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How do i get into final form!!?

I have my drive bar! at 7 im level 69 have beaten sephiroth ive done everythin and i cant get into the final form help please

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NumenorKing answered:

This is the explination I was given on exactly how it works:
(I think you need to do it after you go to the world that never was first.)

When you transform into a form you will randomly go into the negative(dark) form,
When you are fighting a member of Organization XIII the chances of this happening go up.
Everytime you change into a form the chances of it happening the next time go up.

Once you get far enough in the game for final form to be avaiable:
Change into any form,
IF you are turning into the dark form you may randomly turn into the final form.
If not your chances of getting the final form next time goes up.

So the short answer is use forms and you will randomly go into final form
Once you go into final form once, you can use it at will. And going into final form
will never make you turn into the dark form.
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xXAnimaLiberaXx answered:

Final Form is easily required.

When you enter The World that Never Was for the first time, Final Form becomes avaliable. All you have to do is change into any form e.g Wisdom and watch. If it didn't work then your outfit is the color its supposed to be. Then go find the nearest save point come out of the world STILL IN YOUR FORM and then go back in. (It makes your Drive go to max again). If it worked then your outfit is white and black. You are hovering and your equipped keyblade and the kingdom key is floating behind your back. You can fly in this form by jumping and holding []. It really come down to patience. I only got it when I had done Saix going on to Luxord.
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whatthepeeeeeep answered:

I think the only way is that you must play the game in the hardest difficulty
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DauntlessShadow answered:

Another easy way to obtain final form is to go into the Cerberus cup at Olympus and change into any form. If get any form other than Final just press start and hit retry.
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Spanky92090 answered:

Actually the best way i found is to go into the cerburus cup and then quit and then change into any form. I have found that i went through the tournament and have changed several times but it doesn't work while in the tournament. Also you have to do this after you have seen the event at Memory's Skyscraper
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SonicRider13 answered:

I found it easy by Dirving in the alley way where the heat\rtless are into any form

I found it the first time driving into wisdom and the second time drviing into master both in the alleyway
also before Sephiroth
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acidsoda3 answered:

There are many places to get final form. I got final in space paradoids, or how ever u spell that, while i was lv. 99 just randomly changing into wisdom. Juat change into forms when ever u can.
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hack_haseo answered:

i found an easy, simple way to get the final form.

just when you reach the world that never was, land in the second savepoint (the one that is just before the entrance of the nobodies castle).

there directly change into any form, then fight nobodies non-stop. the final form depends on the number of nobodies that you defeat, if you defeat alot then when you change into any form it'll automatically become the final form.

a Note, this is important, when you begin fighting the nobodies, fight them in your forms (valor,wisdom or master forms), do no fight them in normally. then when the form ends, directly use a drive recover and change back into any form, this will increase the chance that your next form is the Final Form. do not forget to fight Nobodies only..
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Defensivedwarf answered:

NumenorKing is right. When changing the first time, chance of getting Final form is 25% or so, It goes up from there everytime you go into anti-form without getting it. Quick word of note though, you MUST have a full drive bar when changing into a form or you will not get final form.
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RezTRAP answered:

Really its a crapshoot if you just use your Valor or Wisdom forms there is a chance that you end up anti Sora but what the heck go for it

also (you prolly already know) enter any cup and leave full drive gauge
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gamepro700 answered:

What you have to do is level up all your forms to 5, then go to one of the cups that allows forming and try turning into a form and randomly you will turn into final form, trust me.
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FinalLegendZero answered:

After the cutscene at the Tower of Memory where Sora defeats Roxas, do everything within you power to reach Anti-form (my personal favorite way is to drive to Master form repeatedly during the battle against Xigbar). There is a chance that instead of going into Anti Form, you will reach Final Form instead (1st time, 25%; 2nd time, 50%; 3rd time, 100%). After the initial transformation, you can drive to Final with both Goofy and Donald in your party at the cost of 5 drive bars. Final form levels up by killing Nobodies.
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fat2slow answered:

It all depends on the save your using but all i know is that save file 99 is the one that it gives to you in the cup that lets you use forms all you have to do is get to the third round and form into master and you got it i tried it at my freinds house and got it every time.
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Itake answered:

you can drive to Final with both Goofy and Donald in your party at the cost of 5 drive bars. Final form levels up by killing Nobodies.
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Darkarms answered:

Fight Xigbar, use master form, changes to Final form.
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KirbyPuffball answered:

First, you have to have seen the Sora vs Roxas scene.
After that, when driving into any form, the chances of going into Final is random. you may wind up in Final, you may wind up in Anti. just drive, and see what happens.
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richdondie answered:

You CAN Get the Final form like the anti-form, you can get it RANDOMLY but unlike the Anti-Form, onece you got the final form it will be added to your DRIVES list

now to get the final form
1.Go to the olympus coleseum (you need a master form)
2. Talk to panic and choose a Cup where you can you your Drive forms
3. after you got into that cup choose master form If it doesnt change into final form, press start and choose retry
4. Keeep repeating The 3rd step until you get the final form

UR WELCOME!!!!!!!!!
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