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Where can I find frost stones and power gems?

Those are the only two mats i need to get the last orichulcum+ tell me who drops them please

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EBAJJF answered:

Frost Stones: Hot Rod (car) or Aeroplane (obviously plane) in Timeless River
Power Gems: Shaman (monkey with staff) or Aerial Knocker (bird with boxing gloves) in The Pride Lands

1. Space Paranoids - Central Computer Mesa (chest)
2. Twilight Town - Sunset Terrace (chest)
3. The World That Never Was - The Brink of Despair (chest)
4. Finish 100 Acre Wood
5. Finish Atlantica
6. Beat Goddess of Fate Cup in Olympus Coliseum
7. Acquire 1 of all other materials, then go to Moogle shop
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Shinarouji answered:

Look here:
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megafierce answered:

Shinarouji's got it correct. Every location is listed in there.
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Wraxend answered:

Frost Stone- Hot Rod, Aeroplane
Power Gem- Shaman, Aerial Knocker
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