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Where can I find at least 4 twilight crystals?

I don't have a single one.Help?

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Skatmachine answered:

You find twighlight shards by defeating husks the most common nobody found in a lot of places

you find twighlight stones by defeating dancers nodabyies there the pink ones and there found at yen sids castle in twighlight town

you find the twighlight gem by defeating assassins which are found in the world that never was in the room before proof of existence

and twighlight crystals are found by defeating sorcerers which are found in the world that never was in the castles beggining rooms and in this one room that you step on an invisible road and it appears after each step you take
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sora315 answered:

Yeah, but you can also buy it from moogle shops once you obtain like 30-35 of them.
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CornisNice84 answered:

Twilight Crystals can only be dropped by Sorcerers. Just head to Ruin and Creation's Passage, equip all of the Lucky Lucky abilities and the weapons with Lucky Lucky attached, and wade in.
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arcarms answered:

Twilight items can usually be found in Nobodies. So go to The world that never was
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keyblade123123 answered:

Go to a stor and buy action replay max 4 your sistom and then fide this game and it will have many cheat codes like unlimeted heath and all items unlocked and if u whant more cheats go to

There are more games on the disk as well.
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