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where can i find a list of all heartless in KH2?

I want to find a list of all the heartless in kingdom hearts 2, with pictures of them. can some one help me?

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meggido_flare answered:

The best place for the list your asking for is Jiminy's Journal in Kingdom hearts 2. This is the best i could find...

aerial knocker
armored knight
assult rider
bolt tower
bulky vendor
cannon gun
creeper plant
crimson jazz
driller mole
emerald blues
fiery globe
gargoyle knight
gargoyle warrior
hammer frame
hook bat
hot rod
icy cube
lance soldier
living bone
luna bandit
magnum loader
minute bomb
morning star
rabid dog
rapid thruster
silver rock
surveillance robot
tornado step
toy soldier
trick ghost
air pirate
fat bandit
wight knight

And here is the link to the Kingdom Hearts Wiki to look at pictures.
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falconesque answered:

WARNING: That wikia site has very little spoiler control. Safe to expect stepping into spoilers for KH2, other games in the series, or any other game for that matter.

Best bet is to reach KH2's final save point and consult your Journal. Any heartless you have yet to encounter by then (which is pretty rare) will have their names displayed as a series of question marks. Otherwise, you'll have a list you can transcribe to your heart's (cough) content.

For downloadable high-quality images try:
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