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Where can I find power stones?

I need help plz help me also can u tell me where to get orichalcums ?

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chaosr1d3r answered:

So do you need Power stones or Orichalcum? Anyway, Power stones are dropped by Luna Bandits (Agrabah), and Silver Rock (Agrabah, Pride Lands, and Halloween Town)

Orichalcum could be earned other from treasure chests, are by defeating the Bulky Vendor (Mostly Land of Dragons)
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Kraleck answered:

Power Stone
-Luna Bandit - 8% drop
-Silver Rock - 6% drop
-Buy in the Moogle Shops when you have given them 25

Luna Bandits are all over Agrabah's Bazaar. Land at City Gates, enter Bazaar, "Sora Smash!!!", World Map, Repeat.

-Get 45 Types of Materials
-Get 1000 Total Materials
-Dropped by Bulky Vendor
-3 Chests in Twilight Town
-1 Chest in Land of Dragons
-2 chests in 100 Acre Wood
-1 Chest in Port Royal
-4 Chests in The World That Never Was

Bulky Vendor's Reaction Command will always net a Bright Material and a chance for an Orichalcum:
>>Capsule Prize - Shard, 8%
>>Rare Capsule - Stone, 10%
>>Limited Capsule - Gem,12%
>>Prime Capsule - Crystal, 16%
...however, it gets harder to chase it down as its HP decreases (decreases on its own since attacking won't hurt it). Bulky Vendor cycles through these locations:
>>Land of Dragons - Checkpoint
>>Beast's Castle - West Hall
>>Olympus Coliseum - Cave of the Dead Entrance (2 will appear here)
>>Agrabah - Bazaar
>>Halloween Town - Candy Cane Lane (2 will appear here)
...bust all the breakable scenery to find it. In Candy Cane Lane you have to use the Reaction Command on the broken carousel.
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falconesque answered:

UltimaterializerX's Bestiary/Synthesis Guide is the best source for info.

ElectroSpecter's walkthrough also includes a section full of good recommendations for finding missing materials.
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