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Enemy/Boss Help Answers
Assassin, samurai, berserker, and sorcerer nobodies? 4
Can I fight members of the Organization XIII? 4
Can I Still Fight Bosses That I Already Fought? 6
Cant find red hex ring? 4
Defeating Cerberus at the Olympus? 4
Die water die? 1
Do you get an item from beating Sepiroth? 5
How do I beat (Dreadnaught)? 4
How do I beat (Jafar)? 12
How do I beat (Reapers Wheel in one hit)? 5
How do I beat (Sephiroth on proud mode)? 3
How do I beat (Sephiroth)? 16
How do I beat cloud? 2
How do I beat Clouds Nobody? 9
How do I beat Demyx the second time? 6
How do I beat Demyx? 8
How do I beat hades paradox cup? 6
How do I beat Prison Keeper? 1
How do I beat Saix? 1
How do I beat Sephiroth quick without trinity limit? 1
How do I beat Sephiroth? 1
How do I beat sephoroth? 2
How do I beat septhiroth ? 2
How do I beat the Groundshaker in the pride lands? 6
How do I beat The Gummi Boss on Assult Of Dreadnought? 2
How do I beat the large pirateship in Phantom Storm? 1
How do I beat the second battle with Demyx? 2
How do i beat Twilight Thorn at lv. 2? 15
How do I beat Xaldin on Proud Mode? 3
How do I beat Xemnas at the last level? 2
How do I beat Xemnas the second time? 2
How do I beat Xibgar ? 5
How do i do the grim reaper boss? 5
how do I fight seifer? 1
How do i fight the rest of org. XII? 7
How do I reach Sephiroth? KH2 5
How do u beat ? 6
How do you beat the guy with the sitar (water guitar)? 9
How do you fight sephiroth with party without final mix version? 4
How i can fight Roxas? 3
I need a little help with Sephiroth? 1
Is there a way to avoid the special attack of Dancers? 2
Is there any secret boss? 5
Nobodies There - Is there another place to find Assassins? 4
Proud Mode-- I can't get past the Solar Sailer! How do I kill Devatstators quickly? 1
Reaction commands to defeat Barbossa? 2
Sephiroth fights? 4
Sephiroth!! help? 22
Sora's a goner!? 3
Strong Bird?! 3
What animal is Pete in the Pride Lands? 5
What do I do when Sepiroth says 'Descend darkness angel' and when his hands are glowing? 18
What do I do when Sepiroth says,'sin harvest'? 3
What is a good level to fight Xemnas at? 9
Where do i find sephiroth? 4
Where EXACTLY can i find a dragoon and booksmaster? 4
Where is the Nightstalker's Heartless Emblem located? 2
Why on boss battles is there no health meter at the top? 2
Xigbar? 8

Quest/Puzzle Help Answers
1050 or more for 2 AP right? 3
Can I get final form if I skip the Roxas scene? 4
Can someone give me the list of keyblades and their requirments? 1
Can you turn into Anti -Form after all forms are maxed out? 2
Disney Tower: Wardrobe? 3
Finding stolen medallions? 2
HOw do I accquire the Steam Boat Charm? 13
How do i complete the poster duty mission within 30sec? 4
How do I find all of the orchielum+ ? 1
How do I get 65+ points on the Magic Carpet in Agrabah? 2
How do i get Cerberus Titan and Hades Paradox cups? 1
How do i get off of the disney world? 3
How do I get past struggling Hayner? 5
How do I get past two armor suits to the Beast's Room? 8
How do i get to paradox cups? 1
How do I solve (How do i get the 2 secret ending)?sorry if i spelled wrong 1
How do I solve finding Pooh Bear in 100 Acre Wood? 1
How do I solve Phil's training Maniac Mode? 2
How do I solve the swiches in agrabah? 1
How do I turn Hollow Bastion into Radiant Garden?! 2
How do I unlock the secret ending? 11
How do u beat Cerberus Paradox Cup, with 1300 points or more? 4
How do you finish the cargo climb mission? 12
How do you get the Aeriel Dodge ability? 5
How I have to find pooh in the 100 Acre Woods? 1
I cant do it in time.Is there any specific route?? 3
I have finished all the tournaments in the underworld but i only have 4 trophies? 1
If you die in the Hades Cup, do you start from the beginning? 5
In order to obtain a complete journal for the secret movie in "Standard" mode...? 2
In the Olympus Coliseum Cups how do I get high scores? 1
Is it possible to go the the dragon land palace after you have defeated shan yu? 1
Is king mickey wearing sora's old clothes???? 2
Is there a second anti-form? 4
Journal Reactions - Do I need the reaction commands for journal completion? 7
Magic Carpet game? 2
Magic Carpet Ride At Agrabah? 3
Max abilitys? 3
Missed Stitch Summon?? 9
Secret ending doubt? 1
Solar Sailer? 8
Sora's home planet? 3
Space Paranoids, Light Bike? 4
The World That Never Was? 6
What way is good to use for grandstander mission? 2
What's a good place to get lots of hits on Auron's and Jack Sparrow's Limits? 2
Where are energy crystals? 4
Where are the torn pages of pooh bears book 100 acre woods? 3
Where do I find the Underworld Tournaments? 1
Which method is easier? 6
Who do I talk to to go in the minigame SB workshop Rave? 4
Why is the story for Space Paranoids not advancing? 3

Item Location Help Answers
(Had to ask) How do i get the Steamboat Charm? 3
A list of keyblades and how to get then? 7
Active formation??? 1
Agrabah treasure chest #11 "stuck?" 3
Another Ultima Weapon? 4
Bersek charge and ultima wepon? 2
Best places for the types of gems, stones, and shards? 2
Buying gummiparts? 3
Can someone explain the benefits of the sword,staff and sheild? 6
Can use rikus key blade????!!!! 6
Can you defeat bosses using the fatel crest keyblade? 2
Can't find the Orichalcum+ in Sunset Terrace? 2
Did I mess up?? (Ultima Question) 1
Do these keychains actually exist in a normal gameplay? 4
Do weapon abilities stack with identical set abilities? 4
Dodge Roll? 2
Fatal Crest or Berserk Charge? 3
Finding megalixir? 2
Glides? 4
Gummi Ship Part?!?! 3
Help??? 2
How can i find arichalum+s i have 6 i dont know which im missing? 4
How can I find the Torn Page in Land of the Dragons? 1
How can i get Fenrir? Sephiroth where are u?! 3
How can i get the growth abilites? 5
How can you synthesize a Save the King+ and Save the Queen+? 2
How do I find Dark Shards? 1
How do i find twilight crysatls? 2
How do i get alot of ap boost? 2
How do I get alternate teeny ships?? 1
How do i get Bersek charge and ultima wepon? 2
How do I get Edge of Ultima and detection Saber? 3
How do i get Fenir the keyblade??? 8
How do i get Final Form? 3
How do I get so many Neon Lights? 2
How do I get the Ultima Keyblade? 1
how do I get ultima keyblade? 6
how do i know if i have all the Synthesize materials? 9
How do I use Explosion (ability)? 1
How many Mythril Crystals are there? 4
How to get Sleeping Lion from Leon? 1
How to get the second item in the list of Broken Highway mission 3? 1
How to get ultemun wepon? 1
If I get ALL my Forms at Lvl 5, will that prevent me from getting the Paradox Cerbus Cup? 1
Is it possible to create your own keyblade? 4
Is it possible to get those 2 keyblades when you fight axel as Roxas? 3
Is it possible to get? 2
Is it possible? 2
Is there a cheat or anything to get Ultima Weapon? 7
Is there a way to get unlimited orichalcums or at least 1 orichalcum? 4
Is there more than one Orichalcum+ in the world that never was? 2
Methril Gem recipe?! 2
Missible Items or Events? 5
Orichalcum's and Orichalcum+'s? 1
Paradox games? 1
removing Kingdom Key? 5
Reward after hades paradox cup? 2
Save the King recpie? 2
The last 2 drive gauges? 1
The ultimant wepon? 3
Ultima Keyblade recipe? 1
ultima Keyblade recipie while sora? 3
Ultima keyblade? 2
Ultima Weapon+ hack? 3
Ultima Weapon+? 7
What am i missing? Where can i find them? 2
What and where are the ingredients for ultima weapon? 1
What are the best world to go to get all the items needed to synth save the king, save the queen, and the ultima weapon? 9
What do I need to do to get the Orichilcum+ from Olympus? 2
What enemy drops a mythril shard? 1
what heartless or nobodies and where do I fight to get blazing stonharde,dark gem and crystal,energy shard? 6
What is so speicial about the feinir? 5
What is the best Epuipment to use when you are not in a form? 4
What is the easiest way to get an orichulum,NOT an Orichulum+? 1
What is the last recipe? 1
what keyblades would u Recomend for the forms? 9
What Nobodies have the Dense items? 9
What's the best keyblade? 2
What's your favorite staff,sword and shield? 11
Where are all the orchalium+'s ? 4
Where can I find (twilight gem)? 3
Where can I find 13 Orichalcum+'s? 3
Where can I find a blaze stone, power gem, bright gem, energy stone, twilight stone, energy shard, and energy gem? 6
Where can I find a Bulky Vendor? 1
Where can i find a buster band? 2
Where can I find a frost crystal and a energy stone? 3
Where can I find a heartless or nobody that drops a power stone and energy crystal? 2
where can I find a lighting crystal? 4
Where can I find a list of where all the synthesis items are? 1
Where can I find a serenity stone? 1
Where can I find a tresure chest in the world that never was(more info at the bottom)? 2
Where can I find a twilight crystal, and whom must i defeat to obtain it and in succesion ultima weapon? 1
Where can I find a twilight gem and twilight stone? 2
Where can I find All The Drive Levels? 9
Where can I find all the items for the Ultima wepon? 2
Where can I find all the recipes? 3
Where can i find and energy gem?? 5
Where can I find at least 4 twilight crystals? 5
Where can I find blazing shard? 1
Where can I find blazing stone/frost stone/lighting crystal/dark crystal/bright stone? 1
Where can I find Blazing Stones? 1
Where can I find certain shards listed inside? 1
Where can I find Crystal Fissure in Hollow Bastion? 2
Where can I find Dense Crystal/Twilight Crystal/Serenity Crystal/Energy Crystal? 1
Where can I find Dense Shards? 2
Where can I find energy crystals? 2
Where can I find frost stones and power gems? 4
Where can I find goddess of destiny cup? 2
Where can I find lightning crystals and frost crystals? 2
Where can I find materials for the ultimate weapon? 2
Where can I find mickys charm? 2
Where can I find mithril ttems ? 1
Where can I find more Orchanilium+'s? 2
Where can I find Mythril Shard ? 1
Where can I find oricalchum+? 1
Where can I find orichalum+? 2
Where can I find Orihalcon+? 2
Where can I find power stones? 3
Where can I find serenity crystals? 4
Where can I find sorcerors BESIDES the world that never was? 5
Where can I find the 13 orchalium +? 1
Where can I find the gun on the gummi ship that can absorb energy? 3
Where can I find the last 2 drive bars? 4
Where can I find the last chest in the world that never was? 4
Where can I find The living Bone Heartless and a serenity stone? 2
Where can I find the magnera and the thundaga abilty? 3
Where can I find the Magnet magic needed in atlantis? 13
Where can I find the materials in making the ultima ? 2
Where can I find the meteor staff? 3
Where can I find the orichalcum+'s? 2
Where can I find the orichalcum+? 1
Where can I find twilight stone? 3
Where can I find Twilight, Dark, and Dense Cryastals? 1
Where can I find ultama wepens (itmes)? 5
Where can I find ultima weapon/fatal crest/fenrir? 2
Where can I find Where can I find mythril crystals? 3
Where can I find? 3
Where can I get Glide ability? 1
Where can I get more Orichalcum &Orichalcum+? 7
Where do I find a Blazing gem,Blazing crystal,Frost stone, Lightning stone and Bright crystal? 2
Where do i find lucid stones? 4
Where EXACTLY is all of the Orichulcum+'s? 5
Where is curaga? 5
Where is every Orichalcum+? 3
Where is the easiest way to get twilight,dark,and dense materials? 1
Where's a good place to find frost items? 2
Wheres a frost gem? 1
Who to go to for all Keyblades? 1

Level Help Answers
Best place for leveling????????????? 1
Can I get Limit and Final form? 1
Completing the journal in Olympus Colliseum? 1
Goddness of fate cup? 2
Hades paradox cup extreme difficulty? 3
How can I level Valor form easy? 5
How do I add the torn pages to 100 acre woods? 1
How do I get access to the Hades Paradox Cup? 1
How do i get into final form!!? 17
How do I get out HollowBastion the 2nd time you go there? 6
How do I get past (the last cup)? 1
How do I get past ? 5
How do I get past Hollow Bastion after after the scene when Pooh forgot Sora? 4
How do I get past Hollow Bastion after you go inside Poohs book and then fight all the heartless? 6
How do I get past HollowBastion the 2nd time you go there? 3
How do I get past rounds 41-50 in hades paradox cup? 9
How do I get past the fight after vivi(axel)? 1
How do I get past the godess of fate cup? 6
How do I get past the light cycle in tron world ? 1
How do I get past the little mermaide planet? 1
How do I get stronger after i've reached lvl 99? 2
How do I get the last Drive bar? 1
How do I get the solar sailer? 2
How do I get to Disney Castle? 2
How do I level up in pride rock? 4
How do I lvl up my Magic Skill?? 2
How do you beat the junk sweep in 6 swings? 4
I am trying to do the paradox cups but....... it won't let me what do i do? 2
So um.. what's the max level strength/magic/defense you can get to? 1
Were are the secert ruins? 3
Whats the best thing you can make to lvl up ur moggleing lvl? 5
Where can i challenge the paradox cup? 5
Where can i lvl quicker? 4
Where do i go when it says "go to the next world" of something like that? 6
Where is a good place to level valor and wisdom form before port royal? 6

Plot/Storyline Help Answers
(spoilers)Why was he wearing a blindfold? 3
Ansem and Xenmas? 4
Anyone have a good Story Guide? 1
Castle Oblivion=Twilight Town?!? 6
Could someone give me a list of all the charictors? 2
Did demyx refer to roxas when he called sora traitor? 1
Does anti-form happen in EVERY world? 3
Does Sora mom know that he saving the world? 4
Explain? 3
How can i find yen sid again? 2
How did (endgame spoilers)...? 1
How did Nobodies got into Roxas' simulated twilight town? 2
How do i get the secret ending on standard mode? 2
How do i STRUGGLE against Seifer as Sora? 6
How is it possible that ansem is still alive? 10
How was Hallow Bastion suddenly populated? 5
Is there? 3
Limit Form at Timeless River? 7
Mistake in the Hollow Bastion? 4
Need help with the story? 7
Nobodys? 3
Organization XII true name? 3
Pride Lands? Gone Forever?! 4
Roxas in TWTNW =/= Roxas in TT? 10
Roxus and Sora? 3
Ultima Weapon? 1
What does the letter say? 3
What does, "My summer vacation is over mean"? 3
What is Sora Talking About? 7
Whats on the note at the end? 3
Where does roxas get the two keyblades? 7
Who do you play? 2
Who is Namine? 3
Who is the guy that isn't Sephiroth but looks like him sorta? 2
Who was the flying man? 8
Whos nobodie is axel?? 11
Why are Roxas's dual wield moves in kh2 different to those in 358/2 days? 1
Why beast and belle aren`t in hollow bastion any more? 3
Why did it dont moves? 4
Why did xaldin want the beasts heartless and nobody? 3
Why do they want to kill the nobodies? 4
Why does sora has a nobody? 9
Why does Sora turn in heartless form happen? 3
Why does Xigbar have Riku's sword on the mountain in LoD? 7
Why dose sora shed a tear in twilight town? 2
Why is sora blond now? 1
Why is sora sleeping in the white pod thing? 2
Why the fairies in the Master Yen Sid tower changed Sora's outfit? 1
Why the he11 won't "Cure" work?! 1
Will there ever be a kingdom hearts 3? 25
Xehanort, Xemnas, and master Xehanort? 2

Strategy/Tactics Help Answers
10,000 on Titan Paradox??? 3
2 Different stat weapons? 2
Anti-form at Timeless river? 1
Ballon bounce? 2
Best place to level up final form? 4
Best place to level up? 4
Dodge Slash... or normal combo with slapshot? 2
Does exp boost work on bosses? 5
Does the Anti-Form Counter go up when you activate a Drive Form outside of battle? 3
Final Form nullifys Master Form? 3
Finshers? 1
Good place to level BEFORE Pride Lands? 2
Good places to level Summons? 12
Gull Wing and drive forms? 2
Help on Bumble-Buster? 2
Help on SB street rave? 2
How do i get magic technique magnera? 1
How do I stop my party members from attacking? 3
How do u level up the drive gauge to 9? 4
How do you get past level 5 on all the forms? 2
How do you learn Once More for Sora? 5
How to beat drive paradox hades tournament? 5
How to defeat Storm Rider? 1
How to engage bulky vendor? 2
Impossible job ??? 9
Is there any way to make Donald and Goofy not stupid? 3
Keeping the abilities? 2
Leveling up early on? 4
Limit on valor form? 3
Magic,Wisdom Form,Items? 5
Maniac Mode? 1
More or less combos? 2
Move faster? 2
Negative combo? 2
Once Final Form is available, is it possible to just use the Timeless River trick? 1
Proud Mode Goddess of Fate cup?? 2
Quickest trick to leveling up faster? 8
Still can't beat Sephiroth? 6
The best keyblade n equip for combo&Magic user? 6
The third nobodies w/ medallion? 7
What are the leveling up stuff for example (bersek charge, high jump) things like that? 2
What do I do for Final Form? 17
What happens if you have two combo finishers equipped? 1
What is the best equipment to have on when going through the solar sailor part? 4
What is the best strategy for 300 pionts in phil's training? 2
What is the best strategy for completing Poster Duty under 30 sec? 1
What is the best strategy for defeating the boss in assult of dreadnought lvl 3? 5
What is the best strategy for for leveling up valor form? 3
What is the best strategy for getting 3000 points or more on Goddess of Fate cup??? 2
What is the best strategy for getting the trash minigame in twilight town in less than 6 points? 2
What is the best strategy for Godess of Fate Cup? 3
What is the best strategy for having the drive gauge filled all the way? 14
What is the best strategy for leveling forms? 4
What is the best strategy for leveling up? 1
What is the best strategy for Light cycle / bike? 3
What is the best strategy for the hades cup? 3
What is the best why for beating the Cerberus Paradox cup and clearing the Twilight Jobs? 11
What should I choose? 3
What's the fastest way to earn munny? 4
Where can i get a mythril gem? 2
Why does drive take so long? 3
Will partner abilities still take effect even when they are dead? 4

Other Help Answers
"Mild Blood"? 2
"No Experience"? 6
100% Jiminy's Journal? 2
2 Questions? 7
Ability? 3
Absolute Power? 2
Anti-Form on the Drive menu? 1
Antiform in Halloween Town? 1
AntiForm Sora - Impossible now? 3
Any difference between "Greatest Hits" and original version? 1
Any interesting moves to learn from heartless sora? 2
Are there any other optional bosses? 2
Are there secert areas? 5
ARMAX codes for Riku? 4
Battle between Roxas n Sora? 12
Besides learning what abilities you get from level up, do any of the dream weapons affect your level ups? 2
Best time? 4
Birth by Sleep and Coded? 6
Broken Highway - Mission 3 - Second item (Neon Bar) ???? 7
Can I get back to Haloween Town if I skipped it to go Holo Bastion after Agrabah? 1
Can I play kh2 and instead of watching the video can I fight roxas? 4
Can I play the game over again? 1
Can I Replay? 1
Can i still get final form without doing it after Roxas Vs Sora's Cutscene?? 2
Can Riku die in the final battle? 5
Can some one show me a map of wear all the items for the ultima weapon? 2
Can someone plsss make me a game save for kingdom hearts 2 ??? 1
Can somone tell me if i can still get final form or did i screw up my game? 1
Can Sora ever cast "Pearl"? 2
Can this game be played on the PS3? 8
Can we change main character? 6
Can you be Roxas after beging agin? 1
Can you buy back items you already sold? 3
Can you free play? 1
Can you ride a taxi in a mission? 1
Can your health go higher then 120 HP? 7
Cant equip keyblades as main waepons ecxept for kingdom key? 4
Cant find all the items to make sora's ultima weapon can you help me? 5
carrying on after the games shows THE END how to make it continue? 2
Cloud & Sephiroth? 9
Cloud gives Sora an ability? 2
Cloud? 3
Could someone give me a list of keyblades? 3
Difference between Game levels, like beginner normal hard? 4
Do i need to complete the synthesis matirels before getting the orichalum+? 2
Do Teeny Ships stats combine with your Gummy's? 1
Do you benefit anything from completing all of Jimmy's journal missions and doing all the tournaments? 2
Does anyone know any easy cheat codes to get the Ultima Weapon? 3
Does anyone know how you would make a mickey mouse ears gummi? 3
Dose ruki have a nobody? 1
Drive Gauge Codebreaker Code? 4
Drive guage question? 2
Explosion ability not working? 4
Extra movie? 2
Fate of goddess cup? 9
Final Form in other worlds? 1
Final Form question? 12
Final mix(+)? 2
Final Mix, anyone? 11
Final Mix? 1
Gah what the name of it??? 2
Game saved data from KH1...? 1
Gameplay? 8
Games like Kingdom Hearts 2? 9
Gameshark 2 ver. 3? 2
Gameshark codes for Max stats? 1
Gameshark Codes? 1
Glitch to 99? 2
Glitchs? 3
Good place to grind? 2
Gummi Ship stuff? 4
Guys read plss i need help with save file i explain better now.? 4
Hades cup? 6
Has anyone gotten there most used form different then valor? 13
Have donald and goofy been depowered? 1
Heartless Angel? 1
Heartless Sora When I went Master Form? 2
heartless Sora? 1
Heartless Sora?! 1
Help for completation of 100% in the Jimminy Journal? 1
Help? 5
Hey! How do I get all the tournaments? 6
Hos do I get these abilities? 1
How can I convert NTSC save to PAL region, mine says corrupt? 2
How can i get a higher than donald and goofy in the beginning of the game? 4
How can i get back into sunset terrence with sora? 10
How can i get final form plz help? 13
How can i get the abilities of the forms? 1
How can i get the final form? 1
How can I level up faster? 1
How can I progress through the struggle? 1
How can i put a saved file on my memory card? 6
How can i stay roxas? 4
How can i STOP party members from healing me? 1
How come Kingdom Hearts 2 final Mix+ won't come out in NA in english? 4
How did i get the fenrir if that douche-a-saurus-rex sephiroth is still alive? 2
How do I access my drives? I only see Limit on the menu! 1
how do I activate the boss battle with Terra? 2
How do i be riku on kingdom hreats 2? 11
How do i beat "Hades Paradox Cup"? 1
How do I change character? 1
How do i do finish trons mission? 5
How do i get 10000 points in paradox titan cup? 7
How do I get 1300 points in Cerberus Cup, any tips? Plz help 3
How do i get all the other synthesizing materials to get that orichalum+? (i give list of wat i have in a moment) 2
How do I get back to station of serenity? 2
How do I get beserk? 2
How do I get glide and super jump? 4
How do i get Glide/final form/and what dos stitch do/peter pan? 2
How Do I Get Glide? 4
How do I get my saved profile back? 1
How do i get oblivion/guardian soul and rekus keyblade? 3
How do i get out of battle report? 3
How do I get the final form if i have the game shark i dont have it and i did everything i can PLZ HELP ME? 3
How do I get the Final form? 1
How do i get the following? 1
How do i get the last of the materials to make the ultima weppen? 8
How do i get the secret ending??? 4
How do I get the summon option in the command bar on the bottom left corner? 1
How do I level up master form,wisdom form and final form? 3
How do I level up? 1
How do i make the ultima? 3
How do i melt the ice beside scrooge to get to the next level? 5
How do I play as Kairi? 7
How do I play as Mickey? 9
How do i play as Roxas story? 1
How do I reopen closed off worlds? 2
How do I type digits for cheat codes in the game? 4
How do I use Teeny ships? 1
How do i use? 2
How do I verse Sephiroth at Station of Awakening? 5
How do u use anti form? 3
How do you board the Gummi Ship to get to Hollow Bastion to Talk to Merlin before you go to The Timeless River? 2
How do you check what level of difficulty that you're on? 2
How do you create 2 Teeny Ships for the Gummi Ship? 2
How do you find the jesus key?) 9
How do you get final form? 7
How do you get Limit forme? 6
How do you get Mythril Gems on your free development list? 1
How do you get soras flying skill? 3
How do you get to castle oblivion in kh2? 6
How do you get wisdom shot? 5
How do you get? 1
How do you make the ulimate keyblade? 2
How do you pass sunlight storm? 3
How do you save when you complete the game? 1
How does the game stay beaten? 2
How long is the game? 1
How many keyblades are there in the entire game that I can obtain? 3
How many nobodies do i have to kill in final form to be level seven? 1
How Much Longer? 1
How or at what level do i unlock gliding? 3
How to access the paradox cups? 1
How to compete in struggle tournaments? 6
how to get Beserck charge? 3
How to make sora fly ONLY IN KH 2? 4
How to tell which mode you're on? 3
Hyper healing ability? 1
i activated valor form when suddenly i was this heartless type form of Sora? 1
i cant find hexcodes for KH2. were can i find it?? 2
I cant find the guy with fire i did all the other cups but i cant find him help? 1
I could use some gameshark codes NOW!? 3
I died once and it said i won't give up or something and it let me play as mickey mouse? 1
I don't know how to activate hidden cheats on the game? 1
I don't understand how to get the Goddess of Fate cup? 2
I go into Anti-Form way too often... Help? 9
I have 7 orichalcum+'s but it says i only have six? 6
I have never been anti form why not ? 2
I lost my Orchalium's. Please help? 4
I need help finding out how to advance beyond Hayner in the struggle battles as Sora? 2
I Need Help Making A Guide? 1
I need help putting in digits for hidden cheats? 1
I need help with codebreaker? 7
I Overleveled, How do i redeem skills? 1
I was woundering what is the Hades Paradox Cup trophy for? 6
In Atlantica do I have to get Excellent on all of the songs to get the orchicalcum+, or just complete them? 6
In kh-vids,I know the cheats,but how and where do I type those numbers? 5
IN the olympus colesium under world? 2
IN the olympus colesium under worlds entrance? 1
is Anti-Sora bad to play as? 5
Is it possible for a friend to play as a support character like donald? 11
Is it possible to beat Sephiroth? (more info in the question) 4
Is it possible to get Roxas Form? 1
Is it possible to play a New Game+ in KH2? 1
Is it true? 1
Is it worth it? 3
Is kingdom form real? 15
Is Sephiroth as tough in KHII as he was in KH? 5
Is their any way to beat the game 100% ? 2
Is there a cheat for getting infinite jump? 2
Is there a Neverland in KH2? 3
Is there a Theater for KH2, once you've finished the game? 2
Is there a trick, glitch, or cheat to level up your forms (valor, wisdom, etc.) faster without the use of a codebreaker? 4
Is there a way to use Anti-Sora whenever you want? 2
Is there a way? (Please Approach!) 3
Is there any infinitive HP/MP code of ARMax(US) for KH2? 2
Is there any other way on how do I get Dodge ability? 3
Is there any way for me to battle septhiroth again? 8
Is there more to the underworld tournament? 1
Is this game still a cake walk on Proud Mode? 5
Is this normal? 3
Is this right? 2
Is this the ultimate Keyblade combo? 1
It keeps telling me i need 13 omachoa + but i thought you need 7? 2
Journal and Terra? 2
Kairi's Keyblade? 4
Kh Game Epic fail? 2
KH1 plot.? 1
KH3 Rumors? 3
KHII secret and Final mix +? 2
King mickey? 3
Kingdom Hearts 3? 6
Laser gummi range? 2
Lasers? 2
Lion Form ????? 5
Master is a TRIGGER?!?!? 4
Master Xehanort Servant? 1
Max form level? 2
Mickey gameshark code? 1
Mickey???? 2
Missed a world? 5
Mushroom XIII? 2
New game+? 2
No action abilities? 2
No Limit? 1
Opening song question? 1
PLEASE answer? 2
Plz help me!? 5
Plz i dont wanna turn my ps2 off? 7
Proud Mode Damage/Attack Questions? 3
Proud Mode? 2
Question about difficulty? 1
Reaiction Summen?!? 1
Replacement? 6
Req for kh2 final mix? 1
Roxas abilets when cheating? 3
Roxas is being uncoroperative? 2
SB street rave in Twilight Town SB workshop rave in Halloween Town? 1
Scan's side effect? 1
Secret form????? 10
Seifer fight? 1
Sephiroth theme? 3
Should I Buy this Game? 1
Should I start on Proud Mode? 8
Slapshot Ability? 4
So, I think my game glitched? 2
Sora or the darkness? 3
Sora using two keyblades outside of Drive Form? 5
Sora vs Roxas glich ? 1
Steam Boat Charm...what is it? 2
Sword, shield or staff? 2
Synch Blade for Sora? 3
The Paradox games? 3
Total freeze after the game? 5
Train form? 2
Trinity limit attacks don't do any damage? 1
Ture Chosen One? 1
Twilight Town - Journal Completetion? 3
Twilight Town disappered? 5
Underworld tournaments? 1
Valor form level up at 0? 4
Valor form not showing up? 4
Were and how am i able to fight SEPHIROTH? 18
Were is the page for Starry Night? 1
What are all the drive forms, where are they? 7
What are the action replay max (US) codes? 1
What are the mickey trials? 9
What are the names of the members of Organization XIII? 3
What do I do now? 1
What do the bubbles do? 1
What do you have to do to play as King Mickey??? 1
What does the battle report show? 2
What does the Full Party code do? 4
What enemies do i need to defeat so i can get my bonus level up? 2
What happens at level 99? (im at level 93) 4
What is a rare Heartless? 3
What is anti form, heartless sora? 3
What is final form? 9
What is Pall and Proud mode i dont know what the !@#$ it is? 4
What is so speical about final form? 6
What is the best strategy for synthesizing Power Boosts quickly? 4
What is the code for changing the difficulty?(Codebreaker) 1
What is the final Nobody called? 3
What is the max for str, mag, and def? 3
What is the name of all of the keyblade in the name? 2
What is the stones name thats puts the matriels in half? 3
What places am I missing to get Orichiclum+? 1
What should i do next? 1
What to do? 3
Whats That Song At The End Called, And Whos It By? 4
Whats wrong with goofy? 9
When do you get to play as Sora? 1
When does Kingdom Hearts 3 come out in the United States? 2
When is Kingdom Hearts 3 comming out, and on what system? 13
When the game is end, after the 2nd movie it will appears battle report. Must i wait it or how?? 2
When will the Kingdom Hearts 2 CD come out in Europe? 1
Wher is easyest place to get matriels???? 4
Where are the paradox battles held? 4
where are Twilight Stones located? 1
where can i find a list of all heartless in KH2? 2
Where can I find code breacker CD's and how much are they? 6
Where can I get the soundtracks for this game? 4
Where do i get a dark crystal? 4
Where is Ansem's computer? 3
Where is Jiminy's Journal progress displayed? 2
Where is the best place to level up forms? 2
Where is the best place to level up ur transformation?? 2
Where is the best place to purchase kh2fm? 20
Where is the place to fight the final fansty characters? 3
Where Is The Throne In The Land Of Dragons? 2
where is Tifa after the clip with cloud and Sephiroth? 7
Where to find the game today? 1
Where's the rest of the secret video? 2
Why can't I use my teeny ship? 1
Why did King Micky rip me off? 2
Why does Wisdom show up? 3
Why is it Namine was Kairi's Nobody if she didn't become a heartless? 1
Why is it? 7
Why is Riku's arm bandaged? 2
Why Not? 1
Why won't valor form level up? 2
Will they ever open? 4
World loading help? 2
Wtf??? 4

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