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Where can I find Where can I find mythril crystals?

Where can I find Where can I find mythril crystales?

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inulvr61998 answered:

100 Acre Wood: Rabbit's House & The Sppoky Cave
Space Paranoids(Tron): Pit Cell
The Land of Dragons(Mulan): Throne Room
Port Royal: Ship Graveyard Seadrift Row
Twilight Town: Underground Concourse, Tunnelway, Sunset Terrace, Mansion Foyer, Mansion Dining Room
The World That Never Was: Fragment Crossing, Memory's Skyscraper, Naught's Skiyway, Ruin and Creation's Passage

Hope this helps you. =D I got the locations out of the actual studyguide by bradygames so please dont think that I am lying to you about them. Again I hope that you find these tips useful. ^^
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gotryce22 answered:

You can only synthesize them by having the "Mythril Gem" recipe + 1 Serenity Stone.
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viragedestroyer answered:

What gotryce22 said, or various chests throught the game.
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