Question from Gameorama91

Asked: 3 years ago

1050 or more for 2 AP right?

At the beginning I saw that if I earn 1050 or more munny I get 2 Bonus AP. I got 1050 but I only got 1 AP....did I miss something?

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From: kingheartsfan 3 years ago

You start with 150 munny at the beginning so you need to add another 1050 munny to that or you can just keep going until you have 2000 munny and the day will automatically end then. Also the easiest way to earn the munny (and the quickest in my opinion) is to keep doing the delivery mission with the skateboard.

Hope this helps ya

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I havent played the game in a very long time but i don recall ever having to do that, explain more please

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You cant gain ap by haveing munny, you must lvl up and recive them upon lvl

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