R War Museum Guide by Murataki

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R-Type Final
Complete R War Museum Guide
Version 1.2

Table of Contents

I.	Instructions
II.	Fighters
III.	Wave Cannons
IV.	Forces
V.	Bits
VI.	Missiles
VII.	Bydo Lab (Incomplete)
VIII.	Ship Unlock Methods (Incomplete)
IX.	Other Information
X.	Contact Me
XI.	Legal Stuff
XII.	Credits
XIII.   R-Type
= = = = = = = = = = = = = =

This guide is an archive of all the information found within
R-Type Final’s “R War Museum” and “Bydo Lab”

In addition, the ship unlock methods (are/will be) here.

This guide was made in the memory of the R-Type series.
If anyone at Irem ever reads this, know that you created
a legend.

I. Instructions
= = = = = = = = = = = = = =

I originally planned on putting the information as it is found in
the museum. However, repeating the info from ships with similar
or repeating information would waste space, so I have everything
grouped by weapon type.

To find a particular piece of information, use the spiffy Ctrl+F command
And use keywords, which I’ll list below, to find what you are looking for.

- Fighter keywords are simple. If you want the R-9A, type SHIP1.
If you want POW Armor, type SHIP57.

- Wave Cannon keywords follow a similar syntax. WAVE1 – WAVE84.

- Force keywords. FORCE1 – FORCE53.

- Bit keywords. BIT1 – BIT12.

- Missile keywords. MISS1 – MISS10.

- Bydo keywords. BYDO1 – BYDO78.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = =
II. Fighters

Fighter data layout is as follows:

< keyword>

<model> “<name>”


[<Wave Cannon>]
[<Force Control Device>]
[<Available Bit Devices>]
[<Available Missile Types>]

<unlock method>

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

R War Museum Fighter list (plus model #):

1.	R-9A “Arrow-Head”
2.	R-9A2 “Delta”
3.	R-9A3 “Ladylove”
4.	R-9A4 “Wave Master”
5.	R-9AF “Morning Glory”
6.	R-9AD “Escort Time”
7.	R-9AD2 “Princedom”
8.	R-9AD3 “King’s Mind”
9.	R-9C “War-Head”
10.	R-9K “Sunday Strike”
11.	R-9S “Strike Bomber”
12.	R-9Ø “Ragnarok”
13.	R-9Ø2 “Ragnarok II”
14.	R-9AX “Delicatessen”
15.	R-9AX2 “Dinner Bell”
16.	R-9Leo “Leo”
17.	R-9Leo2 “Leo II”
18.	R-9Sk “Principalities”
19.	R-9Sk2 “Dominions”
20.	R-9W “Wise Man”
21.	R-9WB “Happy Days”
22.	R-9WF “Sweet Memories”
23.	R-9WZ “Disaster Report”
24.	R-9B “Strider”
25.	R-9B2 “Stayer”
26.	R-9B3 “Sleipnir”
27.	R-9D “Shooting Star”
28.	R-9D2 “Morning Star”
29.	R-9DH “Grace Note”
30.	R-9DH2 “Hot Conductor”
31.	R-9DH3 “Concertmaster”
32.	R-9DV “Tears Shower”
33.	R-9DV2 “Northern Lights”
34.	R-9DP “Hakusan”
35.	R-9DP2 “Asanogawa”
36.	R-9DP3 “Kenroukuen”
37.	R-9E “Midnight Eye”
38.	R-9E2 “Owl-Light”
39.	R-9E3 “Sweet Luna”
40.	R-9ER “Powered Silence”
41.	R-9ER2 “Unchained Silence”
42.	R-9F “Andromalius”
43.	RX-10 “Albatross”
44.	R-11A “Future World”
45.	R-11B “Peace Maker”
46.	R-11S “Tropical Angel”
47.	R-11S2 “No Chaser”
48.	TX-T “Eclipse”
49.	OF-1 “Daedalus”
50.	OFX-2 “Valkyrie”
51.	OF-3 “Garuda”
52.	OFX-4 “Songoku”
53.	OF-5 “Kaguya”
54.	TW-1 “Duckbill”
55.	TW-2 “Kiwi Berry”
56.	TP-1 “Scope Duck”
57.	TP-2 “POW Armor”
58.	TP-2H “POW Armor II”
59.	TP-3 “Mr. Heli”
60.	TP-2S “Cyber Nova”
61.	TP-2M “Frogman”
62.	TL-T “Chiron”
63.	TL-1A “Iason”
64.	TL-1B “Asklepios”
65.	TL-2A “Achilleus”
66.	TL-2A2 “Neoptolemos”
67.	TL-2B “Herakles”
68.	TL-2B2 “Hyllos”
69.	RX-12 “Cross the Rubicon”
70.	R-13T “Echidna”
71.	R-13A “Cerberus”
72.	R-13A2 “Hades”
73.	R-13B “Charon”
74.	BX-T “Dantalion”
75.	B-1A “Digitalius”
76.	B-1A2 “Digitalius II”
77.	B-1A3 “Digitalius III”
78.	B-1B “Mad Forest”
79.	B-1B2 “Mad Forest II”
80.	B-1B3 “Mad Forest III”
81.	B-1C “Amphibian”
82.	B-1C2 “Amphibian II”
83.	B-1C3 “Amphibian III”
84.	B-1D “Bydo System a”
85.	B-1D2 “Bydo System ß”
86.	B-1D3 “Bydo System ?”
87.	BX-2 “Platonic Love”
88.	B-3A “Misty Lady”
89.	B-3A2 “Misty Lady II”
90.	B-3B “Metallic Dawn”
91.	B-3B2 “Metallic Dawn II”
92.	B-3C “Sexy Dynamite”
93.	B-3C2 “Sexy Dynamite II”
94.	BX-4 “Arvanche”
95.	B-5A “Claw Claw”
96.	B-5B “Golden Selection”
97.	B-5C “Platinum Heart”
98.	B-5D “Diamond Wedding”
99.	R-99 “Last Dancer”
100.    R-100 “Curtain Call”
101.    R-101 “Grand Finale”

[ SHIP1 ]

R-9A “Arrow-Head”

[General Purpose Fighter]
Mass produced in the war against the Bydo.
Was the fighter of choice for the first trans
-dimensional soldiers of the Earth Hegemony.

The R-9’s development concentrated on including
the Wave Cannon and the unique trans-dimensional
Force Control Device.

[Standard Wave Cannon]
[Standard Force]
[Round Bit] / [Shadow Bit]
[Homing Missile] / [Depth Bomb]

UNLOCK: Initially unlocked.

[ SHIP 2 ]

R-9A2 “Delta”

[Reinforced Atmospheric Prototype]
A stripped-down model designed for in-atmosphere
use. A prototype, but with plenty of combat use.
Influenced many later designs.

Has the (the) same Wave Cannon as the R-9 and
also boasts a Diffusion Wave Cannon that
can amplify and disperse energy by using
a special catalyst.

[Diffusion Wave Cannon Prototype]
[Standard Force]
[Round Bit] / [Shadow Bit]
[Homing Missile] / [Depth Bomb] / [Scatter Bomb]

[ SHIP3 ]

R-9A3 “Ladylove”

[Strengthened Standard Loadout]
A re-designed model based on R-9A and A2 data
that has been fitted with an enhanced Force. The
base model for several sub-series of fighters.

[Standard Wave Cannon II]
[Standard Force DX]
[Round Bit] / [Shadow Bit]
[Homing Missile] / [Depth Bomb] / [Scatter Bomb]

[ SHIP4 ]

R-9A4 “Wave Master”

[Last Direct Descendant]
The last in the line developed from the first
fighter used in the war against the Bydo Empire,
the legendary R-9A.

If is also equipped with the final version of
the Standard Wave Cannon with powerful armor-
piercing capabilities. Named the “Wave Master”
as a result.

[Standard Wave Cannon III]
[Standard Force DX]
[Round Bit] / [Shadow Bit] / [Shield Bit]
[Homing Missile] / [Depth Bomb] / [Scatter Bomb]

[ SHIP5 ]

R-9AF “Morning Glory”

[Force Wave Cannon Test Model]
Has a modified Force built to fire like a Wave
Cannon. Trigger mechanism is integrated in the
ship’s body to control the cannon system.

The R-9AF is a specialized craft, and unorthodox
methods were used in its construction. Although
its shape recalls the early R-3 craft, all
similarities are coincedental.

[Force Wave Cannon]
[Standard Force DX]
[Round Bit] / [Shadow Bit]
[Homing Missile] / [Depth Bomb]

[ SHIP6 ]

R-9AD “Escort Time”

[Experimental Decoy Unit]
Designed for solo missions, this unit can
create the appearance of multi-craft formations
by deploying decoy fighters.

[Decoy Wave Cannon]
[Standard Force DX]
[Round Bit] / [Shadow Bit]
[Homing Missile] / [Depth Bomb]

[ SHIP7 ]

R-9AD2 “Princedom”

[Improved Decoy Unit]
Fake formation fighter with combat experience.
after the decoys’ defenses were improved, the
small number of fighters recorded many kills.

[Decoy Wave Cannon II]
[Standard Force DX]
[Round Bit] / [Shadow Bit]
[Homing Missile] / [Depth Bomb]

[ SHIP8 ]

R-9AD3 “King’s Mind”

[Elite Decoy Unit]
Last step in the evolution of fake
formation Decoy series. It is respected as one
of the most powerful fighters ever produced.

[Decoy Wave Cannon III]
[Standard Force DX]
[Round Bit] / [Shadow Bit]
[Homing Missile] / [Depth Bomb]

[ SHIP9 ]

R-9C “War-Head”

Construction was based on data gathered in
the first war with the Bydo.
Specially made for combat in sub-space.

Loaded with a Diffusion Wave Cannon, and
designed with an emphasis on firepower.
Sometimes called the “Monster” for its armor-
piercing capacity and raw destructive power.

[Diffusion Wave Cannon]
[Standard Force C]
[Round Bit] / [Shadow Bit]
[Homing Missile] / [Scatter Bomb]

[ SHIP10 ]

R-9K “Sunday Strike”

[Mass Production Economy Model]
An inexpensive, low maintenance fighter, based
on the R-9C. Most of the equipment is identical
to the R-9C’s layout.

This all-purpose fighter is being tested for
use in a variety of situations, due to its
versatility and low cost.

[Diffusion Wave Cannon]
[Standard Force K]
[Round Bit] / [Shadow Bit]
[Homing Missile] / [Scatter Bomb]

[ SHIP11 ]

R-9S “Strike Bomber”

[Enhanced Mass Production Model]
Built after a second re-evaluation of the R-9C.
Mass-produced, but it did not surpass the R-9K
in number of units. The birth of the R-9S
led to the development of other superior models.
Use of a stronger Wave Cannon was made
possible by a return to the Standard Force.

[Mega Wave Cannon]
[Standard Force]
[Round Bit] / [Shadow Bit]
[Depth Bomb] / [Scatter Bomb]

[ SHIP12 ]

R-9Ø “Ragnarok”

[Hyperdrive System Fighter]
Has just enough stability to use its
rapid-fire Wave Cannon. Based on the R-9S frame,
but with performance and firepower improved.

A rapid-fire Wave Cannon is on every designer’s
wish list, but this was the only model to make
that wish come true.

[Hyper Wave Cannon]
[Shadow Force]
[Round Bit] / [Shadow Bit]
[Homing Missile] / [Depth Bomb]

[ SHIP13 ]

R-9Ø2 “Ragnarok II”

[Ultimate Wave Cannon]
Outstanding stability was developed for the
Hyperdrive System. Also equipped with an even
more powerful Wave Cannon.

[Giga Wave Cannon]
[Cyclone Force]
[Round Bit] / [Shadow Bit]
[Homing Missile]

[ SHIP14]

R-9AX “Delicatessen”

[Magnum Armament Test]
Built to stress-test Bits and Wave Cannons
in unusual conditions.

There is no record of it ever being used in
combat, and the exact number produced
remains unclear.

[Standard Wave Cannon X]
[Standard Force H]
[Round Bit] / [Shadow Bit]
[Homing Missile] / [Depth Bomb] / [Scatter Bomb]

[ SHIP15 ]

R-9AX2 “Dinner Bell”

[Magnum Armament Test 2]
The output of the R-9AX’s Wave Cannon is
improved. Detailed records do not exist
for this model either.

[Standard Wave Cannon XX]
[Standard Force H]
[Round Bit] / [Shadow Bit]
[Homing Missile] / [Depth Bomb] / [Scatter Bomb]

[ SHIP16 ]

R-9Leo “Leo”

[Laser Bit]
The offensive capabilites of this fighter’s Bit
Device have been drastically altered. The Bit
can fire the same laser as the Force.

The Wave Cannon’s output had to be
lowered in order to increase the Bit’s

[Standard Wave Cannon Prototype]
[Leo Force]
[Psy Bit]
[Homing Missile] / [Scatter Bomb]

[ SHIP17 ]

R-9Leo2 “Leo II”

[Dyna-Laser Bit]
As well as the OF-5, comes equipped with the
most powerful Bit Device. The sub-standard R-9
Leo Wave Cannon has been upgraded.

[Standard Wave Cannon]
[Leo Force DX]
[Psy Bit +]
[Homing Missile] / [Scatter Bomb]

[ SHIP18 ]

R-9Sk “Principalities”

[Flame Fighter]
Specially designed for flame weapons. The
Wave Cannon and even the Force guns will burn
enemies to a crisp.

In an effort to radiate the intense heat from
the blazing guns, most armor has been stripped
from the craft. The designers nicknamed the
R-9Sk “The Skeleton”.

[Flame Wave Cannon]
[Fire Force]
[Round Bit] / [Shadow Bit]
[Depth Bomb] / [Scatter Bomb]

[ SHIP19 ]

R-9Sk2 “Dominions”

[Enhanced Flame Fighter]
An improved version of the infamous R-9Sk.
The heat of the Wave Cannon and the Force
weapons are dramatically increased.

However, since the power of flame weapons is
limited and their deployment and maintenance are
troublesome when compared to optical weapons,
work on the R-9Sk series has been abandoned.

[Flame Wave Cannon II]
[Flame Force]
[Round Bit] / [Shadow Bit]
[Depth Bomb] / [Scatter Bomb]

[ SHIP20 ]

R-9W “Wise Man”

[Magnetic Wave Cannon Test]
The R-9W series was specially created to test
the viability of the Magnetic Wave Cannon.
Demands a lot mentally from its pilots.

The test tube-like canopy is made to snap in
and out easily. When changing pilots, the whole
canopy section must often be removed as well.

Due to extreme exhaustion, the pilots cannot
get out of the fighter on their own and must
but pulled out.

[Nanomachine Wave Cannon]
[Standard Force H]
[Round Bit] / [Shadow Bit]
[Homing Missile] / [Depth Bomb] / [Scatter Bomb]

[ SHIP21 ]

R-9WB “Happy Days”

[Split Wave Cannon Test]
Another risky test of a new Wave Cannon.
It has the ‘test tube’ canopy which pilots
seem to dread.

[Split Wave Cannon]
[Standard Force H]
[Round Bit] / [Shadow Bit]
[Homing Missile] / [Depth Bomb] / [Scatter Bomb]

[ SHIP22 ]

R-9WF “Sweet Memories”

[Illusion Wave Cannon Test]
The cheerful name contrasts the sinister rumor
about this craft. The Cyber Connector mental
control interface has been greatly improved.

Not only brain waves, but life energy of the pilot
is converted into Wave energy. It is said
that the Wave Cannon emissions are the
nightmares that the pilot is experiencing.

[Illusion Wave Cannon]*
[Standard Force H]
[Round Bit] / [Shadow Bit]
[Homing Missile] / [Depth Bomb] / [Scatter Bomb]

*Also known as the “Dread Wave Cannon”

[ SHIP23 ]

R-9WZ “Disaster Report”

[Cataclysm Wave Cannon Test]
In spite of superior balance and a powerful Wave
Cannon, it never saw combat because the Wave
Cannon was deemed too dangerous.

[Cataclysm Wave Cannon]
[Standard Force H]
[Round Bit] / [Shadow Bit] / [Shield Bit]
[Homing Missile] / [Depth Bomb] / [Scatter Bomb]

[ SHIP24 ]

R-9B “Strider”

[Mid-distance Cruise Unit]
Made to travel big distances, it has the
cumbersome handling of a big ship.

A long operational range is an important matter
especially when fighting the Bydo. Under the
right circumstances, this series’ defining
characteristic can be used to your advantage.

[Barrier Wave Cannon]
[Defensive Force]
[Round Bit] / [Shield Bit]
[Depth Bomb] / [Anti-ground Missile] / [Scatter Bomb]

[ SHIP25 ]

R-9B2 “Stayer”

[Intra-atmosphere Long Cruise Unit]
Fighter for extremely long distance atmospheric
missions. The Wave Cannon’s output has been
increased by 1 rank.

[Barrier Wave Cannon II]
[Defensive Force]
[Round Bit] / [Shadow Bit] / [Shield Bit]
[Depth Bomb] / [Anti-ground Missile] / [Scatter Bomb]

[ SHIP26 ]

R-9B3 “Sleipnir”

[Enhanced Mid-distance Cruise Unit]
Strengthened with an enhanced Defensive Force,
but the operational range is slighty shorter.

[Barrier Wave Cannon II]
[Defensive Force DX]
[Round Bit] / [Shadow Bit] / [Shield Bit]
[Depth Bomb] / [Anti-ground Missile] / [Scatter Bomb]

[ SHIP27 ]

R-9D “Shooting Star”

[Long Range Precision Strike Unit]
This weapon allows attacks from long
range with extreme accuracy and firepower.

[Photon-Belt Wave Cannon]
[Defensive Force]
[Round Bit] / [Shadow Bit]
[Depth Bomb] / [Scatter Bomb]

UNLOCK: Initially unlocked.

[ SHIP28 ]

R-9D2 “Morning Star”

[Enhanced Long Range Precision Strike Unit]
Developed specifically to strengthen the R-9D’s
Wave Cannon. Four vernier add stability and
the Wave Cannon’s charge has been improved.

But, development of longer ballistic range was
pursued in the R-9DH series, drastically reducing
the budget for this series. Therefore,
only the Wave Cannon was properly developed.

[Photon-Belt Wave Cannon II]
[Defensive Force]
[Round Bit] / [Shadow Bit] / [Shield Bit]
[Depth Bomb] / [Scatter Bomb]

[ SHIP29 ]

R-9DH “Grace Note”

[Long Irradiation Beam]
Compared to the R-9(D) series, the length of
discharge has been dramatically prolonged, but
destructive power has been somewhat reduced.

[Steady Photon-Belt Wave Cannon]
[Defensive Force]
[Round Bit] / [Shadow Bit]
[Depth Bomb] / [Scatter Bomb]

[ SHIP30 ]

R-9DH2 “Hot Conductor”

[Extended Irradiation Beam]
The power and discharge time of the Wave Cannon
have been increased. No other changes were made
to this model.

[Steady Photon-Belt Wave Cannon II]
[Defensive Force]
[Round Bit] / [Shadow Bit]
[Depth Bomb] / [Scatter Bomb]

[ SHIP31 ]

R-9DH3 “Concertmaster”

[Hyper-Extended Irradiation Beam]
Has the longest discharge time of all fighters.
The body was radically altered to accommodate
higher output and heat efficiency.

[Steady Photon-Belt Wave Cannon III]
[Defensive Force]
[Round Bit] / [Shadow Bit] / [Shield Bit]
[Depth Bomb] / [Scatter Bomb]

[ SHIP32 ]

R-9DV “Tears Shower”

[Photon Vulcan]
Developed for sweeping and clearing missions.
Not ideal against giant A-Class Bydo, but it is
useful when engaging many small targets.

At least one faction within the military has
criticized the weaponry for being inhumane.

[Photon Vulcan]
[Defensive Force DX]
[Round Bit] / [Shadow Bit]
[Depth Bomb] / [Scatter Bomb] / [Anti-ground Missile]

[ SHIP33 ]

R-9DV2 “Northern Lights”

[Enhanced Photon Vulcan]
Designed to increase the rapid-fire capability
of the R-9DV. Firing time has been increased
by nearly 200%.

[Photon Vulcan II]
[Defensive Force DX]
[Round Bit] / [Shadow Bit] / [Shield Bit]
[Depth Bomb] / [Scatter Bomb] / [Anti-ground Missile]

[ SHIP34 ]

R-9DP “Hakusan”

[Pile Bunker Unit]
Equipped with an ultra-hard metallic spike.
Built for cloe combat, it was ineffective in
the Bydo War(s) and was not mass-produced.

The shields on either side of the fighter
prevent scraps of pulverized enemies from
entering the engine air intakes, but they
serve no defensive purpose.

[Pile Bunker]
[Defensive Force DX]
[Round Bit] / [Shadow Bit]
[Homing Missile] / [Depth Bomb] / [Scatter Bomb] / [Anti-ground Missile]

[ SHIP35 ]

R-9DP2 “Asanogawa”

[Tesla Pile Bunker Test Unit]
Part of a detailed and ongoing close combat
weapons test. Blocking shields have been
attached, but it has not seen real combat.

[Tesla Pile Bunker]
[Defensive Force DX]
[Round Bit] / [Shadow Bit]
[Homing Missile] / [Depth Bomb] / [Scatter Bomb] / [Anti-ground Missile]

[ SHIP36 ]

R-9DP3 “Kenroukuen”

[Supreme Pile Bunker Unit]
The once unappreciated series jumped into the
spotlight with this model. Nobody forgets its
name after seeing the brutal weapon in action.

[Tesla Pile Bunker H]*
[Defensive Force DX]
[Round Bit] / [Shadow Bit] / [Shield Bit]
[Homing Missile] / [Depth Bomb] / [Scatter Bomb] / [Anti-ground Missile]

*Also known as the “Hyper Tesla Pile Bunker.”

[ SHIP37 ]

R-9E “Midnight Eye”

[Early Warning System]
Functions as a patrol unit for the outer bases
on Pluto and elsewhere. Its primary purpose is
data acquisition, and it is only lightly armed.

Entering service after the first Bydo war, the
data it gathered was of tremendous value in
the second Bydo war.

[Recon Wave Cannon]
[Camera Force 1]
[Shadow Bit] / [Camera Bit]
[Homing Missile] / [Depth Bomb]

[ SHIP38 ]

R-9E2 “Owl-Light”

[Enhanced Early Warning System]
A slight variation of the R-9E.
Nothing noteworthy other than a small increase
in Wave Cannon output.

[Recon Wave Cannon EX]
[Camera Force 2]
[Shadow Bit] / [Camera Bit]
[Homing Missile] / [Depth Bomb]

[ SHIP39 ]

R-9E3 “Sweet Luna”

[Radome Endurance Type]
To increase radome endurance and ensure data
collection, the radome was integrated into a
fighter chassis.

[Recon Wave Cannon EX]
[Camera Force 3]
[Shadow Bit] / [Camera Bit]
[Homing Missile] / [Depth Bomb] / [Scatter Bomb]

[ SHIP40 ]

R-9ER “Powered Silence”

[Spherical Radome Type]
The radome was rebuilt as a sphere in order to
collect flawless visual data in all directions.

[Acquisition Homing Wave Cannon]*
[Spherical Radome Force]
[Shadow Bit] / [Camera Bit]
[Depth Bomb] / [Scatter Bomb] / [Anti-ground Missile]

* Also known as the “Seizure Wave Cannon.”

[ SHIP41 ]

R-9ER2 “Unchained Silence”

[Spherical Radome Upgrade Type]
The latest early warning system model. Data
analysis, computation speed and digital systems
from other models are being researched.

[Acquisition Homing Wave Cannon]*
[Spherical Radome Force DX]
[Shadow Bit] / [Camera Bit]
[Depth Bomb] / [Scatter Bomb] / [Anti-ground Missile]

* Also known as the “Seizure Wave Cannon.”

[ SHIP42 ]

R-9F “Andromalius”

[Arm Class Control Unit Prototype Fighter]
Even after rollout of the R-9A,
this test fighter continued to be equipped
with a Force Control Device.

Although not part of the original specifications,
these models are provisionally rigged with
Shock Wave Cannon.

[Shock Wave Cannon]
[Rodless Force]
[Shadow Bit]
[Homing Missile] / [Scatter Bomb]

UNLOCK: Initially unlocked.

[ SHIP43]

RX-10 “Albatross”

[Force Test Model]
Jointly developed by the military and fighter
manufacturer McGuire Industries to test a new
type of Force.

It is equipped with a Shock Wave Cannon that
incorporates technology found in a trans-
dimensional navigational targeting system, and
is capable of detonating enemies from within.

[Shock Wave Cannon]
[Tentacle Force]
[Round Bit] / [Shadow Bit]
[Depth Bomb] / [Scatter Bomb]

[ SHIP44 ]

R-11A “Future World”

[Remote Garrison Enforcer]
Last mass-produced fighter based on R-9 data.
Known for low cost and dependability. Along with
the R-13 it was one of the most common fighters.

Designated for inner-atmosphere use, especially
around urban areas, it featured a compact body
and nimble movement. One type was even used
by a private security group.

[Mini Burst Wave Cannon]
[Gallop Force]
[Round Bit] / [Shadow Bit]
[Scatter Bomb] / [Anti-ground Missile]

[ SHIP45 ]

R-11B “Peace Maker”

[Patrol Spinner]
A variation of the R-11. Slated for use in
metropolitan areas, minimizing danger to
civilians was a priority.

One method for achieving this was equipping
the craft with a Lock-On Wave Cannon.

[Lock-On Wave Cannon]
[Gallop Force]
[Round Bit] / [Shadow Bit]
[Scatter Bomb] / [Anti-ground Missile] / [Photon Missile]

[ SHIP46 ]

R-11S “Tropical Angel”

[Boosted Spinner]
The belief that spinning models were limited
to urban use prompted the development of
a new R-11 sub-series.

The rpm of the forward spinner has been greatly
increased thanks to a booster. However, G-force
dampening is inadequate and the spin
cannot be used at full power.

[Lock-On Wave Cannon II]
[Gallop Force DX]
[Round Bit] / [Shadow Bit]
[Scatter Bomb] / [Anti-ground Missile] / [Photon Missile]

[ SHIP47 ]

R-11S2 “No Chaser”

[Metro Extreme Pursuit Unit]
The R-11S cockpit was totally revamped and the
G-force dampeners made stronger. It is said that
nothing in the city can outrun this model.

[Lock-On Wave Cannon III]
[Gallop Force DX]
[Round Bit] / [Shadow Bit] / [Shield Bit]
[Scatter Bomb] / [Anti-ground Missile] / [Photon Missile]

[ SHIP48 ]

TX-T “Eclipse”

[Variable Structure Prototype]
Designed to measure the effects of speed change
on the craft and the pilot. The transforming
structure was experimental.

[Shock Wave Cannon II]
[Tentacle Force]
[Round Bit] / [Shadow Bit]
[Homing Missile] / [Depth Bomb] / [Scatter Bomb]

[ SHIP49 ]

OF-1 “Daedalus”

[Orbital Strike Unit]
First unit equipped with a Cyber Connector
able to enter and exit the atmosphere. When
changing speeds, it transforms for stability.

Excess energy after transforming is emitted from
the rear. This has been confirmed as a useful
weapon and skilled pilots have been known to
attack with it during combat.

[Standard Wave Cannon Prototype]
[OF Force]
[Red Pod] / [Blue Pod]
[Homing Missile] / [Depth Bomb]

[ SHIP50 ]

OFX-2 “Valkyrie”

[Orbital Strike Remodeling Prototype]
Using OF-1 combat data, this fighter was
developed solely for second-wave attack

[Standard Wave Cannon]
[OF Force II]
[Red Pod] / [Blue Pod]
[Homing Missile] / [Depth Bomb]

[ SHIP51 ]

OF-3 “Garuda”

[Enhanced Orbital Strike Unit]
Successor based on the OF-1 design concept.
A fusion reactor was added, and the body is
smaller, lighter, and has stealth capability.

[Standard Wave Cannon]
[OF Force III]
[Red Pod] / [Blue Pod]
[Homing Missile] / [Depth Bomb]

[ SHIP52 ]

OFX-4 “Songoku”

[Orbital Strike Remodeling Prototype II]
Developed to test a new Pod. The designers
tried to increase offensive power by using the
Pod Shot.

[Standard Wave Cannon]
[OF Force IV]
[Red Pod] / [Yellow Pod]
[Homing Missile] / [Depth Bomb]

[ SHIP53 ]

OF-5 “Kaguya”

[Elite Orbital Strike Unit]
The last model in the OF series. It can carry
the top Bit Device, the Green Pod, but few were
made due to high production costs.

It may be named after Princess Kaguya of the
“Tale of the Bamboo Cutter”; some say that the
Green Pod’s shots resemble bamboo. However, this
is little more than just speculation.

[Standard Wave Cannon]
[OF Force V]
[Red Pod] / [Blue Pod] / [Yellow Pod] / [Green Pod]
[Homing Missile] / [Depth Bomb]

[ SHIP54 ]

TW-1 “Duckbill”

[Self-propelled Container]
Part of the R-9 fuselage was converted into a
cargo container. Two Manipulators were installed
for ease-of-use indoors.

[Carnival Wave Cannon]
[Cube Force]
[Shadow Bit]
[Depth Bomb] / [Scatter Bomb]

[ SHIP55 ]

TW-2 “Kiwi Berry”

[Tank Ordinance Type]
The one and only vehicle with a tank gun.
It was developed to test other methods of
increasing firepower.

However, driving on the ground is not very
useful in the Bydo war(s), and development of a
land warfare R-vehicle was abandoned.

[Drill Force]
[Round Bit] / [Shadow Bit] / [Shield Bit]
[Homing Missile] / [Depth Bomb] / [Scatter Bomb] / [Anti-ground Missile]

[ SHIP56 ]

TP-1 “Scope Duck”

[Reinforced Biped Reconnaissance Unit]
Based on the TW-1 Self-propelled Container.
Data analysis and scouting abilities have been
added. Armament is nearly identical to the TW-1.

Data acquisition capabilities are at about the
same level as the R-9E series.

[Carnival Wave Cannon II]
[Cube Force]
[Shadow Bit] / [Shield Bit]
[Homing Missile] / [Depth Bomb] / [Scatter Bomb]

[ SHIP57 ]

TP-2 “POW Armor”

[Mini Mobile Container]
A miniature mobile cargo unit, developed to move
weapons and supplies. A sturdy top and nimble
handling led to its widespread deployment.

[Bydo Cannon]
[Needle Force]
[Round Bit] / [Shadow Bit]
[Depth Bomb] / [Scatter Bomb] / [Enhanced Homing Missile]

[ SHIP58 ]

TP-2H “POW Armor II”

[Armament Upgrade]
An upgrade of the TP-2’s Force. Since it was
developed for transport, there is a limit to
weapon upgrades. Production has ceased.

[Bydo Cannon]
[Needle Force DX]
[Round Bit] / [Shadow Bit]
[Depth Bomb] / [Scatter Bomb] / [Enhanced Homing Missile]

[ SHIP59 ]

TP-3 “Mr. Heli”

[Asteroid Survey Sentry]
Developed to scout asteroids. The propeller
works not only intra-atmosphere, but also
in space by using cosmic dust to generate force.

[Crystal Wave Cannon]
[Mr. Heli Force]
[Shadow Bit] / [Mr. Heli Bit]
[Depth Bomb] / [Scatter Bomb] / [Vertical Missile/Depth Bomb]

[ SHIP60 ]

TP-2S “Cyber Nova”

[Enhanced Vernier]
Version of the highly flexible TP-2 with an
improved vernier. It has been redesigned for
zero G assignments.

[Supernova Wave Cannon]
[Needle Force]
[Round Bit] / [Shadow Bit]
[Depth Bomb] / [Enhanced Homing Missile]

[ SHIP61 ]

TP-2M “Frogman”

[Amphibious Duty]
Developed after it was noted that the spherical
shape of the TP-2 could withstand high water

The “webbed feet” are designed to be equally
effective while swimming in the water or
walking on land, but it is almost always
deployed in water missions.

[Bubble Wave Cannon]
[Needle Force]
[Round Bit] / [Shadow Bit]
[Depth Bomb] / [Enhanced Homing Missile]

[ SHIP62 ]

TL-T “Chiron”

[Experimental Humanoid Model]
A versatile test machine designed to broaden
the scope of deployment. The cheap, mass-
produced R-9K frame was used.

With the Hybrid Wave Can. System, the pilot can
switch between 2 guns. The TL-T was expected
to be pivotal in a wide range of conditions.
But few were made because of high costs.

[Diffusion Test/Shock Wave Cannon]
[Shield Force]
[Shadow Bit] / [Shield Bit]
[Depth Bomb] / [4-Way Homing Missile]

[ SHIP63 ]

TL-1A “Iason”

[Increased Output Humanoid Model]
Equipped with a stronger version of the TL-T
Wave Cannon. It was the first humanoid model to
be deployed on the battlefield.

[Diffusion/Mini Burst Wave Cannon]
[Shield Force]
[Shadow Bit] / [Shield Bit]
[Depth Bomb] / [Scatter Bomb] / [4-Way Homing Missile]

[ SHIP64 ]

TL-1B “Asklepios”

[Increased Defense Humanoid Model]
The Force has a mirror coating, which is
effective against beam weapons. Offensive
capabilities were not improved.

[Split/Mini Burst Wave Cannon]
[Mirror Shield Force]
[Shadow Bit] / [Shield Bit]
[Depth Bomb] / [Scatter Bomb] / [4-Way Homing Missile]

[ SHIP65 ]

TL-2A “Achilleus”

[Close Combat Unit]
Redesigned to use a close range optical weapon.
The vernier and stabilizers were improved to
control posture while swinging the saber.

[Standard/Shock Wave Cannon]
[Beam Saber Force]
[Shadow Bit] / [Shield Bit]
[Depth Bomb] / [4-Way Homing Missile]

[ SHIP66 ]

TL-2A2 “Neoptolemos”

[Improved Close Combat Unit]
In addition to the close range weapon, the Wave
Cannon has also been enhanced. Only the best of
the best are allow to pilot this masterpiece.

[Standard II/Shock II Wave Cannon]
[Beam Saber Force]
[Shadow Bit] / [Shield Bit]
[Depth Bomb] / [Scatter Bomb] / [4-Way Homing Missile]

[ SHIP67 ]

TL-2B “Herakles”

[Oversize Missile Pod Type]
Equipped with a large missile pod capable of
launching 6 homing missiles at once. Kill rate
soars when it is linked with the R-9 series.

[Standard/Lightning Wave Cannon]
[Beam Saber Force]
[Shadow Bit] / [Shield Bit]
[Depth Bomb] / [6-Way Homing Missile]

[ SHIP68 ]

TL-2B2 “Hyllos”

[Final Humanoid Model]
The last human-shaped model ever produced.
It is a high-performance machine, but only 2
were manufactured.

They were supposed to be issued to 2 ace pilots,
but 1 was ambushed by a Bydo raid while in
transit and was destroyed.

The remaining vehicle proved to be an
unstoppable force, and was a fitting finale
to the great TL series.

[Standard II/Bounce Lightning WC]
[Beam Saber Force]
[Shadow Bit] / [Shield Bit]
[Depth Bomb] / [6-Way Homing Missile]

[ SHIP69 ]

RX-12 “Cross the Rubicon”

[Bydo Coefficient Test Unit]
It is widely known that a Force is made with
cultivated Bydo tissue, and that it is the most
effective weapon against the Bydo.

However, there is a theoretical limit when it
comes to humans controlling Bydo energy.
This unit was developed to break that limit.
Hopefully it can aid the human race. . .

[Mini Burst Wave Cannon]
[Flexible Force]
[Shadow Bit] / [Shield Bit]
[Depth Bomb] / [Scatter Bomb] / [Photon Missile]

[ SHIP70 ]

R-13T “Echidna”

[Cable Force Test]
Developed to collect data on the relationship
between an increased Bydo coefficienct and
subsequent loss of stability.

[Lightning Wave Cannon Test]
[Chain Force]
[Round Bit] / [Shadow Bit]
[Depth Bomb] / [Scatter Bomb] / [Photon Missile]

[ SHIP71 ]

R-13A “Cerberus”

[Anchor Force Unit]
This fighter from arms maker Warrick Inc. was
radically different from all previous R

The ambitious design incorporated innovative
technologies, such as a Wave Cannon with homing
ability and cable-type Force.

The pilot interface also introduced ground-
breaking technology. The pilot’s nervous
system connects directly to the fighter’s

A R-13A was sent to investigate the Bydo Seed
Incident in 2164, but all communication ceased
just as the mission was completed. The military
never made an announcement about the loss.

[Lightning Wave Cannon]
[Anchor Force]
[Round Bit] / [Shadow Bit]
[Depth Bomb] / [Scatter Bomb] / [Photon Missile]

[ SHIP72 ]

R-13A2 “Hades”

[Anchor Force Upgrade]
The R-13A’s Wave Cannon is upgraded. It boasts
a superb balance of offensive and defensive
capabilities. A well-named craft.

[Bounce Lightning Wave Cannon]
[Anchor Force]
[Round Bit] / [Shadow Bit]
[Depth Bomb] / [Scatter Bomb] / [Photon Missile]

[ SHIP73 ]

R-13B “Charon”

[Final Anchor Force]
The last fighter in the R-13 series. Firepower
was blindly pursued, and handling is terrible.
Only a few people even know it exists.

[Bounce Lightning Wave Cannon]
[Anchor Force DX]
[Round Bit] / [Shadow Bit] / [Shield Bit]
[Depth Bomb] / [Scatter Bomb] / [Photon Missile]

[ SHIP74 ]

BX-T “Dantalion”

[Bydo Synthesis Trial]
Until now, Bydo body parts were only used in
the Force Device, but the Bydo Synthesis
Project aimed to test armor usage.

The BX-T tests this application. A powerful
machine is needed to stop the Bydo threat, and
this fighter was developed to meet the needs of
the pilots fighting the battles.

[Dantalion’s Flute]
[Life Force]
[Eyeball Bit] / [Shadow Bit]
[Eyeball Homing Missile] / [Scatter Bomb]

[ SHIP75 ]

B-1A “Digitalius”

[Vegetation Synthesis Trial]
Certain plant-like Bydo have extremely hard,
light-weight skin. The B-1A was developed to
research possible armor applications.

Compared to the R-9A, the B-1A is 55% more
powerful but weighs 13% less. The armor requires
a continous supply of nutrient solution or it
(it) will shrivel and become ineffective.

Incidentally, the nutrient solution has a
powerful narcotic effect on humans.

[Bydo Seed Gun]
[Flower Force]
[Eyeball Bit] / [Shadow Bit]
[Eyeball Homing Missile] / [Scatter Bomb]

[ SHIP76 ]

B-1A2 “Digitalius II”

[Enhanced Vegetation Synthesis]
Based on the B-1A and its plant-like Bydo armor.
Power is increased 70% over the original R-9A.

However, it is weighted down because of the
need to carry a large supply of nutrient
solution to maintain the reinforced armor.

[Bydo Seed Gun II]
[Flower Force]
[Eyeball Bit] / [Shadow Bit]
[Eyeball Homing Missile] / [Scatter Bomb]

[ SHIP77 ]

B-1A3 “Digitalius III”

[Vegetation Synthesis Combat Model]
The final model in the plant-like Bydo armor
series. Its Bydo Logistic system preserves the
armor by imitating Bydo physiology.

The armor changes toughness as needed, thereby
reducing nutrient solution usage. It was never
deployed due to the narcotic nature of the
solution and fears of system failure.

[Bydo Seed Gun III]
[Flower Force]
[Eyeball Bit] / [Shadow Bit]
[Eyeball Homing Missile] / [Scatter Bomb]

[ SHIP78 ]

B-1B “Mad Forest”

[Ivy Synthesis Experimental Unit]
One type of plant-like Bydo has a quality –
named the BI Factor – much like Earth’s ivy.

The B-1B was developed to exploit that quality.
The result is the B-1B Mad Forest, featuring
a special attack and regenerative ability.

[Ivy Rod]
[Ivy Force]
[Eyeball Bit] / [Shadow Bit]
[Eyeball Homing Missile] / [Scatter Bomb]

[ SHIP79 ]

B-1B2 “Mad Forest II”

[Enhanced Ivy Synthesis]
Has more BI Factor than the original Mad Forest.
Offensive power was increased with the
addition of a Wave particle inducer.

The regenerative function was deemed unreliable
during combat, thus all further research was

[Thorn Ivy]
[Ivy Force]
[Eyeball Bit] / [Shadow Bit]
[Eyeball Homing Missile] / [Scatter Bomb]

[ SHIP80 ]

B-1B3 “Mad Forest III”

[Ivy Synthesis Combat Model]
The final B-1B fighter. The Wave particle
inducer was perfected, and BI Factor
extraction techniques were also refined.

However, the Wave energy causes a reaction in
the Bydo plant tissue, and the use of the Wave
Cannon is thereby limited.

[Princess Ivy]
[Ivy Force]
[Eyeball Bit] / [Shadow Bit]
[Eyeball Homing Missile] / [Scatter Bomb]

[ SHIP81 ]

B-1C “Amphibian”

[Regeneration Synthesis Trial]
Many Bydo organisms have a highly effective
self-repair ability. This is probably due to
a genetic element known as the Ribbon.

The B-1C is the first fighter to incorporate
this element. The entire craft is made from
Ribbon composites, but the expected rate of
repair was not achieved.

[Bydo Spirit Cannon]
[Beast Force]
[Eyeball Bit] / [Shadow Bit]
[Eyeball Homing Missile] / [Scatter Bomb]

[ SHIP82 ]

B-1C2 “Amphibian II”

[Enhanced Regeneration Synthesis]
The second fighter to utilize Bydo regeneration.
Using the Ribbon, even if a whole section of the
fighter is destroyed, it can repair itself.

The Ribbon requires a tremendous amount of
energy, and repairing just 5% of the craft
will cut the flight range in half. The section
being fixed cannot be used. Use with care.

Repair cannot be cancelled, and may sometimes
freeze the entire fighter.
Also, as with the Bydo, major damage cannot be

[Bydo Spirit Cannon II]
[Beast Force]
[Eyeball Bit] / [Shadow Bit]
[Eyeball Homing Missile] / [Scatter Bomb]

[ SHIP83 ]

B-1C3 “Amphibian III”

[Regeneration Synthesis Final]
Final unit developed with Bydo self-repair
ability. Repair speed and energy efficiency
were emphasized in (is) its design.

Compared to the B-1C2, a 20% gain in repair
speed and a 35% gain in efficiency were
achieved. But it was unpopular with pilots as it
totally drained their energy.

Dead pilots cannot be regenerated.

[Bydo Spirit Cannon III]
[Beast Force]
[Eyeball Bit] / [Shadow Bit]
[Eyeball Homing Missile] / [Scatter Bomb]

[ SHIP84 ]

B-1D “Bydo System a (Alpha)”

[Bydo Mutant Sample]
Originally, this unit had no military code name.
It is a salvaged wreck and was not developed by

At first it seemed to be a live Bydo life form,
but analysis showed that an abnormal R-9A
was inside, and the instruments have been
attacked by the Bydo.

The unit’s surface was marked with the label
Bydo Mutant. It was appropriated
for top secret research.

[Devil Wave]
[Bydo Force]
[Eyeball Bit] / [Shadow Bit]
[Eyeball Homing Missile] / [Depth Bomb] / [Scatter Bomb]

[ SHIP85 ]

B-1D2 “Bydo System ß (Beta)”

[Bydo Mutant Prototype]
An armored version of the B-1D. The cockpit from
the R-9K was used so a pilot could ride inside
the unit.

The physical effect of interfacing and psycho-
logical impact of the appearance were concerns.
Worries were set aside, however, and the unit
was developed with its evil appearance intact.

[Devil Wave II]
[Bydo Force]
[Eyeball Bit] / [Shadow Bit]
[Eyeball Homing Missile] / [Depth Bomb] / [Scatter Bomb]

[ SHIP86 ]

B-1D3 “Bydo System ? (Gamma)”

[Final Bydo Mutant]
The last unit in the B-1D series. Attempts to
raise the Bydo coefficient were ceased when
effects on pilots could not minimized.

[Devil Wave III]
[Bydo Force]
[Eyeball Bit] / [Shadow Bit]
[Eyeball Homing Missile] / [Depth Bomb] / [Scatter Bomb]

[ SHIP87 ]

BX-2 “Platonic Love”

[Tensile Materials Experiment]
Developed to imitate the “changeling” ability
of the Bydo that allows them to shift between
extreme pliability and hardness.

More than focusing on combat applications, this
unit was developed to explore the nature of
this amazing ability.

[Love Sign Wave Cannon]
[Love Force]
[Eyeball Bit] / [Shadow Bit]
[Eyeball Homing Missile] / [Scatter Bomb]

[ SHIP88 ]

B-3A “Misty Lady”

[Fog Defense Experiment]
Designed to test a new defense system. More than
just camouflage, the fog was supposed to
diffuse beam weapon attacks.

Fog generation proved to be unstable, and the
unit was never deployed in battle.

[Acid Spray]
[Mist Force]
[Round Bit] / [Eyeball Bit] / [Shadow Bit]
[Eyeball Homing Missile] / [Depth Bomb]

[ SHIP89 ]

B-3A2 “Misty Lady II”

[Fog Defense Unit]
Redesign made fog generation reliable.
Although it can diffuse beams, the fog is not
as effective as the indestructible Force.

[Nitro Spray]
[Mist Force]
[Round Bit] / [Eyeball Bit] / [Shadow Bit]
[Eyeball Homing Missile] / [Depth Bomb]

[ SHIP90 ]

B-3B “Metallic Dawn”

[Liquid Metal Frame Sample]
Used a sample like the one found in the B-1D.
The liquid metal in the frame lost its
pliability right after it was recovered.

[Force Wave Cannon LM]
[Metallic Force]
[Eyeball Bit] / [Shadow Bit]
[Homing Missile] / [Eyeball Homing Missile] / [Depth Bomb] / [Scatter Bomb]

[ SHIP91 ]

B-3B2 “Metallic Dawn II”

[Liquid Metal Weapons Unit]
The fluid properties of liquid metal from the
B-3B could not be used in the frame, but it was
somewhat useful for the W. Cannon and Force.

[Force Wave Cannon LM2]
[Metallic Force]
[Eyeball Bit] / [Shadow Bit]
[Homing Missile] / [Eyeball Homing Missile] / [Depth Bomb] / [Scatter Bomb]

[ SHIP92 ]

B-3C “Sexy Dynamite”

[Jelly Frame Experiment]
Developed to adapt the jelly-like tissue seen in
some Bydo. A neural transmission catalyst named
J-zyme was found in the tissue.

The Bydo seem to use this substance as a
mediator to control mechanical weapons. Other
than the cockpit, the unit is almost entirely
composed of J-zyme.

In comparison to the R-9A, handling is
improved 40%.

[SEXY Wave Cannon]
[Sexy Force]
[Eyeball Bit] / [Shadow Bit]
[Eyeball Homing Missile] / [Depth Bomb] / [Scatter Bomb]

[ SHIP93 ]

B-3C2 “Sexy Dynamite II”

[Enhanced Jelly Frame]
Designed to use the neural transmission
catalyst, J-zyme, as much as possible.

While in contact with J-zyme, the weapons and
controls should be manipulated at will. The
pilot is totally immersed in jelly tissue, with
only the bare necessities for life support.

However, most humans reject the process, and a
special training school was established.
The side effects of J-zyme on human psychology
are still unclear.

[SEXY Wave Cannon II]
[Sexy Force]
[Eyeball Bit] / [Shadow Bit]
[Eyeball Homing Missile] / [Depth Bomb] / [Scatter Bomb]

[ SHIP94 ]

BX-4 “Arvanche”

[Scale Armor Prototype]
Tests the viability of using hard Bydo skin in
the frame. The exterior is covered with
sterilized Bydo scales.

[Scale Wave Cannon]
[Scale Force]
[Eyeball Bit] / [Shadow Bit]
[Eyeball Homing Missile] / [Depth Bomb]

[ SHIP95 ]

B-5A “Claw Claw”

[Hardened Materials Experiment]
Continued tests of the material used on the
BX-4. The frame design incorporates the talon-
like growths seen on the Bydo.

[Claw Wave Cannon]
[Claw Force]
[Round Bit] / [Eyeball Bit] / [Shadow Bit]
[Eyeball Homing Missile] / [Depth Bomb] / [Scatter Bomb]

[ SHIP96 ]

B-5B “Golden Selection”

[Precious Metal Armor]
Uses a precious metal to help prevent corrosion.
The armor quality (gold) increases when

[Gold Rush Cannon]
[Gold Force]
[Round Bit] / [Eyeball Bit] / [Shadow Bit]
[Eyeball Homing Missile] / [Depth Bomb] / [Scatter Bomb] / [Photon Missile]

[ SHIP97 ]

B-5C “Platinum Heart”

[Precious Metal Armor II]
Late in the 22nd century, the satellite city
Evergreen was attacked by the Bydo and crashed
into the sea. Countless lives were lost.

This fighter was developed in their memory.
It is a shining example of mankind’s
determination to free itself from the
Bydo menace.

It has never (neveer) been deployed in combat, but it
stands ready to be deployed at any time.

[Shower Cannon]
[Platinum Force]
[Round Bit] / [Eyeball Bit] / [Shadow Bit]
[Depth Bomb] / [Scatter Bomb] / [Anti-ground Missile] /
[Enhanced Homing Missile]

[ SHIP98 ]

B-5D “Diamond Wedding”

[High-density Carbon Crystal Armor]
Developed using the hardest material known to
man. It is said to cost 720 times more than the
R-9K. Naturally, it is extremely rare.

[Prism Rhythm Cannon]
[Diamond Force]
[Round Bit] / [Eyeball Bit] / [Shadow Bit]
[Homing Missile] / [Depth Bomb] / [Scatter Bomb] / [Photon Missile]

[ SHIP99 ]

R-99 “Last Dancer”

[Ultimate Interchangeable Fighter]
A super-versatile model, which can equip all
Wave Cannons, Forces, Bit Devices, and Missiles.

There is evidence that (it) is was developed to fill
the strategic needs of today.

[All Cannons can be selected]
[All Forces can be selected]
[All Bits can be selected]
[All Missiles can be selected]

UNLOCK: Unlock ships 1-98, log 5 minutes of flight time with R-99.

[ SHIP100 ]

R-100 “Curtain Call”

[Ultimate Interchangeable Fighter Ver. 2]
The R-99 ended R-fighter development, but this
unit was made to transmit the technology to
future generations.

[All Cannons can be selected]
[All Forces can be selected]
[All Bits can be selected]
[All Missiles can be selected]

UNLOCK: Password – 1009 9201

[ SHIP101 ]

R-101 “Grand Finale”

[Ultimate Interchangeable Fighter Ver. 3]
The final fighter.
After this, no other R-fighters will ever be developed.

After building this masterpiece, the design
group known as TEAM R-TYPE disbanded.

[All Cannons can be selected]
[All Forces can be selected]
[All Bits can be selected]
[All Missiles can be selected]

UNLOCK: Log 15 minutes of flight time with R-100.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = =
III. Wave Cannons

R War Museum Wave Cannon list:

1.	Standard W. Cannon
2.	Standard W. Cannon II
3.	Standard W. Cannon III
4.	Standard W. Cannon X
5.	Standard W. Cannon XX
6.	Standard W. Cannon Prototype
7.	Force W. Cannon
8.	Decoy W. Cannon
9.	Decoy W. Cannon II
10.	Decoy W. Cannon III
11.	Mega W. Cannon
12.	Giga W. Cannon
13.	Photon-Belt W. Cannon
14.	Photon-Belt W. Cannon II
15.	Steady Photon-Belt
16.	Steady Photon-Belt II
17.	Steady Photon-Belt III
18.	Diffusion W. Cannon
19.	Diffusion W. Cannon Prototype
20.	Shock W. Cannon
21.	Shock W. Cannon II
22.	Supernova W. Cannon
23.	Illusion W. Cannon
24.	Lightning W. Cannon
25.	Lightning W. Cannon Test
26.	Bounce Lightning W. Cannon
27.	Bydo Cannon
28.	Hyper W. Cannon
29.	Cataclysm W. Cannon
30.	Nanomachine W. Cannon
31.	Split W. Cannon
32.	Goliath
33.	Bubble W. Cannon
34.	Cyrstal (Crystal) W. Cannon
35.	Mini Burst W. Cannon
36.	Shower Cannon
37.	Gold Rush Cannon
38.	Prism Rhythm Cannon
39.	Claw W. Cannon
40.	Dantalion’s Flute
41.	Scale W. Cannon
42.	Pile Bunker
43.	Tesla Pile Bunker
44.	Hyper Tesla Pile Bunker
45.	Photon Vulcan
46.	Photon Vulcan II
47.	Recon W. Cannon
48.	Recon W. Cannon EX
49.	Seizure W. Cannon
50.	Lock-On W. Cannon
51.	Lock-On W. Cannon II
52.	Lock-On W. Cannon III
53.	Bydo Spirit Cannon
54.	Bydo Spirit Cannon II
55.	Bydo Spirit Cannon III
56.	Ivy Rod
57.	Thorn Ivy
58.	Princess Ivy
59.	Devil Wave
60.	Devil Wave II
61.	Devil Wave III
62.	Acid Spray
63.	Nitro Spray
64.	SEXY W. Cannon
65.	SEXY W. Cannon II
66.	Force W. Cannon LM
67.	Force W. Cannon LM2
68.	Bydo Seed Gun
69.	Bydo Seed Gun II
70.	Bydo Seed Gun III
71.	Flame W. Cannon
72.	Flame W. Cannon II
73.	Barrier W. Cannon
74.	Barrier W. Cannon II
75.	Diffusion Test/Shock W. Cann.
76.	Diffusion/Mini Burst W. Cann.
77.	Split/Mini Burst W. Cann.
78.	Standard/Shock W. Cann.
79.	Standard II/Shock II W. Cann.
80.	Standard/Lightning W. Cann.
81.	Standard II/B. Lightning
82.	Carnival W. Cannon
83.	Carnival W. Cannon II
84.	Love Sign W. Cannon

[ WAVE1 ]

[Standard Wave Cannon] 2 Loop Max
The R-9A was designed to pack as much
firepower as the main batteries of
a front line battleship.

The weapon gathers power in the forward
prow of the fighter. The accumulated
energy is instantaneously released along
a pre-determined targeting vector.

The complex physics behind this weapon
remove the need for a traditional barrel.

[ WAVE2 ]

[Standard Wave Cannon II] 3 Loop Max
The charge and output volumes is
improved over the Standard Wave Cannon.

Surplus energy can be directed upon impact.
It inflicts high damage and is useful against
enemies with high endurance.

[ WAVE3 ]

[Standard Wave Cannon III] 4 Loop Max
The secondary output of Standard Wave Cannon II
is improved. It possesses the highest
destructive power of its class.

[ WAVE4 ]

[Standard Wave Cannon X] 2 Loop Max
The surplus energy released upon impact is
given homing ability through the use of

[ WAVE5 ]

[Standard Wave Cannon XX] 3 Loop Max
Higher output than Standard Wave CannonX. Its
nanomachine-controlled beam led to the
development of the Remote Guidance Wave Cannon.

[ WAVE6 ]

[Standard Wave Cannon Prototype] 1 Loop Max
Mid-development Standard Wave Cannon. It was
the Wave Cannon initially loaded on the first
R-9As. Some have special Bits equipped also.

[ WAVE7 ]

[Force Wave Cannon] 2 Loop Max
Firing range was extended by designing the
Force with Wave Cannon emissions. This was a
great achievement in the early years of the war.

[ WAVE8 ]

[Decoy Wave Cannon] 2 Loop Max
Decoys are created while charging energy.
The decoys are also equipped with beam weapons.

[ WAVE9 ]

[Decoy Wave Cannon II] 3 Loop Max
The output of the decoy weapons is doubled.
A maximum of 4 decoys can be deployed.

[ WAVE10 ]

[Decoy Wave Cannon III] 4 Loop Max
Up to 6 decoys can be launched. Surrounding the
fighter with 6 decoys is an excellent defensive
and offensive tactic.

[ WAVE11 ]

[Mega Wave Cannon] 2 Loop Max
With a 2 Loop charge, the beam can go
through the ground or walls.

[ WAVE12 ]

[Giga Wave Cannon] 7 Loop Max
Unique 7 Loop charge, and the most powerful gun
of all. It can obliterate all enemies and is
nicknamed “The Final Wave Cannon”.

[ WAVE13 ]

[Photon-Belt Wave Cannon] 2 Loop Max
Boasts a range of 380,000 km (the distance
from the Earth to the moon), but problems
with the cooling system prevent peak power
deployment in battle situations.

[ WAVE14 ]

[Photon-Belt Wave Cannon II] 3 Loop Max
A more deadly version of the Photon-Belt Wave
Cannon. Discharge time is extended, thereby
increasing the total damage inflicted.

[ WAVE15 ]

[Steady Photon-Belt Wave Cannon] 2 Loop Max
Based on the Photon-Belt Wave Cannon. Discharge
time was lengthened, but destructive power
dropped slightly.

[ WAVE16 ]

[Steady Photon-Belt Wave Cannon II] 3 Loop Max
Developed to make up for the drop in firepower
seen in the Steady gun. Peak output is higher
than that of the Photon Belt Wave Cannon.

[ WAVE17 ]

[Steady Photon-Belt Wave Cannon III] 4 Loop Max
Longest firing time of all Wave Cannons. Can
be very useful depending on the situation, but
overuse can result in tactical laziness.

[ WAVE18 ]

[Diffusion Wave Cannon] 2 Loop Max
After raising stability in a successful
Diffusion prototype, this weapon was introduced
for use in live combat.

It has 30% more diffusion energy than the
original prototype.

[ WAVE19 ]

[Diffusion Wave Cannon Prototype] 2 Loop Max
By dispersing the energy of a Standard Wave
Cannon, this weapon is capable of inflicting
damage over a wide area.

Energy can now be charged up to a maximum of
2 Loops.

[ WAVE20 ]

[Shock Wave Cannon] 2 Loop Max
This weapon triggers massive and sudden energy
release within an enemy target. Nearby targets
are also damaged in the resulting explosion.

This Wave Cannon exploits the same technology
found in the trans-dimensional navigational
targeting systems used for warp jumps.

[ WAVE21 ]

[Shock Wave Cannon II] 3 Loop Max
Based on the Shock Wave Cannon. The charge
volume was increased and an explosive
chain ability was added.

[ WAVE22 ]

[Supernova Wave Cannon] 2 Loop Max
Developed as part of a failed project to
create an artificial supernova. Output is about
the same as the Shock Wave Cannon.

[ WAVE23 ]

[Dread Wave Cannon]* 2 Loop Max
It is able to transform the brainwaves of the
pilot into Shock Wave energy. An enormous
psychological burden is imposed on the user.

Since both the pilot’s psychology and condition
both influence its effectiveness, the
weapon’s destructive power varies greatly.

*Also known as the “Illusion Wave Cannon”.

[ WAVE24 ]

[Lightning Wave Cannon] 2 Loop Max
New weapon developed to give Wave energy
some homing ability. The bolts seek out
and target the enemy.

[ WAVE25 ]

[Lightning Wave Cannon Test] 2 Loop Max
Test model made while developing the Lightning
Wave Cannon. Only power was emphasized and the
homing ability was not included.

[ WAVE26 ]

[Bounce Lightning Wave Cannon] (3 Loop Max)*
Developed to cut energy loss. Bolts will reflect
off surfaces without any power loss. The homing
ability was included.

* The R War Museum does not state the charge volume.
I put it in ( ) just for reference.

[ WAVE27 ]

[Bydo Cannon] 2 Loop Max
Bydo are optically targeted and shots converge
on the enemy. Not particularly good news for
anything that looks like a Bydo. . .

[ WAVE28 ]

[Hyper Wave Cannon] 2 Loop Max
By adapting a Hyperdrive System, the quest to
build a rapid-fire Wave Cannon was finally

[ WAVE29 ]

[Cataclysm Wave Cannon] 2 Loop Max
A terrifying weapon that is able to attack with
the power of a man-made natural disaster.

It is difficult to distinguish between a real
disaster and the effects of the gun, so its use
outside the Bydo War was strongly opposed. A
treaty restricting the weapon’s use was signed.

[ WAVE30 ]

[Nanomachine Wave Cannon] 2 Loop Max
A beam weapon with remote guidance control
provided by guidance nanomachines.

The pilot can control the focal point of
beams that have already been fired.

[ WAVE31 ]

[Split Wave Cannon] 2 Loop Max
After hitting an enemy or some other obstacle,
the beam splits and increases the destructive
potential of the gun.

[ WAVE32 ]

[Goliath] 2 Loop Max
The gun known as Goliath. Range varies
according to charge. When grounded on land,
can be fired with a fairly high trajectory.

[ WAVE33 ]

[Bubble Wave Cannon] 2 Loop Max
Extremely acidic gas is enclosed in a thin
film. Upon contact, the film ruptures, and the
gas escapes, damaging the enemy.

[ WAVE34 ]

[Crystal Wave Cannon] 2 Loop Max
Damages enemies by synthesizing high-density
crystals. Crystal size increases in proportion
to the amount of charge.

Large crystals can crack the ground open on
impact, and will inflict damage continously.

[ WAVE35 ]

[Mini Burst Wave Cannon] (2 Loop Max)*
Miniaturized Wave Cannon with the power and
blast area of the Shock Wave Cannon.
Ideal for small fighters.

* The R War Museum does not state the charge volume.
I put it in ( ) just for reference.

[ WAVE36 ]

[Shower Cannon] 2 Loop Max
Has the same properties as the Gold Rush.
The only significant change was a slight
increase in firepower.

[ WAVE37 ]

[Gold Rush Cannon] 2 Loop Max
When detached, the nature and direction of the
Wave Cannon beam is altered by the Force.
Very useful in areas with many obstacles.

[ WAVE38 ]

[Prism Rhythm Cannon] 2 Loop Max
Uses a Force made of diamonds to refract the
Wave Cannon beam over a wide area.

[ WAVE39 ]

[Claw Wave Cannon] 2 Loop Max
Generates a tornado of claw-like energy
projectiles. The number of projectiles increases
proportional to the charge volume.

[ WAVE40 ]

[Dantalion’s Flute] 2 Loop Max
The output hits with a shape overflowing in
life force energy.

It was doubtless developed from the
Diffusion Wave Cannon, but the dramatic (drastic?) increase
in power is hard to explain.

[ WAVE41 ]

[Scale Wave Cannon] 2 Loop Max
Upon contact, scale-shaped energy projectiles
are sprayed, inflicting damage on the enemy.

[ WAVE42 ]

[Pile Bunker] 2 Loop Max
A(n) ultra-hard, explosive-tipped spike stabs the
enemy at tremendous speed. It inflicts great
damage, but the range is extremely short.

[ WAVE43 ]

[Tesla Pile Bunker] 3 Loop Max
The amount is explosive charge on the pile
bunker is increased drastically. Striking
speed is also improved.

Contrary to belief, it is not an electrical
weapon. The tremendous speed of the spike
causes particles in the air to collide, giving
the weapon a static charge.

[ WAVE44 ]

[Tesla Pile Bunker H]* 4 Loop Max
There are 2 Final Wave Cannons: weapons with
awesome and terrible destructive power. They
are the Giga Wave Cannon, and this weapon.

*Also known as the “Hyper Tesla Pile Bunker”.

[ WAVE45 ]

[Photon Vulcan] 2 Loop Max
Uses photon bullets and shoots with a high rate
of fire. Very useful when surrounded by many

[ WAVE46 ]

[Photon Vulcan II] 3 Loop Max
Successfully extended the continuous rapid-fire
time of the Photon Vulcan. However, the weapon
is not very effective against large Bydo.

[ WAVE47 ]

[Recon Wave Cannon] 2 Loop Max
Main function is data collection.
The longer the enemy remains in the target
scope, the greater the amount of data collected.

[ WAVE48 ]

[Recon Wave Cannon EX] 3 Loop Max
Scouting ability has been increased. No major
changes except to the charge capacity and
the scope shape.

[ WAVE49 ]

[Acquisition Homing Wave Cannon]* 4 Loop Max
The lock-on system is inefficient, making the
weapon somewhat ineffective.

*Also known as the “Seizure Wave Cannon”.

[ WAVE50 ]

[Lock-On Wave Cannon] 2 Loop Max
Built for use in metropolitan areas. Target
position is updated in real-time and energy
beams will continue to strike the target.

[ WAVE51 ]

[Lock-On Wave Cannon II] 3 Loop Max
Stronger version of the Lock-On Wave Cannon.
By increasing the barrel size, more beams can
be fired when the weapon is charged up.

[ WAVE52 ]

[Lock-On Wave Cannon III] 4 Loop Max
More beams can be fired than the previous

The weapon is usually used in city areas and
special permits are required for firing at
MAX power.

[ WAVE53 ]

[Bydo Spirit Cannon] 2 Loop Max
The developers of Dantalion’s Flute continued
their research and this weapon is the result.

The major improvement is the addition of homing
ability. The introduction of a growth system
postponed until the next stage.

[ WAVE54 ]

[Bydo Spirit Cannon II] 3 Loop Max
Growth element was added to this version of the
Bydo Spirit Cannon. It retains the ability to
home in on enemies.

[ WAVE55 ]

[Bydo Spirit Cannon III] 4 Loop Max
The most powerful Bydo Spirit weapon. When the
charge is at full capacity, the energy reaches
a “mature” phase and is discharged.

[ WAVE56 ]

[Ivy Rod] 2 Loop Max
The weapon is composed of plant-like Bydo
tissue. Ivy-like tendrils of energy extend out-
wards, inflicting precise damage on the enemy.

[ WAVE57 ]

[Thorn Ivy] 3 Loop Max
Thorn-like energy prongs have been added to the
Ivy Rod’s attack. The effect area is larger and
it can be used in a wider range of situations.

[ WAVE58 ]

[Princess Ivy] 4 Loop Max
In addition to the thorns of the Thorn Ivy,
“flowers” also bloom. These flowers are
explosive and will damage surrounding enemies.

[ WAVE59 ]

[Devil Wave] 2 Loop Max
This peculiar Wave Cannon shoots from the rear
of the craft. Uses optical targeting technology,
and the discharge is tuned to Bydo frequencies.

These technologies give the weapon homing
capability. A balanced weapon that is good for
offense and defense.

[ WAVE60 ]

[Devil Wave II] 3 Loop Max
By increasing the amount of charge in the first
Devil Wave, more Bydo-shaped targets can be

[ WAVE61 ]

[Devil Wave III] 4 Loop Max
Many more Bydo-shaped targets can be targeted
with this new upgrade, lending the weapon high
destructive power.

However, many criticized the rear firing system
and development of this type of weapon was

[ WAVE62 ]

[Acid Spray] 2 Loop Max
A totally original design that damage enemies
by spraying acidic gas. Spray time varies
according to the amount of charge.

[ WAVE63 ]

[Nitro Spray] 3 Loop Max
Uses an explosive gas instead of an acidic gas.
The energy charge has been increased and the
maximum spray time has been extended.

[ WAVE64 ]

[SEXY Wave Cannon] 2 Loop Max
Damage enemies using J-zyme. Opposition to
using J-zyme for the frame and weapons did
not deter developers from developing the weapon.

[ WAVE65 ]

[SEXY Wave Cannon II] 3 Loop Max
Developed to increase the J-zyme volume and
increase weapon power. Although research has
ended, many aspects of J-zyme remain unknown.

[ WAVE66 ]

[Force Wave Cannon LM]
Liquid metal version of the Force Wave Cannon.
It destroys enemies with liquid metal bullets
shot from the Force and the fighter.

[ WAVE67 ]

[Force Wave Cannon LM2]
The number of liquid metal bullets was
increased. As a result, the destructive power
of the weapon has also grown.

[ WAVE68 ]

[Bydo Seed Gun] 2 Loop Max
Emits “seeds” taken from plant-like Bydo.
Upon impact, the seeds germinate and continue
to inflict damage.

[ WAVE69 ]

[Bydo Seed Gun II] 3 Loop Max
The post-impact lifespan has been extended by
manipulating telomeres found within the Bydo
“seeds”. Growth reaches a sprout-like phase.

[ WAVE70 ]

[Bydo Seed Gun III] 4 Loop Max
After impact the seeds stay alive until a
flowering phase. The longer life span means
more damage can be inflicted.

[ WAVE71 ]

[Flame Wave Cannon] 2 Loop Max
Uses a miniaturized tokamak to contain ultra-hot
flames with magnetic fields. Output is very
similar to a flamethrower.

[ WAVE72 ]

[Flame Wave Cannon II] 3 Loop Max
Flame temperature and size have been increased.
Unpopular with wingmen because the flame sprays
in a wide arc when the charge is high.

[ WAVE73 ]

[Barrier Wave Cannon] 2 Loop Max
Creates a honeycomb structure Barrier Block
(force-field). Low velocity (or low force)
enemy projectiles can be blocked.

[ WAVE74 ]

[Barrier Wave Cannon II] 3 Loop Max
The number of Barrier Blocks were increased.
Sustained Block time was also investigated, but
budget constraints terminated further research.

[ WAVE75 ]

[Diffusion Test/Shock Wave Cannon] 2 Loop Max
A prototype for testing the new Hybrid Wave
Cannon System. Wave types can be switched
depending on the fighter’s shape.

Hybrid Wave Caanon System 1
*Fighter: Diffusion Wave Cannon Prototype
*Humanoid: Shock Wave Cannon

[ WAVE76 ]

[Diffusion/Mini Burst Wave Cannon] 2 Loop Max
Hybrid Wave Cannon System 2
*Fighter: Diffusion Wave Cannon
*Humanoid: Mini Burst Shock Wave Cannon*

*At first glance, this may seem to be a different weapon
than the Mini Burst Wave Cannon (the name and the demo picture
are different), but apparently they are EXACTLY the same in Shooting Mode.

[ WAVE77 ]

[Split/Mini Burst Wave Cannon] 2 Loop Max
Hybrid Wave Cannon System 3
*Fighter: Split Wave Cannon
*Humanoid: Mini Burst Wave Cannon

[ WAVE78 ]

[Standard/Shock Wave Cannon] 2 Loop Max
Hybrid Wave Cannon System 4
*Fighter: Standard Wave Cannon
*Humanoid: Shock Wave Cannon

[ WAVE79 ]

[Standard II/Shock II Wave Cannon] 3 Loop Max
Hybrid Wave Cannon System 5
*Fighter: Standard Wave Cannon II
*Humanoid: Shock Wave Cannon (II)*

*The R War Museum calls it two different things in
two different places. I checked it out: It’s Shock Wave Cannon II.

[ WAVE80 ]

[Standard/Lightning Wave Cannon] 2 Loop Max
Hybrid Wave Cannon System 6
*Fighter: Standard Wave Cannon
*Humanoid: Lightning Wave Cannon

[ WAVE81 ]

[Standard II/Bounce Lightning WC] 3 Loop Max
Hybrid Wave Cannon System 7
*Fighter: Standard Wave Cannon II
*Humanoid: Bounce Lightning Wave Cannon

[ WAVE82 ]

[Carnival Wave Cannon] 2 Loop Max
Enhanced version of the Mini Burst Wave Cannon.
It was made for defending transport vehicles,
but there are no visible design changes.

Discharge looks somewhat like fireworks, and
there are records of it having been used to
divert scouts and signal reinforcements.

[ WAVE83 ]

[Carnival Wave Cannon II] 3 Loop Max
This weapon was based on a different Wave
Cannon. Its development was a lucky accident.

Firepower has been increased several times over
(since?) the first Carnival Wave Cannon.

[ WAVE84 ]

[Love Sign Wave Cannon] 2 Loop Max
The final creation from the developers of
Dantalion’s Flute and the Bydo Spirit Cannon
is this unusual weapon.

To us humans, the condensed energy looks like a
heart. Perhaps it is just a coincedence. But if
not, then what is the meaning of the heart
shape? We will probably never know.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = =
IV. Force Control Devices

R War Museum Force list:

1.	Standard Force
2.	Standard Force C
3.	Standard Force K
4.	Standard Force DX
5.	Standard Force H
6.	Defensive Force
7.	Defensive Force DX
8.	Camera Force 1
9.	Camera Force 2
10.	Camera Force 3
11.	Spherical Radome Force
12.	Spherical Radome Force DX
13.	Fire Force
14.	Flame Force
15.	Gallop Force
16.	Gallop Force DX
17.	Chain Force
18.	Anchor Force
19.	Anchor Force DX
20.	Shadow Force
21.	Cyclone Force
22.	Leo Force
23.	Leo Force DX
24.	OF Force
25.	OF Force II
26.	OF Force III
27.	OF Force IV
28.	OF Force V
29.	Tentacle Force
30.	Flexible Force
31.	Flower Force
32.	Beast Force
33.	Rodless Force
34.	Needle Force
35.	Needle Force DX
36.	Drill Force
37.	Mr. Heli Force
38.	Cube Force
39.	Bydo Force
40.	Gold Force
41.	Platinum Force
42.	Diamond Force
43.	Scale Force
44.	Claw Force
45.	Sexy Force
46.	Life Force
47.	Mist Force
48.	Metallic Force
49.	Love Force
50.	Shield Force
51.	Mirror Shield Force
52.	Beam Saber Force
53.	Ivy Force

[ FORCE1 ]

[Standard Force]
RED	: Counter-Air Laser
BLUE	: Rebound Laser
YELLOW	: Counter-Ground Laser

The first Force device successfully deployed
on the battlefield. Extracts pure energy
particulates gathered from Bydo units and
concentrates the power with four control rods.

Acting as a catalytic transformer, the device
enables the efficient control and transformation
of the energy.

It should be noted that the name ‘Force’ refers
not only to physical energy, but to
psychological force as well.

[ FORCE2 ]

[Standard Force C]
RED	: Shotgun Laser
BLUE	: Search Laser L45
YELLOW	: Anti-ground Laser

Slight variation of the Standard Force.
The Anti-air Laser was changed to the Shotgun
Laser, and the Reflection Laser was changed to
the Search Laser.

[ FORCE3 ]

[Standard Force K]
RED	: Shotgun Laser
BLUE	: Search Laser L45
YELLOW	: Anti-ground Laser

Slight variation of the Standard Force.
The Anti-air Laser was changed to the Shotgun
Laser, and the Reflection Laser was changed to
the Search Laser.

[ FORCE4 ]

[Standard Force DX]
RED	: Anti-air Laser DX
BLUE	: Reflection Laser DX
YELLOW	: Anti-ground Laser DX

Energy efficiency of the Standard Force was
totally redesigned, and a 27% increase in laser
output was achieved.

[ FORCE5 ]

[Standard Force H]
RED	: Anti-air Laser H
BLUE	: Search Laser H
YELLOW	: Vertical Laser H

Using an optical honeycomb structure, an energy
field can be created in space, damaging enemies
on contact.

[ FORCE6 ]

[Defensive Force]
RED	: Twin Laser
BLUE	: Dispersion Impact Laser
YELLOW	: Defense Laser

This Force was developed to provide short range
defensive capabilities for fighters armed with
long range cannons.

[ FORCE7 ]

[Defensive Force DX]
RED	: Twin Laser W
BLUE	: Impact Dispersion Laser
YELLOW	: Defensive Laser W

The Defensive Force is almost as widely used as
the Standard Force. This Force builds on its
great balance of power.

After much experimental work, the firepower was
nearly doubled.

[ FORCE8 ]

[Camera Force 1]
RED	: Scout Laser Red
BLUE	: Scout Laser Blue
YELLOW	: Scout Laser Yellow

Force used for early-warning craft.
The laser range is short, but it can still
fire when detached.

[ FORCE9 ]

[Camera Force 2]
RED	: Scout Laser Red SP
BLUE	: Scout Laser Blue SP
YELLOW	: Scout Laser Yellow SP

Enhanced version of Camera Force 1. Laser range
and firepower have been increased. However,
it is a reconnaissance Force at heart, so its
firepower is still limited.

[ FORCE10 ]

[Camera Force 3]
RED	: Scout Laser Red HG
BLUE	: Scout Laser Blue HG
YELLOW	: Scout Laser Yellow HG

Better laser control and a wider range of attack
angles. With these improvements, better ground
reconnaissance can be carried out.

[ FORCE11 ]

[Spherical Radome Force]
RED	: Ruby Laser
BLUE	: Sapphire Laser
YELLOW	: Topaz Laser

The lasers are not a primary attack weapon,
they are designed to analyze materials. Slight
offensive ability was added to ensure safe
data collection.

The Wave induction field was also improved,
giving the Wave discharge homing and ‘sticky’

[ FORCE12 ]

[Spherical Radome Force DX]
RED	: Ruby Laser+
BLUE	: Sapphire Laser+
YELLOW	: Topaz Laser+

Has twice the number of lasers as the Spherical
Radome Force. In addition, more enemies in a
larger area can be analyzed.

[ FORCE13 ]

[Fire Force]
RED	: Chain Fire
BLUE	: Fire Bomb
YELLOW	: Fire Barrier

Developed for the flaming weapons fighter, the
R-9Sk. Since it is composed of tokamaks, which
generate magnetic fields, it is able to endure
extremely high temperatures.

[ FORCE14 ]

[Flame Force]
RED	: Chain Flame
BLUE	: Flamethrower
YELLOW	: Flame Wall

Stronger version of the Fire Force. Flame
production and discharge time have been raised.
It is superior to the Fire Force in every

[ FORCE15 ]

[Gallop Force]
RED	: Laser Beam
BLUE	: Laser Wiper
YELLOW	: Laser Chaser

Developed for use in narrow spaces. A thin laser
was developed for use in cities or certain
battles where collateral damage must be kept
to a minimum.

[ FORCE16 ]

[Gallop Force DX]
RED	: Laser Beam S
BLUE	: Laser Wiper S
YELLOW	: Laser Chaser S

Developed to improve performance against enemies
with high endurance. Energy efficiency has been
improved, resulting in more attack power than
the first Gallop Force.

[ FORCE17 ]

[Chain Force]
RED	: a (Alpha) Laser
BLUE	: ß (Beta) Laser
YELLOW  : ? (Gamma) Laser

The Bydo coefficient was drastically increased
in this test model. The laser chain effect was
originally for data collection and Force
control, and was not supposed to be used in war.

[ FORCE18 ]

[Anchor Force]
RED	: Shade a (Alpha)
BLUE	: Search ß (Beta)
YELLOW  : Terminator ? (Gamma)

The Force’s natural instinct to destroy is
conveyed to the talon-like Control Rod. This
prompts it to greedily devour any object it
comes in contact with.

The Control Rod alone is insufficient to
manage the vast amounts of Bydo energy.
An additional control line is connecting (connected) to the
fighter directly.

[ FORCE19 ]

[Anchor Force DX]
RED	: Shade a (Alpha)+
BLUE	: Search ß (Beta)+
YELLOW  : Terminator ? (Gamma)+

The Bydo coefficient was raised even higher in
this model.
It has the highest firepower of all Forces.

However the high Bydo coefficient also makes
the Force hard to control. Pilots report
frequently (frequent) loss of weapon control.

[ FORCE20 ]

[Shadow Force]
RED	: Reverse Laser
BLUE	: All Range Laser
YELLOW  : Guide Laser

Totally man-made (there is no Bydo component).
The Shadow Unit support weapons enable a 360°
attack radius.

[ FORCE21 ]

[Cyclone Force]
RED	: Passing Laser
BLUE	: Splash Laser
YELLOW  : Capsule Laser

The core control system is buried within a
jellified Bydo life form.

[ FORCE22 ]

[Leo Force]
RED	: Claw Laser
BLUE	: Mirror Laser
YELLOW  : Search Laser LRG

The specialized Psy-Bit is capable of shooting
All laser technology developed to that point was
applied in producing this model.

[ FORCE23 ]

[Leo Force DX]
RED	: Claw Laser DX
BLUE	: Mirror Laser DX
YELLOW  : Search Laser LRG DX

Enhanced version of the Leo Force. It is awesome
in battle and on every pilot’s wish list.
Very few have used it, since it is reserved for
pilots with psychic abilities.

[ FORCE24 ]

[OF Force]
RED	: Drill Laser
BLUE	: V Ball Laser
YELLOW  : Side Laser

Force used by the OF fighters. Its appearance is
totally different from previous Forces made from
Bydo scraps. The lasers are interchangeable
and there are many different enhanced versions.

Its initial endurance was very low and it was
easily destroyed by enemy fire. The current
model has the same endurance as other Forces.

[ FORCE25 ]

[OF Force II]
RED	: Ring Laser
BLUE	: Rebound Ball
YELLOW  : Search Laser LRB

Laser variation of the OF Force. It has extremely
powerful lasers, but only a few have been used
in actual combat.

[ FORCE26 ]

[OF Force III]
RED	: Wipe Laser
BLUE	: Plasma Flame
YELLOW  : Mufti (Multi?) Barrier

OF type Force that is awarded to top pilots.
The lasers are tricky to use and require skill
to master.

[ FORCE27 ]

[OF Force IV]
RED	: Gravity Missile
BLUE	: Search Missile
YELLOW  : Grand Missile

Developed for use in special conditions on the
battlefield. Several new weapons are loaded,
but they are untested in real war situations.

[ FORCE28 ]

[OF Force V]
RED	: Speed Cannon
BLUE	: 7 Way Vulcan
YELLOW  : Barrier

5 models, 15 weapons. This is the last of the
OF series.
There will never be another Force like this one.

[ FORCE29 ]

[Tentacle Force]
RED	: Sting RAY
BLUE	: Hound RAY

A metallic tentacle is attached to the Control
Rod. Using synapse relays, Force energy is
distributed throughout the tentacle. It features
better laser control and defense.

[ FORCE30 ]

[Flexible Force]
RED	: Lightning Tentacle Laser
BLUE	: Joint Laser
YELLOW  : Double Snail Laser

This was not developed by the designers of the
Tentacle Force. It is composed of many different
materials and compared to the Tentacle Force,
its movement is graceful.

[ FORCE31 ]

[Flower Force]
RED	: Seed Cannon
BLUE	: Spike Laser
YELLOW  : Flower Swing

The tentacle-shaped Control Rod is composed of
plant-like Bydo tissue. When exposed to laser
energy, it can ride the beam.

[ FORCE32 ]

[Beast Force]
RED	: Anti-air Laser B
BLUE	: Reflection Laser B
YELLOW  : Anti-ground Laser B

Force made from a Bydo organism.
It features 2 long tentacles and 2 short
tentacles. With laser energy, it will spew
out pure Bydo organisms.

[ FORCE33 ]

[Rodless Force]
RED	: Fractal Laser
BLUE	: Thunder Laser
YELLOW  : Tentacle Laser Prototype

A prototype for the next generation Force.
The Tentacle Laser Prototype was instrumental
in developing the Tentacle Force.

[ FORCE34 ]

[Needle Force]
RED	: Wavy Laser
BLUE	: 3 Way Reflect Laser
YELLOW  : Bounce Laser

Due to Force instability, several thorn-shaped
Control Rods are attached. Thorn positions are
slightly different on each craft, making
maintenance very difficult.

[ FORCE35 ]

[Needle Force DX]
RED	: Wavy Laser DX
BLUE	: Rainbow Laser
YELLOW  : Irregular Laser

The Needle Force is dangerous in the hands of a
skilled expert. It is said that the lasers from
this weapon give a glimpse of the pilot’s inner

[ FORCE36 ]

[Drill Force]
RED	: Drill Laser
BLUE	: Whirlwind Laser
YELLOW  : Napalm

Force shots pierce the target like a drill.
The spin of a drill is also recreated in some
of the lasers.

[ FORCE37 ]

[Mr. Heli Force]
RED	: Power Up Shot
BLUE	: 2 Way Shot
YELLOW  : Propeller Laser

Features a propeller-shaped Control Rod. This
propeller is more than just decoration. It spins
during battle, damaging enemies on contact.

[ FORCE38 ]

[Cube Force]
RED	: Double Fractal Laser
BLUE	: Slant Fractal Laser
YELLOW  : Vertical Fractal Laser

Development was based on the Fractal Laser used
on the Rod-less Force. Two lasers can be fired
simultaneously with this model.

[ FORCE39 ]

[Bydo Force]
RED	: Gondolan Laser
BLUE	: Dauber Laser
YELLOW  : Norzarie Laser

Features a whip-like Control Rod. Part of
a Bydo genetic research project, the Bydo
coefficient is extremely high. It secretes an
acidic fluid from its surface during battle.

[ FORCE40 ]

[Gold Force]
RED	: Golden Arrow
BLUE	: Golden Sphere
YELLOW  : Golden Seeker

Control Rod is made with a gold-silver-copper
alloy. When powered up, the Bydo is amplified
and the unit changes colors. Elements return
to normal if the Force is dismantled.

[ FORCE41 ]

[Platinum Force]
RED	: Horizontal Laser
BLUE	: Chase Laser
YELLOW  : Vertical Laser

Has rare ability to scatter Wave emissions.
It contains a Wave particle induction catalyst,
and it able to change the trajectory of Wave

[ FORCE42 ]

[Diamond Force]
RED	: Star Spiral
BLUE	: Shooting Star
YELLOW  : Star Dust

Using a Bydo crystal, Wave energy is converted
into laser energy. When hit by the Wave Cannon,
this Force will refract the blast and emit
7 colored lasers.

[ FORCE43 ]

[Scale Force]
RED	: Scale Shot
BLUE	: Scale Blaster
YELLOW  : Scale Lancer

Exterior is completely covered with scales from
Bydo organisms. These scales can regenerate
after taking damage. The Control Rod manages all
scales and can use detached scales as bullets.

[ FORCE44 ]

[Claw Force]
RED	: Screw Laser
BLUE	: Arc Laser
YELLOW  : Laser Claw

A gigantic Bydo ‘claw’ transplanted onto the
Force. It is extremely unstable and needs to be
kept in constant check by the fighter arm.
Has high power but low range.

[ FORCE45 ]

[Sexy Force]
RED	: Lipstick Ray
BLUE	: Eye Shadow Ray
YELLOW  : Mascara Ray

Like the fighter, it is made of a jelly-like
Bydo substance called J-zyme. The substance has
the uncanny ability to perceive and transmit
the pilot’s will.

[ FORCE46 ]

[Life Force]
RED	: Blood Laser
BLUE	: Pulse Laser
YELLOW  : Neuro Laser

Developed to imitate the very essence of life.
The weapon is not ground-breaking, but the
whole unit is a milestone in Force development.

[ FORCE47 ]

[Mist Force]
RED	: Sun Beam
BLUE	: Rain Beam
YELLOW  : Storm Beam

A mysterious Force that is veiled in fog.
Since all lasers fire downward, it can only
be used in limited situations.

[ FORCE48 ]

[Metallic Force]
RED	: Lance Metal
BLUE	: V Metal
YELLOW  : I Metal

A liquid metal Force that imitates the shape of
the fighter when detached.
When infused with laser energy, the Force
grows in a fixed direction.

[ FORCE49 ]

[Love Force]
RED	: Heart Attack
BLUE	: Heart Break
YELLOW  : Heat (Heart) Break

Emits laser energy mixed with the Waves of love.
. . . At least that’s what the developers said.
There is no evidence to support the claim.

[ FORCE50 ]

[Shield Force]
RED	: Laser Lance
BLUE	: Laser Blade
YELLOW  : Laser Shield

Created to help the defenses of humanoid units.
Regularly used by pilots with carpentry
tendencies. Intended for defense, it is
quickly turned to offensive purposes by pilots.

Developers noted this tactical shift and later
introduced the Beam Saber Force as a result.

[ FORCE51 ]

[Mirror Shield Force]
RED	: Laser Lance
BLUE	: Laser Blade
YELLOW  : Laser Shield

Shield Force with a mirror coating. Its ability
to repel enemy fire can be used as a weapon. No
changes have been made to the Shield Force’s
laser loadout.

[ FORCE52 ]

[Beam Saber Force]
RED	: Crimson Beam
BLUE	: Indigo Ray
YELLOW  : Ochre Ray

The two arms of the Force carry optical swords,
capable of inflicting direct damage on enemies.
Very useful in areas where radar cannot be used.

[ FORCE53 ]

[Ivy Force]
RED	: Vine Laser
BLUE	: Wall Laser
YELLOW  : Whip Laser

Force made from an ivy-like Bydo organism
Elongated Control Rods were difficult to wield,
so a circular shape was adopted. The lasers are
reminiscent of ivy.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = =
V. Bit Devices

R War Museum Bit Device list:

1.  Round Bit
2.  Shield Bit
3.  Camera Bit
4.  Shadow Bit
5.  Eyeball Bit
6.  Red Pod
7.  Blue Pod
8.  Psy Bit
9.  Psy Bit +
10. Mr. Heli Bit
11. Yellow Pod
12. Green Pod

[ BIT1 ]

[Round Bit]
A support weapon built to enable manual
Force activation.

Developers attempted to gather and actualize life
force to act as a defense against enemy energy
bodies, but at the moment of installation the Bit
and R-9A underwent a trans-dimensional shift.

[ BIT2 ]

[Shield Bit]
Support weapon developed to aid fighter defense.
Its defensive efficiency is about the same as
a Force.

[ BIT3 ]

[Camera Bit]
Data collection Bit for fighters with early
warning systems.

Its data collection capacity is greater than
most fighters, and it has rarely been used in

[ BIT4 ]

[Shadow Bit]
Based on the Round Bit. Firing capabilities
are sacrificed in favor of a constant eneergy
flow that damages enemies on contact.

By sharply manuevering his fighter through space,
the pilot can force the Bit to serve as a
support weapon.

[ BIT5 ]

[Eyeball Bit]
Developed to solve the compatibility problem
that arose between fighters from the Bydo
Synthesis Project and previous Bit Devices.

There are no noteworthy features.

[ BIT6 ]

[Red Pod]
By using the Cyber Connector interface device,
the pilot’s will is transmitted directly to the
Bit, and missile direction can be controlled.

[ BIT7 ]

[Blue Pod]
Test model made during development of the Red
Pod. Normal and Pod shots are possible, but the
direction cannot be controlled.

[ BIT8 ]

[Psy Bit]
Can shoot lasers and also has a homing attack.
Pursuit time changes depending on the charge

[ BIT9 ]

[Psy Bit +]
An improved version of the Psy Bit.
It is said to be the strongest Bit Device.

[ BIT10 ]

[Mr. Heli Bit]
Developed to support asteroid survey units.
It is able to shoot independently of the
charge level.

[ BIT11 ]

[Yellow Pod]
Test model developed to measure the destructive
power of Pod shots.
It cannot shoot normal shots.

[ BIT12 ]

[Green Pod]
Weapon created by raising the effectiveness of
the Red Pod. Its superior firepower is equaled
only by the Psy Bit +.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = =
VI. Missiles

R War Museum Missile list:

1.  Homing Missile
2.  Scatter Bomb
3.  Photon Missile
4.  Depth Bomb
5.  Anti-ground Missile
6.  Enhanced Homing Missile
7.  4 Way Homing Missile
8.  6 Way Homing Missile
9.  Eyeball Homing Missile
10. Vertical Missile/Depth Bomb

[ MISS1 ]

[Homing Missile]
A missile that homes in on targets. Two can
be fired at once. The high rate of fire and
accuracy make it a popular choice among pilots.

Developed by a variety of fighters
in a wide range of situations.

[ MISS2 ]

[Scatter Bomb]
A cluster bomb that is dropped forward.
Scatters on impact, releasing the
volatile energy stored within.

Very effective in rough terrain with hills,
valleys or crevices.

[ MISS3 ]

[Photon Missile]
The pods are jettisoned and launch high speed
missiles horizontally.

[ MISS4 ]

[Depth Bomb]
Dropped straight down.
Ease of targeting enables multiple-release
bomb attacks against ground targets.

Release rate increases with a Power Up.

[ MISS5 ]

[Anti-ground Missile]
Upon reaching the ground after launch, these
missiles cruise along the ground.

Very useful in areas with land, but the fire
rate is somewhat slow.

[ MISS6 ]

[Enhanced Homing Missile]
Able to pierce lightly-armored targets, and
has homing capabilities. A strong missile

[ MISS7 ]

[4 Way Homing Missile]
Fires homing missiles in 4 directions at once.
A strong missile weapon with good defensive

[ MISS8 ]

[6 Way Homing Missile]
Launches homing missiles in 6 directions at
once. Slightly less accurate than the 4 Way
Homing Missile.

[ MISS9 ]

[Eyeball Homing Missile]
Developed to be compatible with Bydo-derived
fighters. Functions are nearly identical
to the Homing Missile.

[ MISS10 ]

[Vertical Missile/Depth Bomb]
Launches missile upward while the fighter is
in the air, and launches bombs when the
fighter is moving overland.

It is a very effective weapon, but few
fighters can use it.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = =
VII. Bydo Lab Reports

At this time, this section is incomplete.

I request that any who has the descriptions for the following
creatures, to kindly send it to me at MHirasaka@hotmail.com
I would be most grateful for the assistance.

40. Glaise
42. R-13 Cereberus

When this section is complete, it will be amended in the next

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VIII. Ship Unlock Methods

At this time, this section is incomplete.

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IX. Other Information

If any of this information is incorrect, or you have information
that is not here, please contact me at MHirasaka@hotmail.com

The Origin of (some) Fighter Codenames:

- R-9O “Ragnarok” : Ragnarok is the Norse equivalent of the Apocalypse
or End of the World. (submitted by Grunge Boy)

"The Twilight of the
Gods", this myth tells of how the Norse gods met their
end in a final battle with the giants, before the dawn
of the new world. " (submitted by Jonathan)

* Author amendment: Ragnarok, as stated, is the final
apocalyptic battle between the Norse gods and the Frost Giants.
Preceding the war, the Frost Giants created the "Fimbulvetr", a
three-year Ice Age that cancelled out the heat of the sun.

- R-9B3 “Sleipnir” : Norse Mythology ~ The eight-legged steed of Odin,
greatest of the Norse gods.

- R-9F "Andromalius" : "72nd spirit listed in the Goetia,
"responsible for catching theives & returning their
stolen goods, as well as finding treasures. He also
discovers all wickedness & punishes thieves & other
wicked people."  (submitted by Jonathan)

- OF-1 “Daedalus” : Greek Mythology ~ The Athenian inventor who created
the Labyrinth of Minos, in which the Minotaur dwelled.

"I believe Daedalus
actually refers to the man who created wings (using
gathered feathers or birds and wax) for himself and
his son Icarus to fly. Icarus plummeted to his death
after disobeying his father's pleas to NOT fly too
close to the sun (which melted the wax adhering the
feathers to his wings)." (submitted by Jonathan)

* Author amendment: In the end, both are correct. Daedalus constructed the
Labyrinth, and created the artificial wings in order to escape.

- OF-2 “Valkyrie” : Norse Mythology ~ Odin’s handmaidens,
who conducted the souls of slain heroes to Valhalla, the hall where
the souls of fallen warriors were received by Odin.

- OF-3 “Garuda” : Hindu Mythology ~ The massive mythological bird who is the
eternal mount of the Hindu god, Vishnu. Garuda is often
regarded as the king of birds.

- OF-4 “Songoku” : Songoku is the Japanese rendition of the Chinese Monkey God.
(submitted by Grunge Boy, verified by Jonathan)

- OF-5 “Kaguya” : From "The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter" (Taketori-monogatari),
a Japanese fairy tale. Kaguya-hime (Moon Princess) is a princess from the moon,
who is found in a bamboo culm by a poor bamboo cutter, 
who raises her as his child.

- TL-T “Chiron” : The centaur who tutored Achilles, Hercules, and

- TL-1A “Iason” : Greek Mythology ~ Variation of Iaso, daughter of
Asclepius, and the goddess of healing.

- TL-1B “Asklepios” : Greek Mythology ~ Asclepius, son of Apollo,
god of medicine.

- TL-2A “Achilleus” : Greek Mythology ~ hero of the Iliad,
invulnerable except for a small weakness in his heel.

- TL-2A2 “Neoptolemos” : Greek Mythology ~ son of Achilles.

- TL-2B “Herakles” : Greek Mythology ~ Herakles / Heracles are
both variations of Hercules.

- TL-2B2 “Hyllos” : Greek Mythology ~ Variation of Helios,
Greek god of the sun, and son of the titan Hyperion.

- RX-12 “Cross the Rubicon” : The Rubicon is a river in Northern
Italy. When Caesar crossed in 49 B.C., his illegal entry into Italy
started a civil war. “Crossing the Rubicon” is an expression
which means to embark on an undertaking, from which one cannot
turn back. Of course, the Bydo Synthesis Project is an example of this.

- R-13T “Echidna” : A burrowing, egg-laying mammal.

* Author amendment: Greek Mythology ~ A monster with the face of a
nymph and the body of serpent. Together with her mate, Typhon, they
produced many mythological monsters that Zeus spared as challenges
for mighty heroes. These monsters include: Cerberus, Ladon,
Chimaera, Sphinx, and Hydra.

- R-13A “Cerberus” : Greek and Roman Mythology ~ A three-headed
dog guarding the entrance to the underworld, Hades.

- R-13A2 “Hades” : Greek Mythology ~ Brother of Zeus, god of the

- R-13B “Charon” : Greek Mythology ~ The ferryman who
conveys the dead across the River Styx to Hades.

- BX-T "Dantalion" : "71st spirit listed in the Goetia, who
"teaches arts & sciences, can reveal anyone's secrets,
knows the thoughts of men & women & can change them at
will. He can also cause love." (submitted by Jonathan)

- B-1A2 “Digitalius” : Variation of ‘digitalis’, a flower whose
seeds and dried leaves are used in cardiac stimulation drugs.

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X. Contact Me

If you have any information that you would like to submit
to this FAQ (or mistakes you want corrected),
please feel free to contact me by one of these
lines of communication.

E-mail: MHirasaka@hotmail.com
AIM: MuratakiHirasaka

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XI. Legal Stuff

This guide is only for use by www.gamefaqs.com

If you wish to host it on your site, I may make exceptions
provided you get my consent first. Failure to acknowledge this
will result in me kicking your ass. Do us both a favor and
spare me the inconvenience of having to find you and implant
my foot in your rear.

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XII. Credits

Special thanks go out to:

- Grunge Boy, for information on the Ragnarok and Songoku.

- Jonathan, for information on the Ragnarok, Sleipnir,
Daedalus, Garuda, Songoku, Andromalius, and Dantalion.

- Irem, for creating the my all-time favorite shmups.
R-Type is a legacy, which will endure the test of time as
one of the greatest games ever.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = =
XIII. R-Type

Official R-Type History:

2043: Spacecraft planned. Spacecraft development project
(called the RX Project) was started and headed by Dr. Jim Client.

2045: General machine equipped with R-Engine model type 3.
Problems with output inertia control.

2047: Program modified. Machine equipped with 12 rocket motors for stability,
4 motors added. RXT1 Skeleton completed, a simple machine designed for 
experiments and not equipped with armor.

2048: RXT1 improved, equipped with armor for test with
Japanese Spacecraft SAKURA.

2051: RXT1, formerly named R1A, begins practical use. R designation used 
because of the shape of the canopy, and the original project name.

2055: New, standardized RXT2 enters development.

2063: R1 Class models, R1a through R1j, created by modifying minor parts.

2065: With the unification of the Manned Mobile Unit, 
R1 series production ceases.

2067: R2 series (RXT2 Base) enters use. The MMU becomes standardized.

2075: R Twin engine developed. R2 series ends with model R2d. 
Production of R3 series begins (units interchangeable due to 
MMU standardization).

2083: R3 models become ready for use, equipping twin engine gives 
this series high mobility.

2088: Development of low output model wave cannon begins.

2098: Exploration Spaceship rolled out, development based on a new theory.

2102: FORERUNNER, an exploration craft begins maiden journey
, expected return on June 27, 2120.

2103: Compact R Engine successfully equipped to ship.
Low output (RS 3rd engine E-Unit) completed.

2104: R4 series with E unit engine finished.

2108: Low output wave cannon model completed.
Development begins on R5 series spaceships.

2112: FORERUNNER receives a signal from space of an
unusual living body and energy increase.

2115: R5 series unit equipped with a low output Wave Cannon Asteroid blaster.
Not provided for public use, because of equipped weapon.

2120: FORERUNNER returns with a section of the BYDO,
a compact high energy/living organism.

2121: R series selected for use in the mission against the Bydo Empire.

2122: Production of General Operation models halted with R5F,
due to weapon development.

2123: Development begins on experimental (RX6).
No pilot, but has a high output wave cannon.

2125: Compact, high energy, organic weapons project started in a lab
near Jupiter.

2127: An RX6 is tested with a power release booster attached to the 
wave cannon.

2129: When the power booster overloads, causing unstable energy vectoring,
a regulator is added.

2134: Contact with Jupiter lab lost. SKY HOPE spacecraft investigates and 
finds 3 million meters of space missing. A Bydo fragment is located in
the missing space area that includes the Lab.

2136: Experimental R7 Model, requiring a pilot and equipped with a high
output wave cannon is introduced.

2141: Succeeded in controlling the super compact, high energy organism

2143: Experiment combining the Force Pod with the R7 fails.
Attaching the Force Pod to back of R7 causes regulator to overheat when
cannon is fired. R7 evaporates. Force Pod retrieved undamaged and unscathed.

2144: Development of Artificial Force (The Force Bit) begins.

2147: Unmanned spacecraft RX8 finished. Equipes three R Engines (Type 4)
and two E-Units.

2151: Results of RX8 wave cannon experiment are good, 
Force Pod experiments also completed successfully.

2153: Decided to develop RX8 for a pilot (R9).

2154: High output wave cannon finalized. These are 5.7 times more powerful
than its low output counterparts.

2160: Artifical Force a success though unstable.

2162: PLOT TYPE R9 is introduced, a highly mobile patrol unit 
with a low output cannon.

2163: Here begins the first Bydo Mission, an R9 Squadron is assigned, 
and this will be the first space battle against the Bydo Empire and for 
the people of Earth (Irem's R-Type in 1987).

2164: January. An offensive weapon experiment, using a cyber interface to 
receive signals from the pilots nervous system is started.

2164: June. THE SEED OF BYDO affair. Crushed by the PLOT TYPE R9 Group.

2165: The second strike against the Bydo Empire. Confirmation of Bydo's 
regeneration received. 
The R9 Custom Model (Super Power Spacecraft) is sent to destroy 
Bydo once and for all (Irem's R-Type II in 1989).

R-Type Final Original Sound Tracks

Producer: Takahiro Yagi
Music Composed by: Wavelink Zeal (Yuki and Takayuki Iwai)

(These track titles are an attempt to translate the manual,
I cannot guarentee their accuracy)

1. Opening
2. Title
3. Menu
4. Hangar
5. Museum
6. Stage 1.0 - City of Eternal Rest (Anxiety)
7. Stage 1.0 - City of Eternal Rest (Quiet)
8. Stage 1.0 - City of Eternal Rest (Vs. Gains)
9. Stage 1.0 - City of Death (Vs. Gironika)
10. Boss (Organic System)
11. Stage Clear
12. Stage 2.0 - Twisted Ecosystem (Desert)
13. Stage 2.1 / 2.2 - Twisted Ecosystem (Air)
14. Stage 2.3 / 2.4- Twisted Ecosystem (Aquatic)
15. Stage 3.0 - Battleship Raid (Midnight Sky)
16. Stage 3.0 - Battleship Raid (Final Approach)
17. Boss (Mechanical System)
18. Stage 3.5 - Dark Forest's Watchdog
19. Stage 4.0 - Abandoned Laboratory (Spiral Entryway)
20. Stage 4.0 - Abandoned Laboratory (Specimen Tank)
21. Stage 5.0 - 26 Dimensional Shift
22. Stage 6.0 - Cosmic Graveyard
23. Stage F-A - The Bydo...
24. Boss (Final)
25. Stage 6.1 - Accidental Oblivion
26. Stage F-B - Summer Twilight
27. Stage 6.2 - Reverse Space
28. Stage F-C - Until we meet again (?)
29. Continue?
30. Game Over
31. AI Competition: Mode Select
32. AI Competition (NOVICE CLASS)
33. AI Competition (NORMAL CLASS)
34. AI Competition (UPPER CLASS)
35. AI Competition (HIGH CLASS)
36. R-TYPE Medley Arrange


1987 ~ 2003.