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How do I unlock the secret ending?

How do I open the secret video on proud mode (i don't know if that changes anything)/

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ChaosBeelzemon answered:

Proud Mode - Seal all of the keyholes. That means you have to "beat" all of the worlds, including Atlantica, Space Paranoids and 100 Acre Wood.

Standard Mode - Seal all the keyholes and complete Jimini's Journal.
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Gunblade44 answered:

Just beat the game.
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Momo2404 answered:

To unlock the secret movie in proud mode beat the game after locking ALL the keyholes.
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phunkypengwyn answered:

You can unlock the secret ending in Proud mode just like Momo said and you can also unlock it in Normal by completing Jiminy's journal (all mini-games, treasure chests, etc.).
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SaleemBlake answered:

There is two ways to unlock the secret ending they are complete the game on proud mode or complete jiminy's journal
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kingdomboi answered:

Yeah i think you should beat the game
but i have a question Im stuck on the Disney castle Im supposed to go get merlin and ask about the darkness but i can' figure out how to get off the Disney castle world
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ZackAngeal01 answered:

If you are on beginner mode then you cant get the secret ending, However on standard mode you have to complete everything, or you can complete proud mode, which, i thought wasn't as hard as most people might think.
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AquaCrys answered:

For Beginner mode and Standard Mode, game must be completed (all Keyholes sealed), and Jimmy's Journal must be completed - in other words, all worlds and mini-games must be completed, and you must reach target set in Jimmy's Journal.

For Proud mode, easier but also harder. All you have to do is to complete the game, sealing all Keyholes. You don't have to complete Jimmy's Journal for this.
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robochiken answered:

Just beat every world, that means revisiting every world and finishing atlantica and pooh's world too
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smily613 answered:

Just finish jimmy's journal.(when all of it's sections have mickey mouse symbols next to them your finished)
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aaiman1205 answered:

Finish the game and beat every world (Including Atlantica and 100 Acre Woods).
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