhh... not being chased by her anymore, I guess.

Lair(s): Tachibana house. But only for a little while.

Miscellaneous: Freaky deaky!

t. Crimson Kimono

Description: A little girl in a red kimono with short black hair.
She cries a bunch.

Tactics: She teleports, and teleports often. Usually she'll be 
nearby. If she stands up, she's about come right at you. Get 
ready to counter with a well-timed zero shot. If she keeps crying,
she'll either teleport again, or use her ultimate attack. Keep 
your sights on her, there's a chance for a zero shot if she does 
the latter.

Essentially, you'll know she's going to use her attack if the zero 
shot opportunity comes up and she prepares to cry and scream even 
louder than normal. If you don't counter it, you're going to be 
blind for several seconds.

Also, if you take a picture at just the right time when she's 
rushing at you, you'll get a Fatal Frame. If you're lucky, this 
will enable a combo of at least two or three shots. Try it and 
watch the spirit points roll in!

She gets more and more stamina the more you fight her, but these 
tactics should work the whole time. 

Recommended Film: Type-14 or Type-61.

Rewards: For the longest time, nothing. The final fight, however,
will yield a key and a crystal.

Lair(s): These are all in chapter 7, Tachibana house. You must go 
to her in this order or you won't find her until you do:

2F Raised Tatami Room. Search the west closet.
2F Row of Tatami Rooms (Optional). Search the west closet.
1F Entrance. Search the north closet.
1F Tatami Room Hallway. Check the southeast closet and then move 

Miscellaneous: Possibly the only enemy you'll really feel sorry 
for while you blast her. If you look in the manual, she's in the 
example pictures of how to capture hostile ghosts.

u. Kids Playing Tag (There's three)

Description: Two of them are little boys in gray robes. The third
is a little girl in a red kimono.

Tactics: These little buggers are anything but simple. To start, I 
don't recommend staying in viewfinder mode. You need to be able to
see around you. 

If you see one nearby, keep an eye on it, but don't go into your 
viewfinder yet. Often they'll stand there and stare at you and then
simply teleport again. However, the moment you see that one is 
walking toward you, break out the camera! They're about to attack. 

You can damage them while they're walking, but the real damage can 
be done when they're fairly close. They'll start running at you, 
and this gives you the opportunity for a Fatal Frame combo. If you
can blast them enough, you may even be able to kill one with just 
one of these combos.

You also have a brief window of opportunity for a zero shot when 
one of them taunts you by crying, "Over here!" It's very brief, 
however, so don't do it if you think you'll be in danger by trying.

The two boys seem to be more aggressive than the girl, so you'll 
probably end up taking them out first. The battle gets much easier 
with each one you defeat. 

Recommended Film: Type-61 is powerful stuff. Use it if you want. 
Otherwise, Type-14 should work.

Rewards: The Save function. It's pretty powerful. It lets you 
charge up more spirit power from each shot you make, and it makes
the reloading time go faster.

Lair(s): Chapter 8: Osaka house

Miscellaneous: They count as three separate enemies on your list.

v. Ceremony Master

Description: It's Mr. Kurosawa! He seems to enjoy turning into the 
Grim Reaper sometimes.

Tactics: This guy is a challenge. You'll know when he's about to 
attack if his face changes into a skull. Like his subordinates, he
is capable of firing projectile attacks and teleporting, and he 
isn't afraid to do both. However, his projectile attacks are more 
numerous, and they do more damage.

If that weren't enough, occasionally he'll summon two Veiled Priests
to fight you while he takes a breather somewhere else entirely. You
can either defeat them (Doing so prevents Mr. Skullhead from 
summoning any more) or simply wait until they retreat and their boss 
comes back.

This is probably the second most powerful boss in the game, under 
normal circumstances. Feel free to hit him with a Zero or Blast lens
shot; it'll help in the long run. 

Recommended Film: Don't be afraid to bust out the Type-61, or even
Type-90 if you need it.

Rewards: A crystal and some notes.

Lair(s): Final Chapter: Kurosawa house.

Miscellaneous: If you've played Fatal Frame I, his room should 
look strangely familiar. I'll give you a hint: Shrine Maiden.

w. Rope Man

Description: Makabe, A.K.A. Misty White Psycho Man, has really 
seen better days. 

Tactics: This time, you have to stand your ground and fight. He
teleports a lot, and if he hits you once and you don't have a 
Stone Mirror, you're still dead meat. The only way to hurt him 
is right before he attacks, when he's vulnerable to a zero shot
or a Fatal Frame. If you want the latter, you have to wait a 
dangerously long time before cutting off his attack.

He also slowly regenerates lost health. So you'll need to keep
laying the damage on him with well-timed zero shots.

You'll need a lot of them, too. His health is staggeringly high.
Keep grinding the axe, and eventually you'll win.

Just remember, too, that he's just as vulnerable to devastation
as his lesser friends up until now. If you manage to nail him 
with a zero shot on Type-90 film with a level 3 Zero lens blast, 
you could shave off easily half his life or more!

Recommended Film: Type-90 or Type Zero.

Rewards: It's a s-e-c-r-e-t!

Lair(s): Final Chapter: Hellish Abyss.

Miscellaneous: I put him in a previous entry, even though he 
isn't on the enemy list at that point, as a warning not to 
fight him.

x. (Spoiler Enemy 1)

Description: It's... Mayu!

Tactics: Get into your viewfinder, walk really slowly toward her,
and hope you have fast enough reflexes to pump out the VERY brief
fatal frame you're offered. If you fail, you're finished. Even a 
Stone Mirror won't save you.

Recommended Film: Heck, even Type-07 would be fine here. You'll 
only have one shot at this, and it doesn't matter how much 
damage you do as long as you hit.

Rewards: Not dying instantly.

Lair(s): Chapter Zero: Hellish Abyss.

Miscellaneous: This'll give you nightmares...

y. (Spoiler Enemy 2)

Description: It's Sae! Time to kick her *-tainted bee-hind!

Tactics: I haven't fought her yet. Don't worry, I'll have her in 
my next update, post haste!

Recommended Film: Type Zero. Come on, you know you've been saving
it for this.

Rewards: See for yourself!

Lair(s): Chapter Zero: Hellish Abyss.

Miscellaneous: I don't think she'll be laughing after this! I put 
her in a previous entry for the same reasons I did for Rope Man.

|Random Ghosts|
Over the course of the game, you will sometimes encounter 
ghosts purely by chance. The odds vary from time to time 
and location to location. Here's a list of what I've 
encountered at random on each chapter. There could very 
well be more out there; contact me if you've encountered 
others. Also, if it has a (?) next to it, it means quite 
naturally that I'm not sure if it's a random ghost or not.

Chapter 1: None
Chapter 2: None
Chapter 3: Man In Dark
Chapter 4: Man In Dark, Limbo Man(?), Limbo Woman(?)
Chapter 5: Man In Dark, Woman In Dark
Chapter 6: Twins, Fallen Woman(?)
Chapter 7: Twins(?), Broken Neck Woman, Fallen Woman(?)
Chapter 8: Man In Dark, Woman In Dark, Seeker, Pole Bearer, 
Sickle Bearer, Broken Neck Woman(?), Limbo Man, Limbo Woman


That's the end of this FAQ! If you got out of the village, 
kudos! You've got plenty more on your plate, though. Go through 
the game again, if you haven't already done so. Also, you can 
try your hand at some missions. They've taken the kiddie gloves
off on them this time. 

Incoming legal mumbo-jumbo! You can download/view/copy this 
for personal use, but don't do any shifty stuff like take 
credit for its creation. Also, don't post it somewhere 
besides GameFAQs or Neoseeker without asking for my permission 

I'm also trusting that no one out there's going to ask me 
stuff like, "How do I solve this puzzle?!" or, "Where can I 
get a copy of this?!" That's not my department. Besides, I 
forget the solutions to most of the puzzles each time I 
beat the game, so I can't help you with them. Check another 
FAQ for those.

I'm hoping no one out there's going to send me spam or 
other evil mails either. I get enough of those already.

I'd also like to send out some thanks.

1. Chozo Abigaba, for his general walkthrough which helped 
me deal with all the weird stuff like puzzles and where to 
go next. His Fatal Frame II FAQ is just as informative and
helpful as his Fatal Frame I FAQ, if not moreso.

2. The folks on the Fatal Frame II message boards. They 
helped me a considerable amount, even if I haven't posted 
there lately.

3. Tecmo, for finally doing something right.

4. My new PS2 controller. Sure, the left analog stick gets 
stuck on moving right sometimes, but it never malfunctioned 
in the middle of Grandia Xtreme and made the game reset like 
my old one. (Glares at the generic black PS2 controller in 
the corner before petting his new translucent blue one.)

Until Fatal Frame III (Keep praying!), keep catching those