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One of the most enjoyable RPG's I've ever playedchocomog9/10
Demons, humor, an epic quest-this game has it all!Dark Chaos Messenger10/10
This sequel towers over the original.DjSkittles8/10
This Game Has EverythingEdge1079/10
3 years later, Shadows Hearts 2 is finally out, with Yuri back of course.gaozheng9/10
If you donít get this game i personally will come to your house.hotblower9/10
The best RPG for the PS2. Read on to find out why.Kain9/10
Second verse! Great as the first! A whole new cast and an all new curse!Kashell Triumph9/10
Shadow Hearts: Convenant - Best RPG to datekillahstyle00310/10
The Best Experience a Game has to Offer.Kyle Bowen10/10
Shadow Hearts: Covenant, what FF x-2 should have been...mms7810/10
Surpasses the original in almost every way!perfectionist009/10
Square merged with Enix to battle the SH series, but SH: C still stands up tall.PSXOnlineCCC10/10
Hands down one of the best game/RPG I've played, bar none.raiden2519/10
Covenant is a game that is difficult to love; the difficulty is to blame (or lack thereof)red soul4/10
Finally, a unique RPG with what seems to be: High Production ValuesResident Evil Deluxe9/10
The Best RPG on PS2RPGCloudLeonheart12310/10
Review from a Shadowed HeartRuby Sapphire8/10
Welcome to Shadow Hearts. Please check your demons at the door.scathatch729/10
I will judge you with my ring.Shogain8/10
Like Shadow Hearts? Don't like Shadow Hearts? No matter which side of the spectrum you're on, you'll love this gameWolfsRainer9/10
Nothing too excitingYawgmoth_7/10
Possibly the most unique, underrated, hilarious, and immersive RPG ever released on the PS2, or any other platform.Ziggiloo149/10

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