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Does Sora mom know that he saving the world?

Sora has been gone for 2 year (i think).

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falconesque answered:

The moment everyone remembered his name, you bet! Moms just know that sort of thing. Besides, Kairi stopped by for a spot of tea before the action heated up and they had a lovely long chat.

It's not stated in the game. They leave it so you can form your own opinion and speculate as much as you like. You could always write a fanfic if you're so moved to explore those depths.
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ColonelOfShadow answered:

Yes I agree with falcon esque kairi and sora's mom probably had a chat and when sora woke up in twilight town, everyone who had ties to him suddenly remembered him
So yes I think she knows
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XI_FlowerScythe answered:

It's not even known if Sora has a mother that is alive.
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jonthekilr answered:

Sora's mom heart was lost to the darkness when the islands were destroyed so she is gone.
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