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What's the best keyblade?


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tiomasta answered:

Depends. Cuz it counts both stats, range and ability.

Ultima is 6 power, 4 magic, biggest range and has MP Hastega(which is useful).

Fenrir is 7 power, 1 magic, biggest range and has Combo Minus(good in combo subtraction tactics in certain parts of the game, not that useful against normal bosses).

One called many times the "best keyblade" is the Decisive Pumpkin. 6 power, 1 magic, not-so-big range, but has Combo Boost, which increases the power of the finishers depending on how much damage you did before the finisher(the more the damage before the finisher, the more the damage during the finisher), which helps a lot if you use the keyblade a lot(probably everyone does) and don't use combo minus.
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SephirothWing answered:

Ultima or fenrir depends on your style if its magic or fighting whichever is your strongest
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