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Asked: 5 years ago

Is it possible to create your own keyblade?

I was reading stuff about kingdom hearts 2 on the internet and it said that once you beat the game you can.Is it true?

P.S. If it is how do you do it?

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From: KingSephiroth13 5 years ago

No you can't..the only thing remotely close is synthing the Ultima Weapon

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No, you can't Keep in mind that not everything you find in the Net is true. In fact, based on my experience 70% they said on the net are all lies. Like the Mickey Charm and create your own keyblade. Well, if you're an artist and draw one it's already your own keyblade, so you could, but not in game

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No. Once you beat the game, you see your stats for the whole game. Afterwards you MUST reset. Beating the game has only the pride of winning and of seeing the trailer for KH3? I'm not sure on that.

As KingSephiroth13 said, the closest you get is the Ultima Weapon. Sorry.

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Short answer: No.
Long answer: You can synthesize Ultima Weapon, which is sort-of-like creating your weapon. But otherwise, no.

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