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Can someone explain the benefits of the sword,staff and sheild?

At the statin of awakening you have to pick from a sword, a sheild and a staff can someone tell me the unique benefits of them all

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falconesque answered:

The choice determines at what levels Sora learns his abilities.

Unlike the original KH, nothing else rides on the choice. Nor are the abilities in KH2 divvied out as logically as was seen in KH. Choosing the Dream Rod, for instance, won't get you MP Rage as soon as possible. Best to look it up and make the call based on your own preference.

For the full list of abilities Sora can learn at level-up, in ElectroSpecter's walkthrough search for "[ablupg]", which is outside the walkthrough (low on the spoiler gauge).

Or search for "ABILITIES FROM NORMAL LEVELING" to find the same list all by itself at the top of the walkthrough.

Many other guides likewise list the abilities. DarkHelmet's in particular, includes a complete listing of every single level-up bonus, if you're curious.
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meggido_flare answered:

Selecting one of the weapons sets the ability priority of the game. If you choose the staff, you learn magic boosting abilities earlier then if you would have chosen the sword or shield. Or if you choose the sword, the priority is set more for learning attack skills. For example, if you level Sora up to 15, your abilities are:

Sword: Reaction Boost
Shield: Damage Drive
Staff: Fire Boost

Hope this helps!
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CheatMod answered:

If you pick the sword you will have more strength through the game, If you pick the staff you will have more magic, and If you pick the shield you will have more defense
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Rikuiscool answered:

The sword will level up your abilities warrior style. The staff will level your abilities mage style. The shield will level you up defender style. They do not change your stats. You always learn your strength,magic, and defense at the same set of levels, no matter what you pick. This and much more are in the official guide at barns and noble for $20 :-)
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falconesque answered:

BTW, the Once More ability is missing from nearly every guide's list, if that's an important consideration. Only DarkHelmet543 and The Ouroborous's combined guide gets it right (the "i" walkthrough; search for "iiih01").

Once More is learned at LV25 (shield), LV28 (rod), or LV47 (sword).
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rwbs1030 answered:

At first i really never got it either, but my guess is this they tell your status growth, for example,
Sword=Strong Character
Shield= Defensive Character
Staff= Magically Offensive Character
It may also vary what abilities you will get from start to finish of the game, it may also vary the level in which you get these abilities at.
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