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Where can I find 13 Orichalcum+'s?

I want to make the Ultimate Weapon,but I only have 5 Orichalcum+s.I got them from Atlantica,Space Paranoids,100 acre wood,Goddess of fate cup,and a 5th thing I can't remember.

Know where I could find 8 more?

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KHrocks answered:

there ate only 7 in the game. For the Ultima wep u have 2 choices.One, you can grow to moogle lv 2 and use an energy material, or grow to moogle lv 9.
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KHrocks answered:

I am sorry, i meant "There are" not they ate.
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BFarmer1980 answered:

There are 7 Orichalcum+ locations in the game, as follows:

Space Paranoids - Central Computer Mesa (In A Treasure Chest)
Twilight Town - Sunset Terrace (Playing As Sora) (In A Treasure Chest)
The World That Never Was - The Brink of Despair (In a Treasure Chest hugging the wall to the left as you enter)
100 Acre Wood - Finish Starry Hill
Atlantica - Finish "A New Day is Dawning"
Olympus Coliseum - Beat Goddess of Fate Cup
Moogle Shop - Obtained after getting at least one of every other material in the game. You must leave the shop after obtaining this Orichalcum+ then re-enter to have it added to your materials.

To synthesize the Ultima Weapon, you need all 7 Orichalcum+ gems, and an Energy Crystal (to lower the number of necessary Orichalcum+ gems to 7.
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